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Create a flawless, high-gloss finish with Liquid Ice

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  1. 1. 51561Z Create a flawless, high-gloss finishthe final step in surface prep with Liquid ice™ 6” & 3” Complete Liquid ice Systems It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just apply some of Norton’s Complete kit includes:Proper surface preparation is key to achieving Liquid Ice Extra Cut and start with the Super • Quart of Liquid Ice Extra Cuta quality finish. PRE removes wax, polish, Cut Wool Pad to remove all sanding scratches. • Hook/loop backing pad with 5/8”-11 threadgrease, silicone, buffing compound, even road • Detailer spraytar – ensuring a clean surface. Available in Switch to the Blue Foam Cutting Pad to • Wool padaerosol and quarts. Spray or wipe it on and wipe remove any polish swirl marks. End with the • Blue and white foam padsit off. Ideal for cleaning parts before powder White Finishing Pad to produce a high-gloss 51561Z 6” Complete Liquid Ice coating and painting. finish, and finish your paint job off right. System $114.9910041Z PRE Painting Prep, Finally use Norton’s detailer spray to remove 51427Z 3” Complete Liquid Ice Aerosol $9.99 stray swirl marks and maintain a great finish. System $89.99 3 or more $9.49 each These money saving kits are now available inEW10041Z PRE Painting Prep, Aerosol, 6” and 3” Norton pads and backers. 12-Pack $107.99 6” Complete Liquid ice System10194ZP PRE Painting Prep, individual components with DeWalt polisher 1 Quart $14.99 also sold separately Complete kit includes: 3 or more $14.49 each 12018 6” Pad Kit • Quart of Liquid Ice Extra Cut10594ZP PRE Painting Prep, with Backing Plate $74.99 • Hook/loop backing pad with 5/8”-11 thread 1 Gallon $49.99 51564 3” Pad kit • Detailer spray with Backing Plate $39.99 • Wool pad 12019 Quart of Liquid Ice • Blue and white foam pads Extra Cut Compound $34.99 • DeWalt 1000/3000 RPM BuffmasterMini Regulator assures 29981Z Norton Clean-Up Polisherconsistent spray gun Detailer Spray $15.99 51562Z 6” Complete Liquid Ice System 51421 3” Hook and Loop Backup Pad, operation 5/16”-24 $17.99 with Dewalt Polisher Get accurate air pressure 12017 6” Hook and Loop Backup Pad, Orig. $362.93 Save $42.94 $319.99control with this lightweight 5/8”-11 $29.99mini regulator. Features a Find additional Norton products online – keyword: nORtOn0-60 psi gauge and 1/4” NPTports. Perfect for HVLP and powder coatingguns. Handles up to 250 psi. go digital without breaking34113 Mini Regulator $29.99 the bank! Eastwood’s digital airFix drips and sags quickly regulator is aNib files save lightweight andtime and labor compact unitby dressing down that makes ithardened high easy to adjustspots. Finish the and maintain line pressure with accuracy. Therepair with wet/ digital gauge is easy to read and accurate to 1.0 Buff out finishes like a pro!dry sandpaper. psi. The battery-saving internal motion sensor The DeWalt model DWT-DW849 7”/9” Honed tips “shave” without digging in automatically shuts off the gauge when not in Buffmaster Electronic Polisher offers variable use. The aluminum-bodied regulator features a speed from 1000-3000 rpm. Perfect for most 0-160 psi gauge, locking adjustment knob, and grinding and buffing operations. The heat one male and one female 1 ⁄4” NPT connectors. treated gears offer long quiet running. Safety-34000 Fine Painters Nib File $17.9934001 Coarse Painters Nib File $17.99 Non-replaceable battery has an estimated life lock trigger with removable handle adds comfort34002 Curved Painters Nib File $17.99 of five years. and convenience Draws 8.0 amps at 120 VAC.34003 Nib File Set, 1 of each 51559 Eastwood 1⁄4” NPT 43311 DeWalt 1000/3000RPM, 7”/9” Orig. $53.97 Save $8.98 $44.99 Digital Regulator $39.99 Buffmaster Polisher $229.99 Order toll-free 800-345-1178 painting 37