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  1. 1. Eastwood Deluxe Polishing Kit works with your power drill Combo kit for polishing aluminum, stainless steel,The perfect gold, and plastic on cars or motorcycles. DesignedMetal Polish for for use with any electricthe perfect finish or battery powered drill.Use on aluminum valve covers, alloy wheels, Kit includes: 4 oz. barsstainless steel trim, nautical hardware or brass of: Tripoli, White Rouge,items around the home. Use with cotton cloth or Stainless Steel, Jeweler’sLoose Section buff. Leaves a protective film to Rouge, and Plastichelp prevent future tarnish. Not recommended compounds; (1) Tapered,for use on gold or silver plated items. (1) Facer, (1) Cylinder, (1) Mushroom Buffs; (2) Spiral Sewn, (1)13170 Autosol Tube, 3.52 oz. $15.99 Loose Cotton Wheel; (5) Assorted Felt Cones.13175 Autosol Can, 33.3 oz. $62.99 50341 Eastwood Deluxe Polishing Kit $39.99 Before Make your road-worn alloy wheels look new! Whether starting with rough cast, machine cut wheels, with buffed or satin finish wheels, the combo Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kit is designed to use with your 2,500 RPM, 3/8” drill or flex shaft. Includes: Tripoli (13135) and White Rouge (13001) Compounds; 80, 220, and 320 grit Greaseless NEW Compounds; four Spiral Sewn Buffs (13035); one Loose Section Buff (13042); three Tapered Goblet After Metal-Protect Buffs (13045); two Buff Mandrels (13053); two Wheel Metal-Protect™ provides a protective clear Arbors (13064); and complete instructions. coating that forms a barrier between your 13107 Wheel Smoothing/Buffing Kit $69.99 freshly polished metal and the elements. Eastwood uses exclusive Nano Barrier Technology to protect polished metals from fading, corroding and discoloring. Lasting Detailing with flexibility up to three months, Metal-Protect is ideal Grind, polish and shape with ease and control with for wheels, valve covers, air cleaners and this powerful 1/3 HP variable speed motor, with foot much more. Compatible with most metals, control. Operates from 500 RPM (for plastics) to 23,000 including; aluminum, steel, copper and brass. RPM (for carbide tools). Includes: 3’ flex shaft, 1/4” collet, hand piece, motor hanger and chuck wrench. 12499Z Eastwood Metal-Protect $19.99 Motor operates suspended with our #51135 stand to free up bench space. 120V, 50/60Hz. UL and CE listed. Two-year warranty on motor.Clear 12793 Hanging Flex-Shaft Motor with protection Collet-Type Handpiece $249.99 21900 3/32” Chuck-Style Handpiece $49.99from the 12864 Hanging Flex-Shaft Motor Kit Includeselements 12793 and 21900) Orig. $299.98 Sharkhide Save $19.99 $279.99 51135 Variable-Speed Control with is an ideal 12793 Hanging Stand $69.99long-term, high-temp protectantfor aluminum, copper, brass, steel Hanging Flex-Shaft Motor shown with Mini Buffs for 13147and fiberglass. It protects against optional Variable- hard-to-reach spotsstains, oxidation (rust), weathering, salt spray Speed Stand High-quality, 100%and pitting. When applied to the surface, the Natural Wool Felt Buffsolvents rapidly evaporate leaving the actual Bobs are the detailer’sSharkhide Metal Protectant behind. This 19743 secret to getting intoforms an air tight film over the metal surface hard-to-reach recesses.protecting against just about anything Mother 13147 5-Piece Felt Nature can throw at it. Not fuel-resistant. Buffing Bob Assortment Good to 450° temperatures. with 1/4” Shaft $21.9911983ZP Sharkhide Clear Protectant, 19743 9-Piece Felt Buffing Bob Assortment Quart $59.99 with 1/8” Shaft $41.99 Order toll-free 800-345-1178 BUFFING AND METAL FINISHING 57