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  1. 1. For extreme durability, powder eastwood reinvents diY powder coating again with our dual-Voltage powder gun – delivering the ultimate, professional quality, powder-coat finish “True Dual-Voltage” means you can now select a normal setting to deliver a high 15,000-volt charge for hard-to-reach corners and interiors. And for those bigger jobs switch to the 25,000-volt charge for multiple-coat coverage over larger areas, increased powder adhesion and minimal overspray. This latest design from Eastwood, the innovators of DIY powder coating, combines knowledge and customer feedback gathered over the last 10 years, with the latest technologies in high-voltage power supplies. It all adds up to the ideal system for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. The new dual-voltage system allows you to use 15,000 volts to quickly and efficiently coat tight recessed corners and tube sections, while minimizing the Faraday Cage Effect. Switching to 25,000 volts allows youPowder coat for a to coat any size object with speed,remarkably durable finish complete coverage, and one of thePowder coating allows you to coat and smoothest finishes on the market!cure metal parts in less than an hour and What does this mean to you?provides an extremely durable finish that Greater powder-transfer efficiency,is dent and chip resistant. less overspray and better coverage,It is far superior to liquid coatings – producing show-quality results, all at the most affordable price on the market.easy to apply with no drips or oversprayand contains no environmentally harmfulsolvents. It is so superior that Eastwood’s 11676 Dual-Voltage Powder Coating Gun $169.99HotCoat Powder Coating System wasawarded the PA Governor’s Award for dual-Voltage gun includes: FREE • (11676) Dual-Voltage Powder Coat gun (15-25 kw) powderEnvironmental Excellence! Eastwood offers chip • Power source • Easy-to-follow instructionsa full HotCoat line suitable for both home chart! Go from 15,000 Volts to 25,000 • FREE powder chip chart! Volts with a flip of the switchhobbyist use and industrial applications.HotCoat saves time and money whileproducing professional results. Save over $25! dual-Voltage powder gun Starter Kit Everything you need to start powder coating today! Dual-voltage system gives you the capability to coat small areas using the low 15kv setting, or coat large areas using theThe three “C”s high 25kv setting. Just supply your own a dedicated oven and compressed air.of powder coating 11698 Dual-Voltage Powder Gun Starter Kit Orig. $236.97Clean Save $26.98 $209.99Thoroughlystrip and cleanyour metalparts beforecoating. This can be easily achievedwith Eastwood’s Paint Stripper and PREcleaner-degreaser.CoatUsing the anEastwood HotCoat Gun,simply apply BESTpowder to the entire part – you can’t VALUE FREE powderover-coat. chip chart! dual-Voltage Starter Kit gets You Up and running! includes:Cure • (11676) Dual-Voltage Powder Coat gun • In-line air filterCue your part in • Reusable tapered silicone high-temp plugs: 1/8”-7/8” • 1/2” high-temp masking tapean electric oven • 1 lb. spool of .041” stainless steel safety wire • Set of 3 powder bottles and lidsfor about 20 • 1/2 lb. of Gloss Black powder • Easy-to-follow instructions • FREE powder chip chartminutes and putthe part into service when it has cooled. Get complete information on all our Powder Coating Guns online –NEVER use an oven used for food! keyword: powder coating gUn48 hotcoat powder coating order 24/7 at eastwood.com