Remove deep scratches and haze from glass Remove years of wiper haze                                                      ...
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  1. 1. Remove deep scratches and haze from glass Remove years of wiper haze After and scratches from you car’s Before After windshield, saving hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Before Renew your windshield in an afternoon. Easy to use kit features industrial compound and polishing Brighten wheel designed for use with your yellowed drill or low speed polisher. headlamps Remove the haze from sun-damaged or pitted Light Scratch and Haze Removal Simply mix Eastwood’s plastic headlight lenses. Designed to work Glass Polishing Compound with water, attach polishing buff to with your 1800-2200 RPM electric or portable drill or low speed polisher (1,500 RPM), and start polishing to a drill, includes: 3” Buff, 1/4” arbor, and 100 g. crystal clear result. Includes 1 ⁄4” drive adapter, with mounted 2-7/8” tube of Autosol®. diameter x 1” thick felt buff, and 1 lb. Glass Polishing Compound. 52267 Headlamp Refinishing Kit $17.99 40011 Pro Glass Polishing Kit 21633 Pro Windshield/Headlight 40011 Orig. $52.98 Save $5.99 $46.99 Repair Kit, Nano technology 40011A Pro Glass Polishing Wheel $27.99 impregnated foam, includes: 40011B Pro Glass Polishing Compound $24.99 (10) 3” Pads and Backers, (10) 5” Pads and Backers $49.99 For Deep Scratch Removal If you can catch your finger nail while running it over a scratch, use our Deep Scratch Repair Kit. For best results and to avoid distortion, use our 5” Air Sander (43578) at approx. 2,000 RPM while keeping surface wet. Restore vinyl windows to Includes hook and loop pad, special abrasive discs in coarse, look as good as new medium, and fine, 2-7/8” x 1” thick felt buff with 1/4” drive This unique 40030 liquid polish adapter, and 1 lb. of Glass Polishing Compound. 40030 Deep Scratch Professional Glass Repair Kit removes Orig. $78.94 Save $11.95 $66.99 haze, halos, 43578 Orbital 5” DA Air Sander $59.99 discoloration from UV Before After 12843 Deep Scratch Professional Glass Repair Kit with 5” Orbital DA Air Sander Orig. $126.98 Save $6.99 $119.99 damage and 40030D Replacement 3M Hookit Film A5 Fine Orange 5” $5.99 hairline scratches 40030C Replacement 3M Hookit Film A10 Med. Blue 5” $5.99 from plastic 43578 40030B Replacement 3M Hookit Film A35 Coarse Green 5” $5.99 convertible rear windows. Contains no fillers that cause yellowing. Can Vinyl and dashboard repairs also be used on motorcycle windshields and plastic headlights. Kit includes: 2 oz. polishing will be virtually invisible compound, 3” foam backing pad with 1 ⁄4” Chemically bonds to surface to form a permanent repair. mandrel, 3” blue foam pad and 3” felt pad. One kit does it all! Mix color with the seven different colors 52286 lear Plastic C provided, select the appropriate graining Restoration Kit $44.99 paper to duplicate texture, apply heat with included iron and repair is completed in minutes! Make a strong, permanent 40013 Vinyl and Dashboard Repair System $27.99 repair in hard plastic and more Before After It’s easy, safe, and cures in minutes!Don’t risk scratching a fresh paint job! Mix the powderEastwood now offers the same protective film used by the and solvent tovehicle manufacturers to protect vehicle paint during assembly and repair cracks, fill gaps, ‘weld’transportation. That white film seen on doors, hoods and roof panels panels or fix stripped threads. Includes a re-is now available in a more user friendly size for many applications. usable ‘molding bar’ so you can replicate andPolyethylene “pressure sensitive” film protects painted and non painted attach broken tabs, patch holes, and more. Usesurfaces from chips, scratches, debris and UV damage. 3 mil thickness, on ABS, poly-carbonate, acrylic, styrol, PVC,6” wide and 20’ length roll contains no adhesives. Protect painted door FRP (polyester), metal, glass and wood.edges, fender edges, hood, deck lid and bumpers (It won’t adhere to polypropylene orduring reassembly after painting. Also use under car polyethylene.) Available in black,covers to protect corners. One of the best uses is as a white, or clear and may be safely“temporary travel bra” – use the tape on the front end top coated with SEM® vinyl dyes.and rocker panels to protect during transportation to 40025 Black Plastic Repair Kit $29.99 shows. Simply remove once you arrive. 40026 White Plastic Repair Kit $29.99 51659 Final Assembly Tape, 6” x 20’ $22.99 40027 Clear Plastic Repair Kit $29.99 Order toll-free 800-345-1178 INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR 65