Secrets to Stress-Free Public Speaking


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For Secrets tp Stress Free Public Speaking check this out:

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Secrets to Stress-Free Public Speaking

  1. 1. ==== ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out: ====What I am going to teach you here is the fact that there is a physical reason for our feelingfrightened when put into a position to speak in public. That reason is our bodys perception thatspeaking in front of others is a "threatening situation" that demands the over-creation of adrenalin.And it is the over-creation of adrenalin that gives us our symptoms of feeling frightened.Heres the Good News on managing speech anxiety - I can tell you exactly how to control theover-creation of adrenalin within 15 minutes of you having to stand up to give a speech. I am goingto inform you of a doctor-prescribed, safe, inexpensive and non-addictive pill (medication) that willeliminate your symptoms of fear almost instantaneously. Therefore, I can show you how to speakin public without the symptoms of feeling frightened. And if you can "speak in public without thesymptoms of feeling frightened " guess what - YOU CAN SPEAK IN PUBLIC"! Since the pill is adoctor-prescribed medication, not an over-the-counter medication, you will have an opportunity todiscuss it with your doctor to confirm that it is safe for you to take. But I can assure you - it isperfectly safe for the vast majority of us. This may sound too easy, but believe me once you learnthe physical reason for your speech anxiety or stage fright , you will be able to speak in publicbetter than youve ever thought possible.Let me also say this up-front - The information I present here will help those with a moderate toserious fear of speaking in public, as well as give "an edge" to those who do not really fear publicspeaking, but just want to improve their performance . Those that have used this informationsuccessfully have included many in business who must routinely give presentations , showbusiness folks who want to be able to deliver the best performance possible and those who justjoin an organization and must participate in large meetings once in a while. The symptoms of fearthat I will explain how to control are identical to all of us. The only thing that separates us in termsof public speaking is the severity of those symptoms and how were able to control them.One more thing - you do not have to take the medication I will recommend here forever. It is onlynecessary during the period of time that you are re-training your brain to understand that speakingin public is not a threatening situation and therefore it doesnt have to create an over-abundance ofadrenaline in order to survive THEREFORE, THE MEDICATION IS REALLY A "TRAINING AID",NOT A "CRUTCH".Speaking in public is the No. 1 fear of Americans. It surpasses our fear of losing our jobs, losingour relationships and, believe it or not, people write in surveys they fear public speaking evenmore than death (although I suspect that given a true life and death situation, they could musterthe courage to give a little speech).Because speaking in public opens the opportunity for us to be judged by others in a very personalway more so than any other activity we do in life. And it is this fear of being judged that creates
  2. 2. anxiety that can be paralyzing at times. Simply put, many of us have a fear of looking foolish, ofbeing laughed at, of making a mistake, of being vulnerable.That was exactly my problem. For many years my fear of speaking in public kept me fromadvancement in my company because even though I was very competent in my field (in fact, morecompetent than many of my peers), I was perceived as not being as competent as those thatcould speak more authoritatively than I. It got so bad I had difficulty participating effectively in largemeetings where I was an expert in the discussion area. I had to do something or my career, andmy life for that matter, was going to be mediocre, at best and, at worst, a dismal failure.My background was research and so I began to investigate the causes of my inordinate fear tospeak in public.Simply put - what I found changed my life forever and it will change yours too.BackGroundWhen it comes to public speaking, there are several categories of people:About 5% of the population do not fear speaking in public at all and actually look forward to it inmany cases.Another 10% are apprehensive to speak in public, but do not have a real fear of it.However, the vast majority of us (about 80%) have a mild to serious fear of speaking in public; wedont do it unless we have to and we tend to minimize the opportunities to speak in public if at allpossible;Then there are about 5% of us that have an excessive and almost debilitating fear of speaking inpublic.I should admit to you now that I have a serious, and at times, excessive fear of public speakingand am therefore in the "gray" zone between the 80% and 5% categories. Therefore, I know fromexperience what I am going to teach you will help the vast majority of everyone who has a fear ofstanding up and speaking in public. In addition, this information will also help those who do notreally fear public speaking, but just want to give a better performance.Where Does Our Fear Come From?This, of course, is a hard question to answer. For many of us the cause of a moderate to seriousfear of speaking in public cannot be associated with anything in particular in our childhood.However for others, it can be traced back to a particular incident that has triggered the symptomsfelt when faced with the necessity to speak in public. Some of us can vividly remember a particularincident in our lives where we became very self-conscious and embarrassed for some reason infront of a crowd of people. Often this incident occurred as far back as elementary school when ourself-worth and self esteem were just beginning to develop and may not relate to actually speakingin public at all.
  3. 3. For instance, if we were in a situation where we stood embarrassed in front of our schoolmateswithout saying a word,--- that could be it. Even though we were not speaking in public, our brainsperceived our fear just standing there in front of other people as we thought that we looked foolishand/or scared. In a nutshell - what happens to some of us during this type of incident is our brainlinks our intense negative feelings with merely standing in front of other people as they look at us.It almost sounds silly that deep fears that control us as adults often have such trivial moments ofcreation in childhood. Often they last only a minute, but it is a minute that can last a lifetime. Imsure the people who initiated these terrible incidents in our lives so many years ago never thinkback to them or to us for that matter. They have no idea what they said or did during that incidenthad such a profound and lasting effect on us.Our fears may only be "in our head" but thats enough to make us react as we do to speaking inpublic and other anxiety-prone situations. Im sure you already realize - its pretty difficult tochange whats "in our head" even if we can figure out why its "in our head" to begin with and whywe react as we do to perceived "threatening situations" such as speaking in public.Luckily for us, understanding the true source of our fear doesnt really matter. For some reasonour brains have created a connection/link between standing up in front of people and speakingwith a "threatening situation" of intense vulnerability.And let me say this now - our fears are completely independent of our intelligence. In fact, Ibelieve those with higher IQs may actually be more susceptible to fears brought about bychildhood events than those of lower intelligence.Realistically, a deep-seeded fear may not be "curable" (in the clinical sense of the word). This isbecause it is a result of our genetic makeup and our external & internal conditioning which isa result of one or more of those incidents I mentioned that created our feelings of anxiety in thefirst place. But, as Ill explain in a moment - you do not have to cure your fear; you need only tocure the symptoms of that fear in order to be able to function without fear.GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWSFirst, the Bad News!For those of us with a serious fear of speaking in public our minds create what Ill call a"malfunction" of our natural defense system. It is our natural defense system that identifies a"threatening situation" that may confront us and creates the "fight or flight" response in our bodies.For us, when put into a position to speak in public our bodys natural "fight or flight" responseinitiates the over-creation of adrenaline because we perceive speaking in public as a very serious"threatening situation."Therefore, the bad news in this discussion is the fact that our minds cause our bodies to createexorbitant amounts of adrenaline completely out of our control. And it is adrenaline that creates allof the symptoms that make us look and feel frightened.This understanding that it is the over-creation of adrenaline that creates my symptoms exactly atthe time when I must speak in public was the key to finding a cure to my speech anxiety. And Ipromise you - it is the key for you as well.
  4. 4. It doesnt matter why we react as we do to speaking in public and it doesnt matter if we remembera particular incident that triggered our anxiety or not. Since our fear is not based on an actualthreat to us, we need only eliminate the symptoms of that fear to gain back our self-confidenceand function as if we dont have fear. Intellectually, we know there is nothing really to fear whenwe speak in public, but our bodies act as if there is and its completely out of our control.Without the symptoms of fear we can speak in public in a more thoughtful and relaxed mannerthan we ever thought possible. And if we can speak in public in a relaxed manner, guess what -WE CAN SPEAK IN PUBLIC!! PERIOD Really, its just that simple.Now, the Really Good News!The symptoms of fear of speaking in public are curable specifically at the time youre put in aposition to speak in public by taking a doctor-prescribed, safe, inexpensive and non-addictivemedication. As I will explain, this medication allows us to control the cause of our symptomsexactly at the time when they are getting out of control. Therefore, what I am going to teach youwill help those of us who have to routinely give presentations for our careers, those who need toonly give several speeches a lifetime for wedding toasts, funerals, and the like, as well as those inshow business who must be relaxed and confident enough to focus on their performance.Heres why -As I mentioned, it is adrenaline that creates our symptoms of fear and anxiety completely out ofour control. But what if you could control the adrenaline your body creates- then you would be incontrol!! That is what my research discovered and that is what I can show you how to do - controlthe adrenaline your body creates by taking a safe, inexpensive and non-addictive medication. Andonce I show you, you can do it anytime you want, on demand - just 15 minutes before a speakingengagement or performance.Do I Have to Take the Medication Forever?No you dont and heres why - Taking the medication during public speaking engagements over aperiod of time, allows the brain to re-think how it feels about speaking in public. With themedication, each public speaking event will increase your confidence as you realize you dont lookor feel frightened. Your brain will eventually understand that public speaking is not the threateningsituation that it has assumed. The medication can make it much easier to transition through theperiod of fearing to speak in public and being confident to speak in public. Because of this, themedication should not be considered a "crutch", but rather a "training aid" that will allow you to re-train your brain to understand that speaking in public does not require an overabundance ofadrenaline in order to survive.My Web site not only further elaborates on this subject but for a small fee you can instantlydownload the information to give to your doctor so he can help you be confident when speaking inpublic.
  5. 5. Article Source: ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out: ====