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Bruce Laird and Tony Davis Fourth and Goal Presentation at Independent Retired Football Players Summit
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Bruce Laird and Tony Davis Fourth and Goal Presentation at Independent Retired Football Players Summit


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Bruce Laird and Tony Davis from Fourth and Goal make a presentation on their new partnership with the NFL Alumni at the Independent Retired Football Players Summit at the South Point Resort & Casino …

Bruce Laird and Tony Davis from Fourth and Goal make a presentation on their new partnership with the NFL Alumni at the Independent Retired Football Players Summit at the South Point Resort & Casino in Las Vegas May 2009

Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. Independent Retired Players Summit
    • Saturday, May 30, 2009
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Bruce Laird, President of Fourth and Goal Foundation
  • 2.
    • Fourth and Goal’s
    • Past
    • Present
    • Future
  • 3. Fourth and Goal How it all began
    • Offspring of the Baltimore Colts’ alumni who have long been at the forefront of a movement to publicize the pension and disability issues faced by hundreds of retired NFL players.
    • Our efforts on behalf of our teammate John Mackey have grown into a national 501(c)(3) organization, Fourth & Goal , which is dedicated to:
    • • Gaining representation for retired players. • Advocating for improved pension and disability benefits for retired players. • Raising funds to provide immediate assistance for retired players in need.
  • 4. Fund Raising & Dire Need
    • • Former Chicago Bear Larry Morris – MVP of the 1963 NFL championship game – who now suffers from dementia.
    • Wayne Hawkins – an Oakland Raiders’ teammate of NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw – who now suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.
    • Suzie Heywood , whose late husband Ralph – the only NFL player to serve in the U.S. armed forces in three wars (World War II, Korea and Vietnam) – died of complications from Alzheimer’s in April 2007. Mrs. Heywood sold the couple’s ranch and possessions and moved into a horse trailer in order to afford the care her husband needed.
    • Syndi Shy, widow of Don Shy. Don, who died of brain tumors in October 2006 at age 61, was the first round draft choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1967 and played for the Steelers, the Chicago Bears, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the New Orleans Saints in his seven-year NFL career.
  • 5. Financial Impact
    • Over the past two years Fourth and Goal has raised $250,000 dollars for Retired Players in need.
    • 1 paid staff member
    • Attorney’s, accountant on retainer
  • 6. Fourth and Goal’s Advocacy
    • To bring substantive improvements to the pension and disability system and gain representation for retired players, Fourth & Goal is engaged in an ongoing dialog with:
      • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
      • NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith
      • Members of Congress
  • 7. Advocacy through Public Awareness
    • Numerous print articles on issues faced by retired players (NY Times, TIME, LA Times, Charlotte Observer, etc.)
    • Constant dialogue with electronic/TV media outlets across the country. (HBO, Fox Sports, CBS, etc.)
    • Maintaining to provide retired players a source to obtain news related to their issues, resources for obtaining aid and express their opinions.
  • 8. Fourth and Goal’s Future
    • Dialogue with league and union underlined the need for a central organization to represent retired players in discussion with both entities.
    • High level of dissatisfaction with NFLPA Retired Players Organization.
    • Many groups have tried to fill void. (Fourth and Goal, Gridiron Greats, etc.)
    • Research found that NFL Alumni was first established in 1967 to support the needs of retired players.
      • Earlier this year, Fourth & Goal President, Bruce Laird, approached League to address issue and proposed restructure of NFL Alumni
      • Fourth & Goal and NFL Alumni entered discussions to form alliance
      • NFL Alumni recently approved restructure to principally focus on retired player advocacy (medical, financial assistance, post career counseling)
      • - Alliance with Fourth & Goal
      • - Expanded 15 member board to include 6 members from Fourth & Goal including Bruce Laird and Harry Carson
      • Next Steps
      • - Commence search for new CEO
      • - Discussions with League about new arrangement
          • Financial support
          • Marketing alliance (e.g., 50th anniversary of AFL)
      • Established in 1967 as retired players advocacy organization
      • Changed mission in 1977 to focus on charitable work for children (“Caring for Kids”)
      • 32 Chapters throughout the country; headed by Frank Krauser reporting to nine member board of retired players
      • Formal relationship with League since 1993
      • Charitable donation
      • Dire Need
      • NFL logo license agreement
      • Five year agreement expired March 31, 2009. Short term extension through September in place
  • 11. The New NFL Alumni Association “ By the Players, For the Players”
  • 12.
    • The vision of the future NFL Alumni Association is to end post-career medical and financial turmoil for its members. The mission of the future NFL Alumni Association is to become a self-funded organization which:
      • Provides medical, financial, career and family services to its members
      • Gives to charitable causes relevant to its membership
      • Educates current and retired players to make informed decisions
      • Endeavors in community outreach
    The Future NFL Alumni Association
  • 13. Financial metrics to align mission and industry non-profit standards. It will accomplish this through two primary mechanisms: 1. Cooperative ownership structure 2. Explicit financial allocations to a. Member Benefits/Services b. Charitable Contributions c. Operations/Marketing/Fundraising Organizational Optimization
  • 14. Cooperative Ownership Structure Cooperative Organizational Structure
  • 15. Strategic Commercialization and Partnering Cooperative Ownership Structure
  • 16. Aligned Revenue Allocation Cooperative Ownership Structure
  • 17. Accomplishment of Association’s Mission Cooperative Ownership Structure
  • 18. NFL Alumni Association Projected Revenue Allocations
  • 19.  
  • 20.
    • The New NFL Alumni Association must take advantage of the intellectual property rights of its members, as it relates to commercializing the demand for the retired players into revenue producing goods and services. There are two key elements to ensure this happens:
    • Self-executing rights as part of membership
    • Provision from the League and Club extending at no charge these rights.
  • 21. Integration into League Business and Marketing Programs
  • 22.  
  • 23. NFLA Restructuring Update
    • 15 member transitional Board of Directors
    • Owner’s Meeting May 19 in Ft. Lauderdale
    • 6 member search committee formed to hire new Executive Director
    • 16 AFL Legacy Games
      • Throwback uniforms to be auctioned with $$ going to Player Care Foundation.
      • Planning stages of several marketing initiatives to capitalize on 50 th Anniversary of AFL