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2010 ar editorial_calendar

  1. 1. Editorial Calendar 2010 Automotive Recycling magazine has an exciting year of coverage planned for 2010. Subject to change. Topics as of January 2010. Jan Feb 2010 Cover Theme: Champion Breed: Winners Gather in Lexington ARA 66th Annual Convention & Exhibition Wrap-up & Photo Spread Features:  ARA on the Hill, PLUS the 2010 Mid-Year Business Development and Hill Days Conference  Compliance: NMVTIS Reporting Update  Creating Wealth: The Relationship Between Recycling & Towing  2010 Scholarship Winners Mar Apr 2010 (Ad and Copy deadline Jan 25) Cover Theme: Annual GREEN Issue: “Green Jobs” Features:  Get Your Business Paid to Train: Qualify for Cash for Your Green Business (Ginny Whelan)  Creating Wealth: Importance of advance training for the auto recycling industry – A look at all models and resources for building a solid company training program and providing resource training to the community (schools and automotive).  Get with the Program: An industry-training guide (cut-out resource).  The Greening of an Auto Recycling Facility: Ideas to get greener including recycling fluids, wind tourbine or solar panels for power, and incorporating energy saving methods in the facility (includes a poll of member ideas.)  State of Emergency: One State’s Recent Battles with Environmental Regulations: Why you need to stay involved, and an introduction to ARA’s newest grassroots advocate  Profile: Getting Started: One Family’s Lessons (Tittle’s Auto Wrecking & Recycling, LLC)  Fluid Recovery Survey Result, Part 2  Trendsetter Nomination
  2. 2. May Jun 2010 (Ad and Copy deadline March 12) Cover Theme: Hill Days Recap; and All About Parts Features:  What Happens on the Hill Doesn’t Stay on the Hill: ARA Takes Action at the 2010 Hill Days / Mid-Year Business Development Conference  The Life of a Recycled Part: From removal from the scrap vehicle to when it is installed on a collision damaged vehicle.  Ordering Recycled Parts: Using recycled parts software, digital parts order (ARA & CIECA standards), inventory and part inspection, part clean-up, and digital verifying proper match.  Creating Wealth: The Price is Right? When a customer searches … Are they seeing what you really have?  Profile: Young Guns: Moving Up In the Biz  Trendsetter Nomination  2010 ARA Buyer’s Guide Jul Aug 2010 (Ad and Copy May 14) Cover Theme: ARA 67th Annual Convention & Exposition Preview Features:  Guerilla Marketing  Creative Ways Auto Recyclers Market Their Companies!  Extreme Marketing Ideas to Steal  Five Customer Care Values From Todd Hayes  Creating Wealth: Is the Core Business for You?  Star Award Nomination  Trendsetter Nomination Sep Oct 2010 (Ad and Copy deadline July 16) Cover Theme: Trendsetters in Automotive Recycling Features:  Cash For Clunkers Revisited – After the last car was crushed, was it what everyone hoped for?  The Value of ARA Membership!  Profile: Celebrating 100 Years in the Business  ARA 67th Annual Convention & Exposition Exhibitor Listing Nov Dec 2010 (Ad and Copy deadline Sept 17) Cover Theme: Charitable Contributions: Automotive Recyclers Who Give Back Features:  ARA 67th Annual Convention & Exposition in Photos  Home Front: Balancing Work and Family Life  Who’s the Boss? Multi-Generational Businesses  Profile: Incoming President  Profile: New Secretary