Knowledge Management


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Knowledge Management

  1. 1. Knowledge Management Solutions Overview With the rapid evolution of technology and the Internet your ability to access the right information at the right time across your enterprise can be critical to your organizations success. In today’s business environment archies and more on sharing collaboration. We address process, enormous amounts of information are individual expertise. In order for organizations, information, generated and distributed throughout organization’s to turn intellectual networks, technology, and strategy. the organization. Companies are capital into financial capital they need Successful implementations dependent upon their “collective to understand how intellectual address each point individually, as intellect” to make quicker and better assets are currently being captured, well as the interrelationships be- decisions. They must be able to applied, and shared throughout their tween the six. The result is a holistic access and process that knowledge enterprise. knowledge ecology that: from multiple sources across the Streamlines and centralizes your Our Approach enterprise. Businesses face the intellectual capital/property challenge of developing a systematic At RGZ Solution’s, we classify “knowl- Generates value from your approach to adapt the ever-evolving edge” as any information that contrib- intellectual capital/property information and knowledge flow: utes to the identity, growth, operations through sharing To the right people and success of an organization. The Enables you to share your At the right time term covers everything from financial intellectual capital to facilitate the In the right format data to the processes, to the experi- growth of your organization With the right tools ence and know-how of employees. Leverages your intellectual The RGZ’s experienced profession- capital/property so that it’s Organizations need to look at their als use our methodology to help your accessible online and offline “enterprise knowledge” as an asset to company manage its intellectual across the enterprise stay competitive. The enterprise itself capital and turn it into a dynamic Connects your organization to a is extending its traditional boundaries. business asset. Our Knowledge global enterprise Employers are working with consul- Management Services team works For more information on how RGZ tants. Employees are telecommuting. collaboratively with your Solutions’s Knowledge Management Companies are developing “value net- organization to define your business team can help you focus on your or- works” that become communities of objectives and goals, by integrating ganizations biggest asset and gain the practice and strategic partnerships with people, processes and technology maximun value from your investment suppliers, trading partners and comple- within a strategic context. We create a contact us at: mentary businesses. This new knowledge ecology that fosters eMail: business culture is increasingly learning and innovation while Phone: 516-208-7872 egalitarian, with less emphasis on hier- increasing awareness thru ©2009 RGZ SOLUTIONS LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED