Gazz Consulting SEO Meetup Presentation on Google Authorship


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Benefits of implementing Google Authorship for your business and/or clients along with our case studies.

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Gazz Consulting SEO Meetup Presentation on Google Authorship

  1. 1. Google Authorship “I want my face on a Google search results page.” Rob Gazzola, Founder – Gazz Consulting W: E: Google+:
  2. 2. What is Google Authorship?  To the naked eye, Google authorship is the photo and byline that appears on search results pages.  Authorship is the connection between Google+ profiles and content.  A highly effective way of connecting and promoting content on search results pages.  Get credit for the unique, relevant and engaging content that Google is asking for!
  3. 3. What is Google Authorship?
  4. 4. What is Google Authorship?
  5. 5. Why Should I Care?  The eye gravitates to photos, and especially in local search, people want to know there is real person they can deal with.  Lower organic search results can stand out more than higher ranked competitors.
  6. 6. Why Should I Care?
  7. 7. How Does Authorship Work?  Create & verify your personal Google+ profile with complete details.  Your Google+ profile photo needs to be a headshot.  On your Google+ profile list custom links in Contributor Section for where your content will be posted.  Add a link in all of your content posts (google+profileURL)?rel=author Example:  Verify:
  8. 8. Our Strategy: For Dental Clients  Question: Where to contribute quality content?  Strategy 1: Set up Google Alerts for ‘dental health’  Assumptions: If sites are included in Google Alerts, they should be viewed as ‘quality’ sites by Google  Review the search results for sites that accept article submissions.  Example:  Utilize writing services like &  Challenge: Review time can be long and
  9. 9. Our Strategy: For Dental Clients  Question: Where to contribute quality content that we can control?  Strategy 2: Set up client – specific personal blogs on  Add byline at the end of all articles. Example About the Author Dr. Dan Kelliher is an award winning cosmetic and smile makeover dentist in Fairfax Virginia. Connect with him on Google+
  10. 10. One Dental Client Result  For organic search on targeted phrases ‘Fairfax Cosmetic Dentist’ ‘Fairfax dentist’ & ‘Fairfax sedation dentist’
  11. 11. Strategy for Gazz Consulting  Our strategy to maximize the impact of Google Authorship for our own company has been to: 1. Focus on specific „geo-targeted‟ phrases in the Northern Virginia area.  Web design, Internet marketing & AdWords/PPC Management 2. Focus also on certain „long tail‟ phrases related to dental marketing.  The dental Internet marketing field is dominated by large national firms: PBHS, Yodle, TNT Dental, ReachLocal… Identify niche keyphrases and develop content marketing strategy around them. 
  12. 12. Results for Gazz Consulting 1. Strong visibility for ‘geo-targeted’ phrases in the Northern Virginia area.
  13. 13. Results for Gazz Consulting 1. Strong national visibility for certain ‘long tail’ phrases related to dental marketing, over the national firms.
  14. 14. Feedback from Client Prospects  When asked why did they choose our web site in search results:  ‘I wanted to speak with someone local.’  ‘You were the only web site that showed a person.’  ‘Since your face appeared, you must know the specifics about marketing sedation dentistry.’  ‘If you got your face to show in search results, it made me think you could do
  15. 15. More Resources Google+ Community: Author Rank & Google Authorship
  16. 16. Thank You Rob Gazzola E: T: @gazzconsulting Google+: