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A look at 3 irish brands steeped in history & tradition

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  • In this presentation I forgot to to add in the page thanking my research partners on this project: Paul Waldron, Katie Rochford, Claragh Kavanagh, Moya McGrath.

    It was great working with you and I really enjoyed the experience
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  • B2B: team building, conferences, training, planning, research etc. Groups: irish language, flora & fauna, history, archoegoly, painting, sailing, cookery, sociology, beavement, counciling. Hotels: Westin, Best Western, Marriot, Carlton, Lynch, B&B etc. Tour companies: German, UK & and members of the Irish Incoming Tour> Operators Association (ITOA) e.g Abbey Tours General public: groups, tourists, travellers, weekend breaks B2B: SMEs, Foreign Embassies, training providors, culture ireland, Tourist Boards: Failte Ireland & Tourism Ireland, County Enterprise Boards, Chambers of Commerce. Travel agents & websites:
  • INTRODUCTION SLIDE?!?! Or will we bother?? Anyway we’d be saying pretty much this…. Odlum’s competes in the flour and porridge market. The latter market is dominated by a very strong brand leader, Flavahans , who have enjoyed a large measure of success recently and have just launched a high profile TV advertising campaign. Odlum’s share of this market fluctuates between 8% and 13%-- depending on the level of price promotion they are prepared to engage in. The future of the Odlum’s brand is therefore dependent on the flour market—a market the brand dominated—but that has been in long term decline . Odlum’s have a 72% market share of the flour market—retailer brands account for the remaining 28%-- there is a price differential of around 12% which is less than many market sectors. The reason for market decline has been societal change : - greater wealth, - more time pressure as the proportion of women in the workforce increases, - less time spent in the kitchen cooking, - move to convenience foods and eating out. Because these trends have been in evidence for some time traditional baking skills have been in decline and many younger households are no longer equipped with basic baking utensils; baking trays and tins. In 2003 Odlum’s launched an attractively packaged ‘ Quick’ Bread Mixes designed to overcome some of the problems behind the decline in the flour market. They have achieved limited success but in the company’s view they represent the best hope for the future of the brand. There has been very little market research carried out in this market but what little we have suggests younger urban households are much less likely to be users of flour than older rural households. Strategic Marketing Assessment. Most brands are locked in a continuous battle with competitors for market share. Odlum’s are in a different position; they need to increase the market as a whole rather than their brand share. In spite of their correct strategic decision to launch a convenience range of flour they still face massive societal obstacles to an increase in home baking but the recession and emerging societal trends present a window of opportunity. An immediate casualty of the recession has been a reduction in occasions of eating outside the home but the fact that people are being forced back into their own kitchens doesn’t necessarily mean a return to home baking. However there are other trends, which were beginning to surface before the recession, that could be exploited to Odlum’s advantage; a desire for self-expression and personal creativity and a reaction to excessive individualism and need for community. Home baking could satisfy both of these needs. Project Assignment. 1) Make the case for a national ‘crusade’ to encourage more home baking using Odlum’s products—outline the societal trends that might be used in support of the campaign and the benefits that could ensue. 2) Outline some preliminary creative promotional proposals for a Jamie Oliver type campaign to change the nation’s baking habits and revive long lost traditions. 3) Suggest possible changes to the current web-site to play a leading role in the campaign.
  • By introducing them to using products and baking again – other products can be introduced Cupcake Campaign Savoury Foods New Product Range eg. Pizza Base Mix Sport Advertising
  • Fun run – food after? Ads in Cooking and Industry Magazines
  • Deals with cupcake companies
  • This will then also involve parents as children push for them to buy the products so they can bake more at home
  • Current Website Statisics: Search words: 1. Odlums 14.82% 2. Odlums recipes 6.81% http://
  • Irish brands

    1. 1. Irish Brands Review & RecommendationsRobert Farrell
    2. 2. Cnoc Suain • Cnoc Suain will be the cultural hub of Western Ireland • Build Fame, Hope & Clarity • Objectives: – Increase brand awareness and sales – NPD – Form business networksRobert Farrell
    3. 3. Target Customers • Employers & providers • Interest groups • General publica • Diaspora • Tour companies • Academics & schoolsRobert Farrell
    4. 4. Target Networks • Hotels & Accommodation • Local tour operators • Tourist Boards • Travel agents • County Enterprise Boards • Competition & substitutesRobert Farrell
    5. 5. New Programs • Bakery, butter & cheese making, • Whiskey & Guiness course • Music: Guitar, banjo, mandaline, bouran. • Home gardening/ sustainability, • 200 years of Ireland, • Walking tours, • Weaving & Cris making, • Flora & Fauna, • Horse riding, fishing & boating, • Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Writing, Poetry, Photography • HETAC/FETAC or teachers refresh, • Gallery sales & exhibitions,Robert Farrell Ceilie, Storytelling, Drink, Restrauant, Dordain, Seannachichi
    6. 6. Positioning statement “Promote authentic Irish culture & traditional by immersing customers in teaching and experience. Targeting both academic groups and the general tourist, domestic and oversea’s, wishing to take part in an experential cultural holiday”. Procter & Gamble Tesco Ben & Jerry PatagoniaRobert Farrell
    7. 7. Slogan “Immerse yourself with Cnoc Suain, the cultural spa for the mind” Capture Imagination Culture Escape No clear sloganRobert Farrell
    8. 8. Awareness & Fame: • Love Irish food • Ducati World • Oxygen • Jamie Oliver • Homecoming Scotland CampaignRobert Farrell
    9. 9. Awareness & Fame: • Oxygen style event • 2010: “Into the West”, “Volvo Oceans” • Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Cork • 11 Monthly event, P.R, radio, T.V & web • Celebrities, musicians, bands, artists, fairs, comedy, gallery, film etc • Parade, ceili, river dance, street music etc • Advertise on local productsRobert Farrell
    10. 10. Awareness & Fame: • Sponsorship: Local, Tayto, Diageo, GAA. • Networks • Website B2B, B2C, C2C • Government funding • Map & event guides with attractions • Fireworks & attractions • Attract national events to local area (Ted day) • Golf events, book signings, craft etcRobert Farrell
    11. 11. DUBLINER CHEESE Repositioning the BrandRobert Farrell
    12. 12. New Positioning Statement • “increase market share, target the younger market while still respecting the old customer, focus on the taste and grow to be an ‘everyday’ premium cheese”Robert Farrell
    13. 13. “DUBLINER” • Change the name or change the tagline? – Company not keen on changing the name – “Everyday premium cheese”Robert Farrell
    14. 14. Increasing Market Share • They want to target the younger age group (while maintaining their appeal to their current older customer) • JOIN LOVE IRISH FOOD • Focus on further developing a current productRobert Farrell
    15. 15. Product Development • Domestic volume is currently less than 900 tonnes; they are looking to push to 1000 tonnes by 2012. – New Zip-lock bags • link in to website – Increase the profile of the new “Light” cheese. • Link-in with Weight Watchers • Review the success of current Light Dubliner TV ads • In-store promotionsRobert Farrell
    16. 16. Website and Ads • Website needs a redesign – Kids Zone (with games, etc) – Information on nutritional value – Recipes – Competitions for vouchers for family activities, days/evenings out, etc. • Radio ads should be changed – New TV ads are more appealing than their old ones • New generic ad for the whole brand?Robert Farrell
    17. 17. New TV Ad: Appeal to all age groups “Everyday Premium Cheese”Robert Farrell
    18. 18. “Everyday Premium Cheese”Robert Farrell
    19. 19. Odlums Awareness and Association Restage the Brand Reconnect with Target AudienceRobert Farrell
    20. 20. Odlums Four Ways to Reconnect: 1. National Crusade (Traditional Customers) 2. Celebrity Endorsement (Adults - Men) 3. Schools (Children) 4. Redesign Website (All Ages)Robert Farrell
    21. 21. National Crusade Cupcake Campaign • Target Audience: Children, Parents, Teens • Repackage Quick Cake Mix – Gender Specific Packaging • Recipes on Packaging with Links to WebsiteRobert Farrell
    22. 22. National Crusade • Supermarket Tasting and Promotions • Contact Local Cupcake Companies – Cupcake Kisses Already part of the ‘Love Irish Food’ campaign • Sell Internationally – UK, then USARobert Farrell
    23. 23. Celebrity Endorsement m Tommy Bowe – Focus on Home Baking and The Family – Product Placement eg. Ireland:AM – Appearances in Supermarkets, Schools, TelevisionRobert Farrell
    24. 24. Robert Farrell
    25. 25. Schools Get Children Interested in Baking • “Odlum’s Cake-Off” • Reinforce Baking as a Fun Hobby Aim is to Bring Baking Home AgainRobert Farrell
    26. 26. Redesign Website • More User Friendly and Family Focused – Children’s Section • Change Colour Scheme – More Vibrant and Modern • iTunes Application – Recipes and RSS Feed • Web Advertising Linking to Site – Focusing on Facebook • Rename Facebook Page • Current: “Baking’s Back” 167 fans • Utilise Friend Finder ApplicationRobert Farrell
    27. 27. Odlums “Odlum’s Cupcakes – It’d be rude not to!”Robert Farrell
    28. 28. Thanks for listening… Any Questions?Robert Farrell