Epics Qt Collabroration at the EPICS conference in Spring 2014

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  • 1. Qt - Collaboration 3 Andrew Rhyder - Australian Synchrotron Anton Mezger - The Paul Scherrer Institute Emmanual Mayssat – Lyncean Technologies Spring Meeting May 2014 Lanzhou
  • 2. Presentation Summary • Qt • Qt in the EPICS community • Collaboration between: – the Australian Synchrotron – the Paul Scherrer Institute – and Lyncean Technologies • What’s ahead 4
  • 3. • Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++. • It can be used under an open source licence. • Qt has had a good track record of ongoing development and expanding use. • Strong community based governance. What is Qt 5
  • 4. Qt is an ecosystem An active open source community supporting documentation, forums, and tools Any applications we produce come with a lot of support from that community. 6
  • 5. Can we benefit from Qt? 7
  • 6. Can we benefit from Qt? The Paul Scherrer Institute: MEDM conversion tools The Australian Synchrotron: Unifying GUI system Lyncean Technologies: Python physics and science applications. 8
  • 7. Collaboration results – EPICSQT + caQtDM Just like before – only combined! Common documentation Common packaging Includes all functionality from the Australian Synchrotron application Plus PSI’s MEDM conversion tools and extended functionality 9
  • 8. A diversion – caQtDM update Waterfall plots Scaled window resizing 10
  • 9. A diversion - EPICSQt update Stripchart and plotting tools PV properties tool 11
  • 10. A diversion - EPICSQt update PV Scratch pad tool User levels Logging 12
  • 11. A diversion - EPICSQt update Configuration Save/Restore Improved cut and paste Documentation 13
  • 12. A diversion - EPICSQt update Dynamic PV tables PV Recipes User script management 14
  • 13. A diversion - EPICSQt update Imaging with interactive Area Detector integration 15
  • 14. Qt roadmap Traditional desktop Embedded systems RTOS (including VxWorks) Touch screens Mobile platforms 16
  • 15. Python environment “Epics Qt will not just offer a good or even a great python environment.” “Epics Qt will offer a kick-ass python environment” 17
  • 16. Get involved Are you interested in Python python@epicsqt.org Are you interested in the EPICSQt project specifically? andrew.rhyder@epicsqt.org join@epicsqt.org www.epicsqt.org 18