Dr. Robert Drapkin Is Licensed To Practice In Florida


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Florida based extensively experienced oncologist, Dr. Robert Drapkin received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, from Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan, in June 1971.

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Dr. Robert Drapkin Is Licensed To Practice In Florida

  1. 1. Dr. Robert Drapkin IsLicensed To Practice In Florida
  2. 2. Florida based extensively experienced oncologist,Dr. Robert Drapkin received his Doctor of Medicine(MD) degree, from Wayne State University MedicalSchool in Detroit, Michigan, in June 1971. He attendedthe Union College in Schenectady, New York, fromSeptember 1962 to June 1966, to pursue his Bachelor’sdegree (BS). Later, in July 1966, he joined RenssellaerPolytechnic Institute, in Troy, New York, and received hisMaster’s degree (MS) in August 1967.
  3. 3. Has Held Numerous Certifications and LicensureDr. Robert Drapkin is licensed to practice in the state ofFlorida. He has held a wide range of certifications andlicensure, including Diplomate of Internal Medicine (June,1975), Diplomate of Medical Oncology (June, 1979),Fellow of the American College of Physicians (April,1981), Full Member, American Society of Blood andMarrow Transplantation (1995), and Member, SolidTumor Panel (1997).
  4. 4. In addition to this, he is affiliated with the Florida Societyof Clinical Oncology, American Society of ClinicalOncology, American Medical Association, AmericanSociety of Internal Medicine, Pinellas County MedicalAssociation, International Association for the Study ofLung Cancer, and the American Society for Blood andMarrow Transplantation.
  5. 5. Research Assistant Professor, Since September 1980Dr. Robert Drapkin has years of experience in the field ofoncology. He has been serving as a Research AssistantProfessor in the Department of Medicine, at theUniversity Of South Florida School Of Medicine, sinceSeptember 1980. Prior to this, from June 1978 to 1979, hewas an Attending Physician, Clinician I, in theDepartment of Medicine A, Roswell Park MemorialInstitute, New York.
  6. 6. He has also served as a National Leukemia AssociationFellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center inNew York. Apart from this, from 1992 to 1997, Dr.Drapkin was the Medical Director of the Stem CellProgram at Motor Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL.
  7. 7. Chief of Department of Internal Medicine In 1988In 1988, Dr. Robert Drapkin served as the Chief of Department ofInternal Medicine at Mease Dunedin Hospital and MeaseCountryside Hospital in Florida. Apart from this, from 1987 to1992, he was the Chairman of Investigation and New Drugs andDevices Committee at the Morton Plant Hospital. Based in Florida,Morton Plant Hospital is a community based 687 bed hospital thatdelivers exceptional services in over fifty specialty areas.
  8. 8. Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Stem Cell ProgramIn 1977, Dr. Robert Drapkin along with Bayard Clarkson,MD, carried out a clinical research on human peripheralblood stem cells. This study was sponsored by NationalCancer Institute at Memorial Sloan, New York. In 1992,he co-founded the stem cell program at Morton PlantHospital. Furthermore, he has also been a Member of theAmerican Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation,since 1996.
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