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Marketing Mayhem - Can You Hear Me Now?


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How using a listening & engagement framework for market research, outreach, and customer support is not only an essential part of the marketing plan but the right way to orient your business in an …

How using a listening & engagement framework for market research, outreach, and customer support is not only an essential part of the marketing plan but the right way to orient your business in an always on, interconnected, and vocal worldwide marketplace.

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  • 1. “Marketing Mayhem”Can you hear me now?
    Robert Pease
    Vice President of Marketing
    Gist, Inc.
  • 2. If you are not listening, you don’t know your market
    People are talking…
    And they are saying a lot…
    “Looking for a new database app for the Mac. Any suggestions?”
    “I hate Acmeco. Your products and service suck.”
    “Thinking about flying VirginAmerica. Anyone have any experience with them?”
  • 3. Who are these people?
    Sources: Mashable, Gist, TechCrunch, Discovery Communications
  • 4. Do my prospects care about what is being said?
  • 5. Getting Started – Listen First, Write Second
    Step 1: Awareness
    Step 2: Content
    “Write a blog”
    “Post to Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.)”
    “Start conversations”
    “Answer a Linkedin Question”
    “Email a blogger”
    “Comment on a blog post”
    “Reply to a Tweet”
    “Ask a Linkedin question”
    “Read blogs”
    “Follow on Twitter”
    “Search & discover”
    “Look at a profile”
    “Email a blog post”
    “Share/Favorite a link”
  • 6. Four Zones of Engagement
    Zone of Amazement
    Zone of Affection
    Zone of Indifference
    Zone of Disdain
    • Response within 1-10 minutes
    • 7. Personal & authentic
    • 8. Actionable & meaningful
    • 9. Complete coverage
    • 10. Response within 4 – 6 Hours
    • 11. Personal & authentic
    • 12. Actionable & meaningful
    • 13. Over 6 hours to respond
    • 14. Generic response
    • 15. Direct sales tactics
    • 16. Nothing worth sharing
    • 17. Partial coverage
    • 18. No coverage
    • 19. No response
    Real-time/Near-time Response
    No Clue
    Batch & Act
  • 20. This blurs organizational lines
    The customer sees no difference
    New role(s) emerging
    Community manager/concierge/liaison that is hybrid sales/marketing/support role that “owns” the customer
    Support is sales
    You are in the renewal business
    It is not “free”
    Requires skilled & experienced staff but could be the majority of you marketing program spend
  • 21. Seven Rules of Engagement
    “Amplify” others through your channels to help them build their personal awareness & credibility…you become a promotion engine for your customers.
    Avoid the frontal assault – not the forum or channel for generic sales pitch, respond in context and be helpful.
    Be personal and authentic – not to be outsourced or placed in entry-level hands
    Always respond with a smile…no matter what. You do not control the conversation.
    Always in public…build the echo chamber. Go off-line when the time is right.
    Always transparent…both good and bad. Your advocates will stand up for you.
    Point them somewhere like Facebook, Linkedin, or a user community that you host. You want them to connect & share….even about things unrelated to you.
  • 22. Your Tone is Crucial
    Authentic & value-added
    Share things not about you – add domain knowledge/expertise to the flow; contribute
    Supply questions to followers – don’t be afraid to ask
    Leverage competitors but be mindful of exposure & reciprocity
    Let your followers answer questions about you
  • 23. Target Those Who Make Noise
    Those with a voice
    Bloggers, Tweeters, Linkedin users, content creators
    Focus on self-reinforcing groups
    Have a place to not just collect them, but activate them on your behalf
    Facebook Fan Page, Linkedin Group, Twitter followers
    Connect them to each other and let them carry the conversation
  • 24. ABC –Always Build Content
    Use blog posts, tweets, video testimonials, media coverage, survey data, thought leadership, content routing (sharing) to create a dynamic pool of content that you & your community can constantly tap
    This is “anchor content” that carries your message – blog, press releases, coverage (mainstream or users)
    Share it!
  • 25. The Echo Chamber
    Others share, like, repost, create blog posts about, retweet, etc.
    You share, like, repost, create blog posts about, retweet, etc. Others
    Others share, like, repost, create blog posts about, retweet, etc.
    You distribute/publish content (blog post, tweet, email update, etc.)
    You create content (blog post, press release, video testimonial, etc.)
  • 26. Old vs. New Marketing Techniques
  • 27. Live the funnel
    • Track competitor mentions
    • 28. Track business problem/need mentions
    • 29. Provide content that contributes
    • 30. Answer questions/be helpful – do not pitch
    • 31. Passively engage generally
    • 32. Directly engage selectively – “you’ll know it when you see it”
    • Measure it at the user level – touch to registration
    • 33. Follow up to assist – technical & usage
    • 34. Maniacal focus on ease of registration & on-boarding
    • 35. Enable users, provide usage tips, connect them with power users
    • 36. Less about sales/marketing & more about support
    • 37. Rule of 30 – 30 secs, 30 min, 30 hours, 30 days outreach/follow up
    • Understand where your users spend their time & how
    • 38. Support is sales
    • Make it easy
    • 39. Reward behavior
    • 40. Provide shareable content
    • 41. Enable with product functionality (invite, share, etc.)
    • 42. The only question that counts…
  • Measurements of Success
    # of Followers/Friends/Fans
    What you do with them after you assemble them is most important
    # of conversions to trial/conversions to pay that result from this lead source
    Tracking is key…and is not easy
    # of self-selected advocates of you product/message
    # of referrals from Followers/Friends/Fans
    Overall noise-level, mentions, buzz, etc.
  • 43. Areas to Improve
    Is it working?
    List Management
    Leverage friends/fans/followers across platforms and outreach options
    Who are these people & what do they have in common?
    Keeping up…
  • 44. Thanks