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Research methods
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Research methods


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  • 2. Why do you thinkcompanies spend so much money on research?
  • 3. WHY SPEND MONEY ONRESEARCH? Media products expensive to produce Need to make sure that it will attract the right audience To make sure the audience reacts to it in the right way To ensure the product can be completed in the required time To produce product within budget
  • 4. TYPES OF RESEARCH Audience Research  Who? Market Research  What? Production Research  How?
  • 5. TYPES OF RESEARCH Audience Research Who is the audience? Where do they live? What do they do for a living? What do they watch and when do they watch? What are things are they interested in?
  • 6. TYPES OF RESEARCH Market Research It is important to understand the market within which the product will compete with other products for audience and revenue Competitors – existing products Audience awareness of media product Attitudes towards products and services and pattern of behaviour
  • 7. TYPES OF RESEARCH Production Research Production research is directly related to the production of the media product (in our case the advert) Assess viability Plan production logistics (staff, locations, licenses, equipment http://Planning a Production- Recce
  • 8. FOUR MAIN METHODS OFRESEARCH Primary Secondary Quantitative Qualitative
  • 9. FOR A PASS YOU NEED TO:For a pass, For a merit, For ayou need to you need to distinction,describe discuss the you need toresearch benefits and criticallymethods and use of each discuss eachtechniques in a approach method andbasic way techniquecovering all the understandingmain methods strengths andand techniques weaknesses
  • 10. The Researcher. It’s my job to findout about the people who use media products. I use different types of research depending on what I want to find out.
  • 11. Most of the time, its important that I do research that iscompletely new and no one else has ever done beforeThis is called....PRIMARY RESEARCH •Usually has a specific purpose •Original data (not copied)
  • 12. + it is original data Interviews - can take a longtime PRIMARY RESEARCH
  • 13. Sometimes, I cheat and use data that other people have already collected. I’ll usually change it a bit though...This is called....SECONDARY RESEARCH •Research done by someone else •Can be used alongside other primary research •TV viewing figures are complied every week and used by lots of different companies
  • 14. Data originally researched by someone elseSECONDARY RESEARCH
  • 15. Sometime I just want to know simple things like how old my audiences are or how often they buy my productThis is called....QUANTITIVE RESEARCH •Can be shown as a set of numbers •Can be displayed as charts and graphs •Can be measured
  • 16. Data that deals with numbers and amounts of thingsQUANTITIVE RESEARCH
  • 17. But sometimes, itsmore important that I know what people are thinking and whyThis is called....QUALITITIVE RESEARCH •Helps to find out the way people feel •Responses are personal •Can’t really be measured
  • 18. All about peoples thoughts and feelingsQUALITITIVE RESEARCH