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Hitler Power Point Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Adolph Hitler Robert BurkeCourse: Global History, 10th Grade Date: 12/6/12
  • 2. New York Content Standards• 1. New aspects of the war, 5. The Nazi Holocaust 6. Concept of unconditional surrender(Page 83, D,E)• 2. Impact of the war, 3. The Nazi Holocaust— Hitler’s “Final Solution”; worldwide horror; human rights violations (Page 84,3A,B)
  • 3. Warm-Up• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9fEM- MfSiU
  • 4. Topics of the Lesson• Mein-Kampf• Holocaust• Concentration Camps• Nazi Government
  • 5. Objectives• Students will understand the impact that Adolph Hitler had on Germany and the entire world during World War II.• .Students will be able to identify certain historical events that occurred during Adolph Hitler’s reign as German leader.
  • 6. Mein Kampf• Hitler’s auto-biography while he was imprisoned.• Believed in Aryan Race, Germans were superior• Wanted to gain world leadership• Explains Hitler’s childhood and his hardships• Had many anti-Semitic and racial views• Spoke about several forceful military plans
  • 7. Concentration Camps/Holocaust• Killed and tortured over 6,000,000 people.• Killed these people in short amount of time• Used euthanasia, lethal injection, gas chambers, etc.• People targeted- Jews, Gypsies, African Americans, Homosexuals• Camps were located mostly in Germany and Poland• Worst Death Camp was Auschwitz• Individuals were also used for experiements
  • 8. Individual Work• From viewing this picture what were some of the consequences that these concentration camp prisoners were presented after just learning about the impact of concentration camps?
  • 9. Nazi Government• Women stayed home while men worked• Spread Nazism through different types of media• Radio, movies, posters and even stamps• Jewish people were persecuted• Many Anti- Jewish laws inflicted on Jews.• Also enforced hard military actions• Foreign relations were almost invisible
  • 10. Group Activity• With your partners, imagine if you were a part of the Jewish race in Nazi Germany during World War II. Discuss and write down what things you would be exposed to and what consequences would you see if you were in a concentration camp?