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Google Challenge: documento di post campagna EN

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Post Campaign En

  1. 1. Our campaign was focused on getting new users for “” site, ensued by an increase in the magazine’s downloads. Aside from a beginning accident (we talked about in on our gomcha blog), we spent all of our budget away during the three weeks, achieving 32 average clicks per day. Our client unfortunately didn’t set up those changes to websi e that we strongly suggested for t usability and search engine optimization. We could just insert a banner in the home page, redirecting to webzine’s download section. This allowed us to low down the bounce rate form the initial 60% to the final 49%. Other typical marketing initiatives has not been make possible by the client, so we just relied on magazine’s content all through the campaign. 1.2 - Key results We are going to show our results as adwords performance and then as website’s traffic increases. 1.2.1 - Campaign Regarding campaign, here are the results at the moment of its conclusion, beside with details of performance for each group of ads. Clicks 716 Clicks CTR Avg. CPC Cost Impressions Impressions 642.080 81,75 Ctr 0,11% TUTORIAL 247 0,08% 2,32$ $ 316.518 Avg Cpc $ 0,25 15,03 Avg Cpm $ 0,28 PROMO 72 0,19% 0,21$ $ 36.288 $ Total cost 181,12 REC. HW 3 0,01% 0,23$ 0,68$ 26.018 90,86 REC. VG 345 0,25% 0,26$ $ 135.701 Most earning ads have been the “videogame” sections’ ones. Amongst these, the best has been: As most productive keywords we had “3d”, “autocad”, “animation”. They’re fairly generic, quite expensive too, only introduced at half of the campaign gone, as we feared to waste our budget in a too short time and not to reach an interested target. However the increase of downloads detected after inserting these keywords seems now to prove their productivity. Avg Avg Campaign Ads’ groups Keyword Impressions Clicks CTR cpc Cost position
  2. 2. Campagna Recensioni n. 1 videogames 3d 17714 139 0,78% $0,23 $32,32 3,2 Campagna Recensioni n. 1 videogames animation 2702 40 1,48% $0,42 $16,65 3 Campagna Recensioni n. 1 videogames autocad 5942 30 0,50% $0,28 $8,39 5,7 Campagna Recensioni n. 1 videogames arte 7025 19 0,27% $0,27 $5,11 3,9 Campagna n. 1 Tutorial disegno 3d 426 14 3,29% $0,25 $3,53 3,1 Campagna Recensioni 3D Studio n. 1 videogames Max 1229 14 1,14% $0,18 $2,59 1,9 1.2.2 – Site’s traffic Concerning websites’ traffic, in order to have a reliable comparison, we took into consideration the three weeks right before campaign, along with the period of the latter: PERIOD Pre-campaign Campaign 03/4 – 24/4 25/4 - 16/5 Increase rate N° total visits 7530 10.315 N° visitors/day 342 469 +37% Avg time spent 3:24 4:02 +24% N° inique visitors 2.351 3.597 N° unique visitors/day 106,8 163,5 +53% N° download pdf 176 349 N° pdf download / day 8 15,86 +98% N° time slot for comparison (days) 22 22 On the chart you can notice that daily visitors number raised of 37%. The average time spent on the site has increased too (+24%). It may not be so much, and we think that may depend on the incoming flow of users from adwords. Infact these visitors are just new and not yet steady exposing the site to , more bounces and short surfing. Lastly, we have +53% of unique visitors during campaign time. We can so state that first goal, traffic improvement, has been reached. Since the opening of the site (2004) until this time, we have 8.379 magazine’s download (fig. 1 App.). During three reference weeks, before campaign downloads are 176 (8 avg per day), whereas with adwords running they go up to 347 (15,86 avg per day), with a 98% increase (App., fig.2). So we feel safe saying that second goal (incresin webzine’s download) has been reached. g
  3. 3. Following data are up to confirm the achieving of another stated tar et, that is the increasing of g registered users:  359 registered users before beginning of campaign  41 new users signed in (+11,4%)  400 total members at the end of campaign Upon the whole three years that site’s been running, the first digit gives 17 average new members each three weeks. Since we’ve got 41 new members during campaign, that is 24 over the average in previous term, we also reached our third goal. At a total cost if 181,12$, we have a 7,5$ cost per new user. Concerning Analytics, the system suffered a data loss relating period going from 30/4 to 5/5. Moreover our client removed by mistake the monitoring code from the site, hence we couldn’t use Google Analytics for a full results comparison with the log file we took from the site’s server. TRAFFIC SOURCES BEFORE CAMPAIGN AFTER CAMPAIGN 1. Direct traffic 62,50% 1. Search engines 65,36% 2. Other sites 27,08% 2. Other sites 18,35% 3. Search engines 10,42% 3. Direct traffic 16,29 1.3 - Conclusions To sum up, we've been able to achieve each of submitted goals: 1. Unique visitors +53% 2. Average time spent on site +24% 3. Magazine's downloads +98% 4. Registered users +10% 5. Cost per new signed user $ 7,5 Adwords instruments strongly helped in juicing up web traffic to the site, as also in raising up magazine's downloads, leading us to reaching most of suggested goals. Surfing experience still hangs as a critical point, although we're now sure that users do have interest in “3D Mansion Magazine” as a product. That being said, and considering:  reached goals  product's features,
  4. 4.  outstanding usability issues affecting the site  narrow budget at our disposal  team's lack of experience in using adwords we're deeming truly satisfied for campaign's outcoming. 1.4 - Recommendations for your client’s future online marketing Here are our suggestions as strategic priorities:  Improve website's usability  get the site some more lively, mainly through user's hands-on  enhance contents' categories  set up partnerships with other players of same industry  advertising and (users) outlining – website and magazine based ads, aimed to registered and other trade users. Here's an account for main incoming pages. Our advice is for the client to focus his attention upon them: PAGE VISITORS % Home page 1116 11.86 La guida di vray 73 0.78 Forum 43 0.46 UBoat U-47 in 3DS Max 41 0.44 Eventi 40 0.43 Newsletter 36 0.38 Here instead are some top outgoing pages (attention also required): PAGE VISITORS % Home page 900 9.57 Feed RSS 69 0.73 La guida di vray 64 0.68 Download - Speciali 62 0.66 Downloads 55 0.58 Nuovo numero di 3D Mansion Magazine (10) 50 0.53 Learning component 1. Learning objectives and outcomes
  5. 5. Our main target was to learn most useful skills for working with Google adwords. All of us member of the team judged the experience as qualifying and strongly fitting with our working domains, enabling us to shift from the simple search-engine experience through the professional advertising tool. Learning has been both theoretical and practical: first we applied to gain as more instrument's features, then with campaign running we strove for testing our new knowledge with the real issue of the client. Especially in this second phase, a steady supervising of campaign performance has been necessary, so that we could react promptly and forcefully to matters as they little by little started appearing. Solutions often required commitment and synergy from the whole team, teachers and client. 2. Group dynamics and client dynamics The troubles we met during our campaign might be sketched in two categories: Client's website: Before the beginning of the challenge we had some meeting with our client, turned to both improve our knowledge of his needs and targets, and to check any problem that could affect the good outcome of campaign. We could see outcropping several boundaries through all website, which is still now the unique distribution channel for our client. That's why we suggested some changes, in particular with reference to overall usability as well as to some specific sectors (such as forum), in attempt to enhance appeal and so we hope conversions too. Here are some of our adivces for modifications: 1. Make stick out login and sign-in feature, pointing up the services available to users through these operations. 2. Set up a space for hosting users' contents 3. launch some contests 4. provide a blog to users 5. make more functional the download area of the site 6. improve forum's usability and appeal 7. Get graphic's professionals involved, maybe with a dedicated section It has to be said that against a usability analysis document given by us to client, no changes has been brought to website during campaign. Lately given access to site, we could just insert a banner into homepage, telling users to sign in for downloading magazine's pdf.
  6. 6. Adwords results (ctr and related issues): During first step impressions keep raising up at thousands a day, most of all generated by content network, and giving us a very low ctr. We considered the following strategic options, which will be examinated closely in the next paragraph:  use of different ads options  intervention on ad groups  use of content network  choice of several time slots for displaying ads  raise of bids for keywords 3. The evolution of the campaign strategy Ads groups, keywords, costs and clicks In the first place campaign was composed by five ad groups, each of them associated to a specific kind of magazine's content. Many keywords has been get observing the sort of material present in the magazine, with also specific names of reported products – e.g.: kind of article “tutorial” + “vray” as subject: “tutorial vray”. To these we added some keywords derived from an interview with a group of people operating in graphic industry. The resulting keywords have been submitted to our client for a last opinion. After that we tested keywords with adwords tool such the traffic estimator and the keyword one, with first purpose to check if they allowed us to stay into daily budget, complying also with our wished clicks. For displaying we first set two time slots: 12-15 e 20-23.30, both of them corresponding to most intense traffic hour on the site. Search and content network In the beginning we also activated the content network, at a cpc higher then on search network. For the latter the cpc has been set dividing the daily budget by the number of click we hoped to get. Since this amount was fair enough for most of keywords, we had some budget left that we spent setting a higher bid for content network, as we were also sure that this would have not affected our chance to get wished clicks. Negative keywords 3DMansion is a purely informational magazine,so by means of many negative keywords we ruledout some contexts supposed to come out in users' searches, but anyway irrelevant to si e's activity. Search t terms including words “prezzo”, “acquista”, “sconto”, “offerta” ecc.. (price, offer, discount, buy and other trading situations) have been set out to avoid useless impressions.
  7. 7. 1st week During first week we had a very low ctr, mainly because of the impressions generated by three of the groups: “tutorial”, “videogames” and “cinema”. First two however also gave us a high number of clicks. So we started working on two sides: in primis testing new keywords, deleting the less profitable and modifying less clicked ads. On the other hand we noticed that content network was bringing thousands of impressions for each group, therefore through placement performance reports we took care of cutting off sites with lowest ctr, or anyway those not generating any click – we already used in the very beginning adwords' tool for sites and categories exclusion. 2nd week In the half of the second week we tried to rule out the content network. Our concern in doing this was far most clicks coming from this network. We finally convinced ourselves because we risked to join the end of the campaign with a very low ctr. On the first day we understood that this way displaying and clicks go much more slowly (App., fig. 3, for overall comparison between two networks), so in a few hours we decided to extend ads' exposure time. Time slots got bigger, becoming now 11-15 and 16-24. In the meantime we kept trying new keywords, also setting on pause two groups: “recensioni hardware” and “cinema”, given their high impressions and few clicks. Situation for these groups did not get better on search network, where magazine's content asked for too expensive keywords in our ads. Anyway overall results has been positive, seeing that compared with first week clicks went down of just 10%, while impressions decreased ten times then before! Ctr shows remarkable increasing, going from first week's 0,04% to current 0,43% (App., fig. 5). 3rd week In the last week we went on trying new keywords in the place of less profitable ones. Ad groups has been reduced to three, and now to two, having been “pro mo” suspended too. Clicks increase of nearly 20%, going back to first week rate, while at the same time impressions decrease of 33% - so we now have a 0,73% ctr (App., fig. 6). This way we proceeded until the end of the campaign, being able to fix some opening errors and the low ctr caused by the content network. 4. Future recommendations In case of a new campaign, we'd surely start ruling out content network and getting sure we could really influence website's dynamics. A lacking web environment, infact, highly decrease the opportunities given by each click. Here are some advices for our client, in case he decided to go on with online marketing:  using users' informations to know better site's target consumers, so to create more precise ads
  8. 8. and other initiatives  exploit site as advertising channel, selling space for ads both on pages and 3D Mansion Magazine  partnership with other industry's player, such as link and content trading  have graphic's professional blogger talking about site and magazine, promoting it around dedicated circuits Appendix Rank Title Downloads 1 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 6 2990 2 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 7 880 3 Speciale regali 2007 557 4 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 5 520 5 3D Mansion Magazine 12 471 6 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 3 466 7 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 4 460 8 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 2 377 9 3D Mansion Magazine 11 368 10 3D Mansion Magazine free Numero 1 331 Fig. 1 - Top 10 download ever
  9. 9. Title Downloads 3D Mansion Magazine N°12 65 3D Mansion Magazine N°11 46 3D Mansion Magazine N°10 25 3D Mansion Magazine N°9 17 3D Mansion Magazine N°8 16 3D Mansion Magazine N°7 17 3D Mansion Magazine N°6 14 3D Mansion Magazine N° 5 16 3D Mansion Magazine N°4 10 3D Mansion Magazine N°3 13 3D Mansion Magazine N°2 10 3D Mansion Magazine N°1° 18 3D Mansion Magazine N°0 16 3D Mansion Magazine – Speciale Natale 2007 64 Totale 347 Fig. 2 - Top downloads during all campaign time clicks ctr avg cpc cost impressions avg. Pos. TUTORIAL Search network 63 0.84% 0.46$ 28.99$ 7.484 3,3 Content network 192 0.06% 0.28$ 53.05$ 309.034 3 PROMO Search network 60 0.83% 0.21$ 12.41$ 7.162 3,4 Content network 12 0.04% 0.22$ 2.62$ 29.126 4,3 REC. HW Search network 1 0.09% 0.26$ 0.26$ 1.108 2,7 Content network 2 0.00% 0.21$ 0.42$ 24.910 3,9 REC. VG Search network 315 0.73% 0.26$ 83.36$ 42.972 3,7 Content network 30 0.03% 0.26$ 7.75$ 92.729 3,9 CINEMA Search network 13 0.41% 0.20$ 2.54$ 3.149 2 Content network 36 0.02% 0.26$ 9.24$ 125.457 3,6 Fig. 3 – Overall ad groups results at the end of campaign in both search and content networks Fig. 4 – Account's snapshot for first week
  10. 10. Fig. 5 - Account's snapshot for second week Fig. 6 – Account's snapshot for third week