Different structured cable systems


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A structured cabling system refers to a complete cabling with its associated hardware that provides a complete telecommunications infrastructure. The infrastructure is usually used for a variety of services, for instance facilitating communications through a computer network and providing telephone service.

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Different structured cable systems

  1. 1. Different Structured Cable Systems http://www.it-netlogistics.com
  2. 2. Different Structured Cable SystemsA structured cabling system refers to a complete cabling with its associated hardware thatprovides a complete telecommunications infrastructure.The infrastructure is usually used for a variety of services, for instance facilitatingcommunications through a computer network and providing telephone service.A good cable system should not be device dependent.A structured cable system can also be defined based on its ownership.
  3. 3. Different Structured Cable SystemsIt usually begins at the termination point of the service provider which is usually the networkinterface device or the point of demarcation.An example will be during the installation of a telephone system whereby the service providerfurnishes one or quite a number of service lines depending on the customer requirements.In this case, the service provider will connect the telephone service lines at the demarcationpoint.There are different structured cable systems and the diversity among them is as a result ofvariations in a number of factors.
  4. 4. Different Structured Cable SystemsThe first factor is the architectural structure of the building where it is installed.You do not expect the cable system of a complex building to be like that meant for simple homeuse.The cable as well as the connection products will also determine the type of the system.A complex network for instance will require the use of powerful cable products that can handletransmission of large bits of data without break downs.
  5. 5. Different Structured Cable SystemsThe systems will also differ depending on the present and future plans that a certain organization has.If the organization has plans to expand and upgrade the network in future then it has to make surethat it gets the types of equipment that will allow cable installation, upgrades as well as expansion inthe without causing complications.Other factors like the function of the cable installation, the customer requirements as well as themanufacturer warranties will determine what kind of structured cable system has to be used.To ensure that you get proper cabling installation, you need to use the services of a company thatuses complete and also maintains relatively standard cable installations.
  6. 6. Different Structured Cable SystemsThe standardization is very crucial in ensuring that the system that is installed is of acceptableperformance and is composed of complex arrangements of cable products.The typical cable systems are composed of horizontal and vertical backbonepathways, horizontal and vertical backbone cables, entrance facilities, work areaoutlets, telecommunications closets, equipment rooms, cross-connect facilities, transmissionand consolidation rooms as well as telecommunications outlets assemblies.You will benefit from installing a standardized structured cable system since you will be assuredof consistency in the design as well as installation of the network.
  7. 7. Different Structured Cable SystemsThere is also assurance that the products will conform to the physical as well as the transmissionrequirements of the network that you are setting up.You are also provided with suggestions concerning system expansion just in case you have plans ofupgrading the network in future.If the cable system only serves a small area, it is a local area network. This is usually like a building. Ifthe network extends over a large area then it is either a wide area network or metropolitan areanetwork.Are you looking for reliable Structured Cable Solutions? We at IT-NetLogistics we focus on giving youonly the best solutions
  8. 8. Different Structured Cable Systems http://www.it-netlogistics.com