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Leveraging Your Network
Social Media Networking & Business Development

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TiE Institute & Tourmalet Social Media Networking

  1. 1. Leveraging Your NetworkSocial Media Networking & Business Development Robert Burns, Tourmalet Social Business
  2. 2. Discussion Points1. Social Media Landscape. How does Social Media enhance your current networking activities?2. How can LinkedIn optimize the Business Development Process?3. LinkedIn’s Best Practices FreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source
  3. 3. “Social Media Revolution” “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, the question is how well we do it” “The ROI of Social Media: Your business will still exist in 5 Years” Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics
  4. 4. Social Media and Social Networking are tools - EnablersWhat is the first thing you think of with SocialMedia? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn,many othersThink of Social Media & Social Networking asenablement tools, …….better yet think of them as“opportunities” FreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source
  5. 5. Many definitions for Social Media, this one seems to resonateSocial Media is the super-set and is how we referto the various media that people use tocommunicate online in a social waySocial Networking occurs when people create apersonal profile and interact to become part of acommunity of friends and like-minded people and toshare information” David Meerman Scott, AuthorThe New Rules of Marketing & PR
  6. 6. “It’s the wild west”
  7. 7. Social ChannelsLinkedIn – Professional grade, B2B, liken it to a “Chamber of Commerce” meeting Twitter – “Business Social Grade”, liken it to the cocktail party after a business meeting or business event Google+, Still new. Strength is their Search. Early adopters. Shows promise Facebook – Strength is the large Community – B2C, Community BBQ – “Everyone’s there”
  8. 8. Selected LinkedIn Lead Generation Best Practices(1) Follow-up with Conference Key Note Presenters and Conference attendees with an InMail or Group Message(2) Following up with Key Executives and Decision makers (news or promotions)(3) Who’s Viewed My Profile? “Thanks for visiting my profile” with warm Invitation to Connect(4) Profile Optimization, Recruitment Entrepreneur, Profile Optimization enhances credibility(5) Re-Connect with current and former Colleagues and Clients. Business Cards, Outlook Contacts, Emails for contacts & ask them to join your LinkedIn Network with a personal invite(6) Identify Leads & Prospects via Advanced Search
  9. 9. Selected LinkedIn Lead Generation Best Practices(7) Join LinkedIn Groups (where are your clients/their clients?). Reach out via Group Messages (no charge) or LinkedIn InMail(8) Join 50 Groups, engage and participate 1+ Groups, establish credibility and trust with answers. Share & promote your content(9) Create a “Monthly” LinkedIn Activity Planner: Regular Updates, Invite New Connections, Make Recommendations (& Receive), Send 25 – 50+ Group Invitations, Follow-up with connections(10) Incumbent Clients & Client Retention – Be “Top of Mind” with your network through relevant LinkedIn Updates, Sharing Compelling Content, Common Connections
  10. 10. Communication builds trust Every social “action” and “interaction” builds a level of trust Permission based marketing vs. Interruption based It’s about “one to many” conversationsFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source
  11. 11. Take your current activities to a new level The telephone is an excellent tool however most times it is “interruption based”, personal touch is still important What if you could have “top of mind” exposure to your clients and prospects on regular basis. “Permission based” access several times per day (updates)? What if, when you had these interactions the client or prospect would immediately have background of who you are, your profile, content activity, your network and shared connections.?FreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source What if they came to you, based upon these interactions?
  12. 12. According to industry expertsOver 90% of B2B companies are utilizing the“Big 3” social tools such as LinkedIn, Facebookand TwitterLinkedIn being the most used channel with72%, followed by Facebook at 71% and Twitterwith 67%LinkedIn is cited as the favourite B2B channel,with “lead generation” as the key business FreeDigitalPhotos.net , image sourcedriver
  13. 13. LinkedIn Facts Launched in May 2003 Largest Professional Networking Site 135+ million users in 200 Countries Grows by 2+ new members per second 50% of users are in the U.S Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members Average Years of Experience: 15 years Average Age: 41 years % who are decision makers: 47% LinkedIn Share button is on 180,000 domainsOther facts Maximum # of Invites: 3000 Get 5 “I Don’t Knows” (IDK) and your account will be penalized by having to enter recipients email address for future connect requests 1 million+ Groups on LinkedIn
  14. 14. LinkedIn Next Steps 1. Profile Creation & Development - Optimize 2. Network Development & Enablement - Community 3. Relevant Content Sharing - LeveragingFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source
  15. 15. Build a Robust & Appealing Profile - Optimize  Create in Word for spell checking, grammar and formatting  Look at other LinkedIn profiles  Many profile changes: temporarily turn off Activity broadcasts under Privacy in Settings…turn back on when finished  Target 100% LinkedIn Profile completion  Define what you do for clients?  Be clear with your profile. Have others you trust read andFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source comment on your profile  Continually fine-tune your profile. Summary, Skills, Experience, include a value proposition, Header (what you do for clients, the problems you solve)
  16. 16. Build a Robust & Appealing Profile - Optimize  What are your Keywords to be found? Embed them into your profile  What are you an expert in? How would an ideal prospect find you?  What would your clients enter into “Google” to find you? Improve your Google rankings  Include relevant skills. Outline and provide details of yourFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source Experience  Distinguish & differentiate yourself  Be an Active and Engaged Member
  17. 17. Define Your Audience – Build Your Network & Community  Once you have created an appealing and trusting profile the next objective is to have your network and future network want to connect with you  Join Groups: Associations, School and Company Alumni etc. Where are your clients? Where are their clients? Or…. Start your own Group  Connect with who you know and re-connect with past colleagues  Add new connections by engaging in conversations with permission basedFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source invites with InMails or Group Messages  Reach out at events, Icebreaker: “Are you on LinkedIn?”  Transition from a static business card or Outlook Contact to a robust social connection
  18. 18. Define Your Audience – Build Your Network & Community  Your LinkedIn network comprises of your 1st, 2nd & 3rd level connections. Convert 2nd and 3rd levels to 1st, outside of your network as well  Reach out to other Group members with Group Messages, develop on line rapport and invite to connect  Quantity Approach: (LION) vs. Quality Approach - Strategic Network Development Approach, or somewhere betweenFreeDigitalPhotos.net , image source
  19. 19. Share Relevant & Compelling Content Content Formula: Great Content + Other People (Network) Subtract - Marketing messages (salesy tactics) = Growth Michael A. Stelzner, from the book Launch
  20. 20. Share Relevant Content Update on a consistent & regular basis Share content: news articles and Blogs. Sources of information: Industry/trade, Media, CNN – e.g. Anderson Cooper- Fareed Zakaria, etc. Set up Google Alerts: clients, competition, client challenges. What are your clients problems? Set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day, find shareable content, add a “value proposition” in your update & why your network should read it, Ask a question, “Valuable Insight”, “3 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line…”
  21. 21. Share Relevant Content Think like your clients, your network and your audience Keep Top of Mind with quality, compelling and relevant Status Updates It’s about them – your audience. Be an influencer Be unique When you help people with smaller problems they may look to you for their bigger issues
  22. 22. LinkedIn Subscription Comparison Monthly costs range from free, $25,$50 or $100 If new to LinkedIn or Sales, Recruiters, Business Development, Entrepreneurs may want to consider paid subscriptions Useful Premium features: • InMails, $10 each or up to 25 InMails/month • Advanced Search; Enhanced Premium and Talent Features • See more profiles up to 700 /search • Profile Organizer, Up to 50 folders. Great for prospects not connected • Who’s Viewed My Profile, Partial to Full Name • Names of 3rd Level Connections • Saved Searches Identify which of these functions you need for the price
  23. 23. Thank YouRobert BurnsEmail: robert.burns@tourmaletsocialbusiness.comLinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin/in/roblburnsTwitter: @robertlburnsFacebook: facebook.com/roblburnsGoogle+: http://goo.gl/uX7Bs