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Access the IEP Direct login here.

Access the IEP Direct login here.

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  • 1. IEP Direct Login Tend to be you the parent of the child with autism, a learning disability or a physical disability? Are you preparing for your child's annual Individualized Academic Plan meeting? Might you like a short list of important items which need to be discussed with your child's IEP meeting? This post will discuss 15 issues that require to be brought up at your child's IEP Direct Login meeting to ensure that important issues are mentioned. Issue 1: Present levels of academic achievement as well as functional performance need to be discussed and set in your child's IEP. Academic and functional levels should be results of assessments given to your child, and not really teacher observation. Problem 2: Educational strengths and weaknesses of your child. All weak points should be talked about and needed educational services should be talked about and written in your child's IEP. Issue 3: District and Express Wide testing that your child will become included in. Standardized testing is critical to keep special education personnel accountable with regard to teaching your child; keep replicates for future utilize. Issue 4: Extended School Year (ESY) needs to be discussed and written in your child's IEP. Specific services your child is to receive, as well as amount regarding minutes per week, and amount associated with weeks given. Concern 5: Assistive Technology Services that your child requires in order to benefit from their education. Issue 6: If your child has negative behavior that inhibits their education request a qualified particular person to conduct a useful behavioral analysis as well as develop a positive behaviour plan. Issue 7: Placement must end up being decided and put in your child's IEP. Issue 8: Related Services must be talked about and placed in your child's IEP. Related Services are: PT, OT, Speech/Language, Transportation, etc. Issue 9: Make sure all special education services offered are listed in the IEP; check minutes and make certain it states whether the service is direct or consultative as well as individual or party. Issue 10: If your child is 16 years or over a transition plan needs to be developed which includes transition services your child needs to get a job or pursue education. Don't forget to always read your child's IEP Direct Login before you leave the conference. Ask for adjustments if you find something which you do not trust. By discussing these kinds of 15 issues you will help your child receive a free appropriate public training (FAPE).