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Become a certified personal trainer with NESTA's NCCA accredited personal training certification. Stay current with over 20 CEC/CEU education courses in nutrition, agility training, martial arts ...

Become a certified personal trainer with NESTA's NCCA accredited personal training certification. Stay current with over 20 CEC/CEU education courses in nutrition, agility training, martial arts conditioning, triathlon coaching, lifestyle consulting and much more.



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How to become a personal trainer Document Transcript

  • 1. 20 Amazing Fitness Career Options Expert Advice on Primary Education, Certifications, Continuing Education Credits, Business and Career Success FREE Fitness Association Membership and a Discount Coupon to Start Your Career inside!
  • 2. Contents Careers as a Personal Trainer Careers in Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Careers in Triathlon Coaching Careers in Fitness Nutrition Coaching Careers as a Heart Rate Performance Specialist Careers as a Sports Nutrition Specialist Careers as a Biomechanics Specialist Careers as a Functional Training Specialist Careers as a Speed, Agility and Quickness Specialist Careers as a Martial Arts Fitness Business Pro Careers as a Cross Training Specialist Careers in Muay Thai Fitness Careers as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Careers as a Yoga Instructor Careers as a Pilates Instructor Careers as a Core Conditioning Specialist Careers as a Kids Nutrition Specialist Careers as a Group Exercise Instructor Careers as a Boot Camp Instructor Careers as a Sports Injury Specialist
  • 3. Careers as a Personal Trainer Recently named “One of the Best Jobs in America” by CNNMoney/, personal trainers change bodies and lives. A lucrative career path even in challenging economic times, working as a personal trainer offers a variety of financial, personal and professional rewards. Beyond training clients one-on-one or in small groups at the gym or health club, the wealth of opportunities to put your personal fitness training certification to good use include: • Offering kids, teens, women’s or senior’s programs to serve special populations and create a niche in your local market • Training athletes or small groups who are preparing for upcoming races or competitions • Providing nutrition and training seminars that are focused on topics including weight loss, protein/carbs/fats, maintaining muscle mass, eating local, vegan/vegetarian diets • Developing a series of online training programs and seminars for a subscription fee • Writing ebooks or regular books on specific training topics such as killer core workouts, training for a triathlon or the four best exercises for women in their 40s, for example • Partnering with other similar pros and/or vendors at health fairs, schools or community education facilities to offer the best health and wellness information for your community and target audience • Working with physical therapists to provide personal training for injury or illness recovery • Providing information/seminars/short-term training sessions to college students looking to build or maintain fitness while in school
  • 4. • Develop a focus on personal training for celebrities in your community and then expand from there • Add personal training to your current work as a boot camp instructor, yoga teacher or any other job In addition, if you’d like to expand your personal training knowledge, you can also earn degrees in fitness and nutrition topics through a university such as Wexford University online. If you are interested in obtaining a personal training certification or learning more about related business opportunities, you can visit for the latest on becoming a certified trainer.
  • 5. Careers in Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning The world’s fastest growing sport and a global hit among both athletes and viewers, mixed martial arts or MMA involves strength, power, agility, quickness, and mental and physical toughness. While the NFL, MLD, NBA, NASCAR and MLS actually saw losses in their fan bases over the past several years, mixed martial arts continues to grow in global popularity. MMAPayout estimates that the UFC fan base is about 65 million strong across the globe. This means that opportunities for MMA careers are also skyrocketing. With the right training and certification, you have a fighting chance to use your mixed martial arts training for business and career success. You can, for instance, use this customized fitness training to work as a mixed martial arts coach for amateur or pro athletes. Likewise, it’s great for martial arts school owners interested in diversifying their student population, fitness pros competing in MMA or gym owners who are interested in offering MMA-style classes to members in a group fitness or small group setting. In addition, MMA has seen a recent surge in interest from women: About one-third of the 18- to 49-year-old mixed martial arts viewership comes from women, according to Sports Business Daily. Since there are fewer programs designed for women, customized training for special populations provides a great business and revenue opportunity for trained entrepreneurs. Mixed martial arts training is also excellent for self-defense classes and workshops, cross-training for other sports, competitions and athletic endeavors, and for weight loss/wellness programs, since MMA focuses on the entire body as well as cardiovascular and strength training. Mixed martial arts can be a portion of a fitness class at a gym or community center, and the training principles can be used with men and women of all ages.
  • 6. If you prefer online work, you can offer ebooks or webcasts on mixed martial arts principles. This type of training also works really well one-on-one in personal training situations or with small groups. If you like flexible seasonal work, you can offer outdoor MMA boot camps in the summer, and then enjoy your winters off. The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) offers an online training and certification program at The unique program also offers assistance in creating and launching a mixed martial arts training business. The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association was developed to bridge the gap between fitness training, sports conditioning science, MMA training methods, and direct application from the ring, octagon, mat or cage.
  • 7. Careers in Triathlon Coaching Do you love to run, swim and bike? And would you love to turn your passion for triathlons into a long-lasting career? If so, your timing is better than ever. USA Triathlon reported membership of more than 550,000 in 2012, dramatic growth over the preceding decade, while the Sports & Fitness Industry Association estimates that participation increased by nearly 60 percent from 2008 to 2011, when nearly 2 million people took part in a triathlon. From Ironman races across the globe to super sprint local triathlons, this unique three-part event continues to draw interest from athletes of all levels. Careers in the popular multi-sport competition today include: • Coaching amateur athletes through a local gym or health club • Training other coaches who are also interested in triathlon work and coaching • Creating podcasts or webinars with your top tips for triathletes • Focusing on injury prevention or recovery techniques • Sports psychology designed to help athletes master the mental part of competition • Heart rate zones and training to manage the demands of three intense cardiovascular events • Working with one or two elite athletes training for international competitions • Nutrition for successful triathlons • And more
  • 8. The International Triathlon Coaching Association program offers an online training program that combines the science and application of triathlon training and coaching as well as proven business models. “I am truly living my dream. Through hard work, passion, focus and an all-in commitment to be the best, I have been fortunate to have grown my coaching business worldwide, assisting others in bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be,” said Rick Kattouf, CEO and founder of TeamKattouf, Inc. and TeamKattouf Nutrition, LLC. “One of the keys to creating a successful practice is understanding how to run a successful business. Understanding the business is critical to become a successful triathlon coach. ITCA provides great business tools that help you grow your coaching business. These tools have enabled Gail and me to grow one of the largest coaching practices in the world." For more information, please visit
  • 9. Careers in Fitness Nutrition Coaching Personal chef to the stars or your neighbors. Nutrition adviser for a local football team. Fitness trainer and food coach. The opportunities for working in the growing field of fitness nutrition coaching continue to grow as people need more information on how to eat, how to exercise and how to live better. Distinguishing themselves from personal trainers or nutritionists who don’t have both elements in their training or background, fitness nutrition coaches today can help their clients increase energy, improve overall health and decrease dependence on medications. Career opportunities in the field of fitness nutrition coaching include creating a home- based coaching business where you work with people individually or in small groups, working in a health club or gym, as well as offering food coaching along with personal training or a group fitness class. A great business that can work remotely anywhere across the globe, fitness nutrition coaches can also work with clients to help them achieve their goals online via Skype or over the phone. Likewise, audio lessons or educational videos present a great opportunity for additional income and notoriety in the field. Further, fitness nutrition coaches can work as nutritional speakers, create nutrition or cooking videos, develop complete body makeover programs with nutrition education or offer this component in addition to life coaching. Fitness nutrition coaching is an excellent complement to any other fitness, wellness or nutrition career with its focus on holistic health. Within this field, there are a multitude of special populations you can focus on, including vegans and vegetarians, pregnant and menopausal women, various age groups,
  • 10. diabetics, athletes, individuals living with or recovering from illness and more. You can combine your knowledge, interest and passion to help others eat better and also feel better. Fitness nutrition coaching will be in demand for the long term, and the more well- rounded your training and the more creative your offering, the better. For more information on fitness nutrition coaching certification and training, you can visit
  • 11. Careers as a Heart Rate Performance Specialist Are you interested in a career with a lot of heart? Literally? Working as a heart rate performance specialist will give you the chance to connect with other people’s hearts, minds and bodies as you help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals. In a nutshell, a heart rate performance specialist helps people train smarter by using heart rate performance information and designing heart rate training zones to help clients meet their goals. Ideal for personal trainers and others in the field of fitness, this career track is a perfect add-on to any other fitness focus as well as a great job in and of itself. If you are already a personal trainer, you can offer your clients a unique high-level service that many trainers don’t provide. Likewise, you can also develop online sessions with the latest on heart rate training, helping your virtual clients record workouts and results while monitoring their performance on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly level to optimize fat burning, output and overall performance. If you’re more of a wordsmith, you can create newsletters, website content, workshops and/or ebooks to help individuals train smarter with these principles. Group fitness instructors, health club owners and managers, coaches and physical therapists can also use this type of certification to offer a focused specialty, further helping to cultivate new and ongoing clients. Anyone with a focus in heart rate training can work with athletes of all levels to help them train more successfully for sports and competitions.
  • 12. And it’s a career with heart: You have the opportunity to connect with others and follow the American Heart Association’s guidelines, which recommend that athletes of all levels use target heart rates to measure fitness levels and monitor progress in any fitness program. The National Exercise and Sports Training Association offers a unique online Heart Rate Performance Specialist training through its website at The site also offers details on heart rate monitors.
  • 13. Careers as a Sports Nutrition Specialist Ever wonder how football players are able to return from significant injuries in just weeks? How ultra-marathon runners can keep going and going and going without stopping to eat a meal? Why you feel great during your workouts some days and exhausted on others? You’ve heard it before: You are what you eat. Nutrition and performance definitely go hand in hand. To that end, sports nutrition specialists can help athletes from students to weekend warriors to serious competitors increase their output and performance, reduce recovery time, and look and feel better, both on and off the court or field. Further, sports nutrition specialists can help individual athletes, small groups and teams reach specific goals by focusing on the intersection of sports and nutrition – how what you eat fuels your body and your performance. This specialization is ideal for personal trainers, strength coaches, group fitness instructors, martial arts coaches, dieticians and nutritionists, gym owners, coaches of sports teams and anyone else who is interested in the powerful connection between food consumed and performance in sports or other athletic endeavors. Nutrition can be both confusing and overwhelming, and principles vary depending on activities and goals, so this expertise is a valuable addition to any other certification or job related to exercise and food. A good sports nutrition specialist should understand the digestive system, energy systems and needs, macronutrients, translating research into results, body composition, methods for effective weight loss and gain, dietary supplements, eating disorders in athletes, and the latest trends and myths. All of this can help individuals and groups perform better and smarter, and feel better and smarter. Likewise, it can help you work
  • 14. better and smarter, increasing passive income and career growth opportunities as your client base builds. If 80 percent of physical success comes from the right nutrition, then this specialty is 100 percent logical. To further examine the role of nutrition in sports performance, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) has a 100 percent online Sports Nutrition Specialist training program available at training-course/.
  • 15. Careers as a Biomechanics Specialist Biomechanics is a big deal. Every day, you can witness examples of good biomechanics – the grace and power of your neighbor the cyclist or your grandma who has maintained elegant posture for more than eight decades – and bad biomechanics – people slumped over computers, smart phones and steering wheels as well as athletes’ awkward injuries being replayed over and over in slow motion on TV or online. Biomechanics evaluates the motion and the actions of forces on a body, and its study can help personal trainers, coaches and group fitness instructors elevate their knowledge base and their careers. Human biomechanics and performance come down to how the joints and muscles interact during motion and how the stress upon the joints hinders or helps movement during athletics. A biomechanics specialist brings together knowledge of anatomy and physiology and movement to help athletes find balance, wellness and optimal performance. Career options for biomechanics specialists include: • A personal trainer or group fitness instructor who offers a specialty in biomechanics • Coaches of team sports and individual athletes • Authors and speakers who offer tips on good biomechanics for athletes, people who work in offices, seniors, pre- and post-natal women and other special populations • Physical therapists and/or nurses with a particular interest in sports or biomechanics • Injury prevention or rehab specialists
  • 16. • Former athletes looking to help current athletes train better, smarter, harder and longer • Health club or spa owners looking to add a unique service/specialty in their local market • And more The Biomechanics Specialist training and certification from the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers an online option for career growth in this specialty field at kinesiology/.
  • 17. Careers as a Functional Training Specialist With every year that passes, “functional” becomes more than just a buzz word or hot topic in the fitness industry. Function has become a fact of good fitness, something that is critical to both short- and long-term health and wellness. To help more people train and live better, a functional training specialist hones in on performance and posture, health and wellness. It’s about being safe and effective, smart and strong. Functional training specialists recognize that their clients can still try new and challenging programs and exercises without having to sacrifice safety or quality. Functional training specialists focus on complex, multi-joint movements of the upper body, lower body and core, addressing the entire person rather than just components. A functional training specialist might be a personal trainer interested in the details, a rehab specialist wanting to focus more on athletes, or a group fitness instructor who can now offer more to his or her clients. As a functional training specialist, you must know how to assess clients and find solutions for specific issues, everything from shin splints to rotator cuff injuries to carpel tunnel. Then you can design programs and progressions that improve overall function and wellness, helping individuals or small groups decrease injuries while increasing fitness. To benefit clients, better form and function also leads to better physical appearance. As a functional training specialist, you might work at a gym or health club, a spa, martial arts center, a college, university or high school, on a sports team or as part of a rehab clinic.
  • 18. You might also want to create your own business, offering one-on-one or small group assessment and training or webinars or seminars on functional training for better health. No matter what age or level of clients you work with, functional training is an excellent addition to any program. For more information on working as a functional training specialist or getting certified in this field, you can visit program/.
  • 19. Careers as a Speed, Agility and Quickness Specialist Faster. Sleeker. Stronger. That’s the name of the game in sports today. Speed, agility and quickness specialists understand how to help make athletes stronger, faster and more agile while designing fun, fresh and challenging workouts to boost performance. In an era where every athlete is looking to gain an edge, speed, agility and quickness can make a tremendous difference in training, races or competitions, games and overall performance. This specialty, which can easily be put to use both indoors and outdoors, is also excellent for anyone who focuses on safety and injury prevention or rehabilitation. Trainers and coaches who work with athletes in sports including basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer, track and field, and fighting/martial arts can use this training and knowledge to enhance their clients’ technique and bolster performance with little or no equipment. Even better, gaining a speed, agility and quickness certification is a relatively short-term commitment that can lead to long-term career gains. Great opportunities for using speed, agility and quickness training include: • Coaching youth, teen or adult athletes looking to increase speed and performance • Offering specialized training for triathletes • Martial arts conditioning • Teaching classes with this focus at a gym or health club • Offering one-, two- or three-week pre-season training sessions for local athletes or teams
  • 20. • Creating an at-home personal training business with a focus on speed, agility and quickness • Writing ebooks, books, website content or newsletters on this topic as a way to create additional income • Partnering with local organizations focused on fitness and wellness • Developing webinars or podcasts with tips on increasing speed, agility and quickness for athletes The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers a Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist online training, available at
  • 21. Careers as a Martial Arts Fitness Business Pro Martial arts is more than a workout, more than a self-defense tactic and more than “The Karate Kid.” In fact, martial arts has remained popular through the ages because it combines a little bit of everything: agility, strength, speed, finesse and power. For fitness pros interested in a lucrative, diverse career option, the martial arts also offers a great business opportunity. Working as a martial arts fitness business pro means that you combine the business of martial arts with practical self-defense skills, boot camp intensity, strength training and metabolic conditioning into one successful career opportunity. Ideally, you will find a system that is simple to learn, simple to implement and a simple path to business success in the martial arts field, so it’s important to seek training that incorporates not only the physical aspect of martial arts but also effective business models in this industry. If you’re getting into the business of offering martial arts on a broad scale, you should determine whether you’re going to incorporate sparring techniques into your workouts. These require extra training and more one-on-one guidance. As a martial arts business pro, you can operate or manage a martial arts studio, offer group fitness classes that include a martial arts flair, coach individuals or small groups in these tactics, or provide self-defense classes. Likewise, you can also create podcasts or webinars with this information, bring self-defense seminars to businesses or conferences, create a team that works for you, or offer ebooks or newsletter content on this unique topic.
  • 22. When you find the right martial arts business system and the right training, you can acquire more clients and make more money in less time, even if martial arts isn’t your current area of expertise. The TACTIX program at combines successful business models with self-defense work and martial arts principles and offers an online certification program. You may also consider the MMA Conditioning Coach Certification.
  • 23. Careers as a Cross Training Specialist Cross training is the name of the game today. Athletes who cross train tend to perform better, get injured less often and stay more motivated. Cross training simply means bringing a variety of disciplines into training or exercise routines, so a long-distance runner might practice yoga while a soccer player might take up swimming. Cross training can increase physical capacity and decrease the potential for burnout. As a specialist in the world of cross training, you can adeptly work with a variety of clients from all types of sports, interests and levels. Rather than just focusing on football drills, for example, you can incorporate the latest Pilates principles or even ballet moves that focus on moving with grace into your one-one-one or small group training with athletes. Cross training pros should be well-versed in creating dynamic warm-ups, speed and agility drills, strength and conditioning, cardio and stretching segments. Business opportunities in this niche include: • Creating unique outdoor boot camps that incorporate drills from a variety of sports • Offering niche programs, such as cross training for teens or conditioning for brides, for example • Incorporating cross training into your current personal training, group fitness classes or other work • Operating a studio that focuses exclusively on cross training for individuals or small groups • Writing ebooks on specific topics, such as basketball drills for baseball players or yoga for injury prevention
  • 24. • Creating weekly podcasts on different cross training topics and offering them on your website • And more Your business plans and options can be just as broad, creative and flexible as cross training is. Intense Mixed Performance Accelerated Cross Training, also known as IMPACT, is a group exercise system that trainers can use to leverage their time while helping more people get fit. IMPACT training helps personal trainers create their own fitness business in any 30-foot by 30-foot space. More information on the online training and certification are available at
  • 25. Careers in Muay Thai Fitness As martial arts and mixed martial arts continue to grow in global interest and popularity, so, too, does interest in Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is one of the most effective stand-up fighting systems in the world, and offers a great income opportunity. As more individuals express interest in realistic yet challenging martial arts fitness programs, a focus on Muay Thai is both fluff-free and contact-free, since it utilizes just Thai pads and powerful strikes with the hands, elbows, knees and feet (which is why it’s known as “The art of 8 limbs”). It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to add to a current gym or martial arts center. Even if you have never practiced Muay Thai before, you can learn it the right way, and then teach it the right way, with a Muay Thai Fitness certification, which can be found both online and in person. Muay Thai Fitness is a great option for current personal trainers, Crossfit studio owners, martial arts teachers and schools, boot camp operators and instructors, group fitness instructors, and the owners and managers of gyms and health clubs. It can be taught in both large- and small-group formats or coached one-on-one to individuals looking for a new challenge. Additionally, Muay Thai is also an excellent option for colleges and universities that are looking to offer an effective exercise and self-defense option for students. Likewise, Muay Thai offers a perfect cross training opportunities for athletes in a variety of sports and for current fans of martial arts and/or mixed martial artists. Muay Thai practitioners are strong, flexible, fast and agile. In addition, Muay Thai fitness pros can offer online lessons or workshops, in-person seminars and training sessions or create written materials (ebooks, enewsletters, etc.) with details and workouts. It is a great addition to a current fitness program as well as a great stand-alone option.
  • 26. When it comes to offering a Muay Thai fitness program and expanding your current career, the sky is the limit. For more information on training and obtaining a certification as Muay Thai Fitness pro, you can visit to learn about the online program offered by the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association through trainer Bryce Krause, a professional Muay Thai fighter who has 27 wins and 13 knockouts to his name.
  • 27. Careers as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist From “The Biggest Loser” to every city in America, obesity is a growing epidemic among all age groups. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one- third of U.S. adults are obese, and the estimated annual medical costs of obesity were $147 billion in 2008 in the United States. The incidence of obesity and weight issues continues to rise in every state, which means that lifestyle and weight management specialists are in more demand than ever. In particular, lifestyle and weight management specialists can help their clients with diet and nutrition, stress management, exercise programs, goal-setting and achievement and more, offering holistic assistance to help clients live better, happier and healthier lives. This focus can be a great addition to a career as a personal trainer, gym manager, group fitness instructor, life coach, dietician, coach or other fitness/health-related career. Many people continue to struggle with overeating, body image, emotional challenges with food, digestive ailments, weight management, confusion about nutrition, fatigue, metabolic disorders and other significant food and lifestyle challenges, and a lifestyle and weight management specialist can make a tremendous difference. They can counsel clients on healthy eating, eating out, self-talk, tackling triggers, recruiting support, dietary supplements and fad diets, balancing calorie intake and activity levels, and more. Further, lifestyle and weight management specialists can work with clients individually or in small groups, in person or online or over the phone, year-round or in a shorter time
  • 28. period, offering a flexible, lucrative career option that truly helps to change and improve the lives of others. “I became a NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist because I wanted high-level skills and new career options,” said Joanne Kang of Houston who previously completed the online program. The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers a unique Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist training with a focus on weight management, stress and healthy lifestyles online at
  • 29. Careers as a Sport Yoga Instructor Whether you know your down-dog from your cobra pose or your Lululemon from your Lucy yoga pants, yoga is definitely here to stay. According to the latest “Yoga in America” study from the “Yoga Journal,” more than 20 million Americans now practice yoga and spend a whopping $10.3 billion per year on yoga classes and various yoga products. Nearly 10 percent of U.S. adults practice yoga, and another 44 percent consider themselves “aspirational yogis” or people interested in trying yoga. It may have originated in India, but yoga is a big deal in the United States today. With all of that in mind, there has never been a better time to pursue your dream of being a yoga teacher. Yoga is so beloved for a variety of reasons: It can increase energy and reduce body fat, bolster lung capacity and muscle mass and release tension, support better sleep and eating habits and slow unhealthy thoughts or patterns. There are a variety of styles, from slow, restorative yoga to brisk sport-based vinyasa classes to suit a variety of interests and needs. You can use a yoga certification to supplement any current fitness career, such as work as a personal trainer, Pilates teacher, group fitness instructor, martial arts instructor, gym manager or team coach. Likewise, yoga is well-received today in spas and wellness centers, adding a movement component that goes perfectly with massages, facials and getaways. Yoga stretches can be used as a warm-up for any sport or activity or as an entire workout. Meditation practices, which accompany yoga in most traditions, are also great for preparing for a competition, job interview or big meeting, stressful family situation or just a new week. Once you’re ready to teach, you can use yoga for individual training, small or large group classes, workshops and seminars, themed practices (yoga for cyclists or yoga for anxiety, for example) and more.
  • 30. A yoga certification can be used to bring yoga to businesses or individuals, in studios or in parks. Likewise, a yoga teacher can travel the world and offer classes in vacation retreats since this career path, like most people who enjoy it, is very flexible. And you might have heard of a yoga memoir or two (“Eat, Pray, Love,” perhaps?). You can use your training to create personal literature or training materials for others, and you can also offer yoga classes online through your website. However you choose to use it, the mindfulness of yoga can make you a better teacher, coach or trainer. For anyone interested in pursuing yoga teaching, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers an online Sport Yoga instructor training at
  • 31. Careers as a Pilates Instructor Long, lean and legendary, Pilates instructors are renowned for their grace, strength and versatility. With a focus on the core, Created by former self-defense instructor Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates was recently the fastest growing fitness trend in the world, and millions of people continue to practice Pilates today. As a Pilates instructor, you can teach group classes at health clubs and gyms, spas, community and recreation centers, schools and parks. Likewise, you can also share the unique principles of Pilates through podcasts, ebooks and newsletters, building a subscription base from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Pilates is also an ideal complement to other mind-body teacher training programs such as yoga, barre and tai chi and can help you be a better teacher no matter what format you teach. Cross-training is more popular than ever with athletes, and you can use Pilates conditioning to help train dancers, gymnasts, cyclists, golfers, basketball players – you name it. Popular with celebrities of all stripes, Pilates intimately focuses on posture, which would make you a perfect candidate for training new models, actors, dancers and reality stars hoping to tighten and tone. Private and small group classes, in particular, generally pay very well. With Pilates training, you can also work one-on-one or in small groups with individuals who are recovering from injury, looking to strengthen their back or abdominals, or hoping to build strength and muscle tone. Again, you can offer classes in your home or through a local gym or other organization. If you work in the field of physical therapy or rehabilitation, Pilates is well-recognized for its ability to strengthen the body and restore or build muscle tone and capacity.
  • 32. With its unique focus on core integration, Pilates instructors are also well-versed in body mechanics, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. The Spencer Institute offers a self-paced online Pilates training program, which trains instructors in science, fundamentals and business success. For more information about the Spencer Pilates Certification Program, please visit
  • 33. Careers as a Core Conditioning Specialist Whether it’s part of an apple or part of a person, the core is all about support, stability and structure. The center of the body, the core serves to provide shape, power, control and definition, which is why core training is more popular than ever (not to mention that everyone seems to want stronger, sleeker abs). Working as a core conditioning specialist, then, can offer a wealth of career opportunity and flexibility for anyone who is trained in helping clients hone and tone their core muscles, chiefly the abs, back and gluts. This advanced certification can set you apart in the field and increase referrals and client satisfaction. A strong core is essential for power transfer from the lower to upper body and upper to lower body during every physical activity. A weak core and lack of understanding of how the core functions will affect movement and sports. When you help clients identify and strengthen their core, they will notice the benefits in all areas of their lives. The core helps individuals play sports with more gusto and perform better in competition, but it’s also critical to everyday movement, sitting and overall function. If your core is weak, you will likely have bad posture, muscle imbalances, and various aches and pains. Just as the body’s core is more than just abdominals, so, too, can a career as a core conditioning specialist go beyond just personal training. You can use this training and knowledge to make your group fitness classes more targeted and effective, to offer specialized training for brides-to-be and/or recent moms, to deliver webinars and podcasts with the latest information on core strength, to help young athletes increase strength and power, to create written materials for sale on achieving a stronger core, or to help others recover from injuries and prevent those same injuries from happening again.
  • 34. A core conditioning specialist can work chiefly with this part of the body or combine this knowledge with any other career in fitness or wellness. Advanced specialties can allow fitness pros to charge more and thereby work less. To help more people achieve a strong and sleek core and improve performance, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers online Core Conditioning Specialist training at training-program/.
  • 35. Careers as a Kids Nutrition Specialist Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years, and in 2010, more than one-third of children and adolescents were measured as overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Those statistics present just one of the many reasons that working as a kids nutrition specialist is so rewarding. A kids nutrition specialist focuses on providing nutrition education to kids and families with the aim of increasing proper nutrition and decreasing the growing epidemics of childhood obesity and diabetes. While a kids nutrition specialist provides much of the same information as someone who works with adults, the aim here is to make nutrition fun through games, fun food choices and more. A kids nutrition specialist can help kids overcome objections to certain foods and understand why it is so important to enjoy a balanced diet. Career opportunities in this field include: • Counseling kids and/or families as part of a program through a health club or gym • Working in a school, camp or park setting to make nutrition fun • Creating online games or webinars designed especially for kids • Writing comic books, coloring books or other fun literature focused on kids and nutrition • Offering one-week, one-month or one-year sessions based out of your home • Partnering with other local organizations that focus on kids and health, including pediatricians’ offices, schools, parks, community centers, grocery stores, sports groups and more • Adding a kids nutrition component to your existing personal training or coaching business
  • 36. When you change the life and health of a child, you begin to change the world for the better for years and years to come. Kids nutrition specialists can make a real difference when it comes to combatting the epidemics of childhood obesity and diabetes. To help prepare more people to work with kids on important health and nutrition issues, the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) has developed a Kids Nutrition Specialist program, available online at nutrition-program/.
  • 37. Careers as a Group Exercise Instructor Group exercise has come a long way from Jane Fonda leg lifts and rainbow leg warmers. Today group exercise instructors lead and motivate classes in everything from kickboxing to Zumba, from strength training to barre, focusing on cardiovascular activity, strength conditioning and stretching. All that’s needed to teach is a certification and passion. If you love to dance, you can teach hip hop classes. If you have two left feet, you might focus on a strength class. If you love dynamic, balanced movement, you might instruct powerful classes that combine cardio and strength training intervals. Group fitness classes can also be geared to seniors or teens, for sports training or weight loss, for pre-holiday training or post-baby shape-up – clients love the variety, the challenge, and the great music and great energy that accompany a fun group fitness class. In this creative, flexible field, you can work in a health club or gym, a community or rec center, at a college or university, hospital, country club, resort or spa, or in your home or your clients’ homes. You might teach group classes, you might organize other instructors who teach classes, you might create online classes or DVDs, and you might offer specialized trainings or seminars. Group exercise instructors can help people lose weight and meet goals, boost energy and confidence, try something new, build muscle mass – not to mention have a little fun along the way. Likewise, you can supplement your job as a personal trainer, coach or nutritionist with teaching group fitness classes to provide more well-rounded and fulfilling work.
  • 38. Even better, this field is recession-proof. Even during challenging economic times, jobs in group exercise continue to grow as people turn to exercise for stress relief and an endorphin rush. This field is expected to grow another 13 percent from 2012-2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, after recording double-digit growth over the previous decade. The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers an online Group Fitness Instructor certification program at instructor/.
  • 39. Careers as a Boot Camp Instructor Do you have a booming voice? Love to carry a whistle (or have a loud one of your own)? And do you bring creativity and intensity to the table when it comes to planning a killer workout? If you answered yes, yes and definitely yes, then a career as a boot camp instructor might be a great fit for your skill set and personality. Boot camp instructors can create effective indoor and outdoor workouts that combine cardiovascular exercise, strength training, agility, flexibility, plyometrics and more to help inspire and challenge others. To work as a boot camp instructor, you need the right combination of knowledge, dedication and initiative as well as a certification to provide credibility. Jobs in the boot camp world include: • Teaching group classes, indoors or outdoors, at gyms or community centers, in schools or spas • Working one-on-one with individuals who are looking to take their fitness to the next level • Becoming a coach or trainer for other boot camp instructors • Running seasonal (Turkey Burn Boot Camp, Pre-Bikini Boot Camp, etc.), thematic (Post-baby Boot Camp, Train Like a Soldier Boot Camp, etc.) or special population (Boot Camp for Teens, Boot Camp for Basketball Players, etc.) boot camps • Creating online boot camps with instruction manuals, music and more • Bringing boot camps to schools, clubs and organizations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or other groups that are interested in a challenge and community-building exercise • Operating a vacation boot camp center and getaway that combines a week or two of healthy eating and exercise for visitors (in the dream location of your choice) • Enhancing your current work as a personal trainer, coach or group fitness instructor
  • 40. The opportunities are almost as endless as the number of exercises you can utilize in a boot camp workout. Looking for a boot camp certification to help get you started? The Adventure Boot Camp business system is the world’s largest boot camp business system with more than 400 boot camps now available worldwide. The unique system at was designed to help instructors create effective boot camp workouts and learn effective business models to help them realize financial success.
  • 41. Careers as a Sports Injury Specialist We have all seen the devastating toll that sports injuries can take on athletes. Whether it’s a pulled hamstring, a torn ACL, tennis elbow or even a sprained ankle, sports injuries can slow down or stop professional careers, not to mention the fun that amateur athletes have playing sports. That’s where sports injury specialists come in. A good sports injury specialist can recognize and address a variety of issues, including injuries, aches, pains and chronic misalignment. This expertise helps specialists, trainers and coaches be that much more effective in every client or team interaction, whether it’s working with a 10-year-old recovering from a broken collarbone on a local softball team or a professional athlete trying to get back in the game following a serious knee injury. Careers in this field include personal trainers with a specialty in sports injury recovery and/or prevention, coaches, group fitness instructors, physical therapists or nurses interested in sports, or anyone practicing in the field of sports medicine or sports psychology. Sports injury specialists have a leg up when it comes to clients who are struggling with common ailments or hoping to avoid injuries that can come with age, helping them build a long-term and loyal client base. A sports injury specialist can combine this particular specialty with another career or work solely with sports-related issues from any sport, including basketball, football, track and field, baseball, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, wrestling, soccer, martial arts and more. Likewise, sports injury specialists can be effective in helping clients and athletes deal with issues such as heat and humidity, changes in altitude, asthma and allergies, and other challenging environmental conditions.
  • 42. Other career options in this field include videos and podcasts, ebooks and newsletters, seminars and workshops, and unique specialized training focused on injury prevention and healing. To provide more targeted training on sports injuries for personal trainers and fitness pros, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers an online Sports Injury Specialist training and certification program at
  • 44. Fitness Career Coaching The leading fitness experts and personal trainers know you need the right combination of business skills and personal development training to be one of the best in the industry. We all want to have very successful and rewarding careers. The added income allows you to live life more fully and completely while you have more fun. You can give back to those you truly love and want to support. Also, it’s very important to realize that no level of business training can make you totally fulfilled in life without also having a high level of personal development and leadership skills. Together, business coaching and personal development training are the perfect combination to help you reach your personal, professional and financial goals as a fitness pro. As a special treat for reading this book, I’m going to give you a special offer on fitness career coaching. But first, I want to share with you what you will learn in the JSE Inner Circle: Business and Career Coaching • How to Start Your Fitness Business and Dramatically Expand Your Career • How to Find Your Fitness Niche and Dominate The Marketplace • How to Make Massive Money with Social Media • How to Build Your Personal Brand and Create Awareness • How to Develop a Name for Yourself • How to Market Your Business for FREE Online in over 50 places • How to Create a Huge Buzz for Your Business • How to Get More Quality Clients Who Have Money for Your Services • How to Keep Your Clients Longer • How to Get More Quality Referrals • How to do Effective and Low Cost Online and Offline Promotions • How to Dominate Google, Bing, Yahoo and Other Search Engines • How to Become a Local Celebrity in Your Area • How to Move from Pro to Expert to Authority • How to Save, Invest and Leverage Your Hard Earned Money • Much, Much More Personal Development Training • How to Improve Your Memory to Get More Done • How to Increase Your Learning Speed by 227% • How to Communicate More Effectively for Better Relationships • How to Get More Done With Less Effort While Having More Fun EVERY DAY
  • 45. • How to Increase Your Confidence in Record Time • How to Improve The Quality of Your Sleep & Daily Recovery • How to Increase Your Focus, Clarity and Determination Fast • How to Brainstorm, Make Mind Maps and Create a Road Map for Success • How to Master Goal Setting and Goal Attainment • And…. You Will Learn The Best Practices to Improve Your Success and Fulfillment! Click here to try the JSE Inner Circle Coaching Program for just $1
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