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Canadian pharmacy

Canadian pharmacy



Online Drugstore offer less expensive drugs which are safe and of comparable quality.

Online Drugstore offer less expensive drugs which are safe and of comparable quality.



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    Canadian pharmacy Canadian pharmacy Document Transcript

    • During sexual arousal the penis is usually flooded with blood causing sponge like bodies within the penis to swell and become firm. This is a combination of the affect of physical relaxation and comfort, energetic experiences of connection and love, as well as electric impulses from the brain sending signals to the prostate gland and the penis. Common causes include tiredness, a sense of urgency, heat or cardio-vascular disease, Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, some physical challenges such as obesity or trauma such as prostate surgery and sports injury may also have an affect due to the pain generated when the swelling occurs, or the interruption to nerve channels. Bicycle riding, through compression from the cycle seat, may also have an affect on blood flow capabilities. There are indications that hormonal imbalances and the side affect of some drugs, both prescription and non prescription such as nicotine, alcohol and antidepressants, may have a reduction affect on sexual stimulation and libido as too as too does ageing, through the narrowing of arteries. Quitting smoking or changing your prescription drugs in consultation with your doctor may help. Psychological Erectile dysfunction may occur when there are disconnecting or fearful thoughts that have an affect of reducing the energetic connection to your flow of loving feelings, and these thoughts will also create body tension, reducing the blood flow to non essential organs as a natural response to anxiety. The body hoards blood for immediate use in the brain and large leg muscles during times of tension and stress ready for the fight, flight, and freeze responses. Such thoughts in women may also cause vaginal restriction in the muscles, making penetration difficult and even painful. Having ruled out the medical reasons you can focus on the energetic reasons. Exploring for underlying unconscious thoughts that may be generating anxiety without us being aware of them can be discovered and corrected with care. A skilled therapist will have tools of systematic desensitisation and reframing that will help to re-write the unconscious chatter and replace it with constructive and helpful self talk. If there are medical reasons your doctor may be able to treat those causes and rectify the problem, or prescribe medication such as CANADIAN PHARMACY Cialis or penile prosthetic implants that can help. These medications also have possible side affects so discuss them thoroughly with your doctor or chemist and do not take anyone else’s medication without seeing a doctor first! you can order them BUY VIAGRA save your time and No Prescription is needed.