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Marin Mompreneurs Presentation: April 2010

Marin Mompreneurs Presentation: April 2010



Presentation on Social Networking for entrepreneurs.

Presentation on Social Networking for entrepreneurs.



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  • Specifically, the study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies found that consumers are 67% more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter, and 51% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Facebook . Moreover, they’re 79% more likely to recommend their Twitter follows to a friend, and 60% more likely to do the same on Facebook:
  • Twitter and Facebook serve as that unique intersection between your social and professional lives. They can be valuable business tools or simply a way to stay in touch with family and friends. LinkedIn, however, is all business. In its simplest form, LinkedIn is an interactive resume and Rolodex. In practice, however, it is the online version of the business cocktail party, without the constraints of time or space. You can make introductions, provide a recommendation for those you have worked with in the past, and even ask for help from your network on a pressing question you may have. If you are a professional, own a business, or work in an field you would consider a “career” you should be on LinkedIn.
  • ive tips for local businesses looking to use Twitter TRACK EVERY SALE . Sure, Twitter's relatively cheap, but you still want to know you're getting something for the human effort. Naked Pizza's point-of-sale system codes the origin of every order -- was it from a specific coupon or a box topper? -- which allowed it to calculate that a recent "Tweetie Pie" Twitter promotion, accounted for 15% of his shop's revenue on the day it ran. TWITTER IS NOT FACEBOOK. Twitter is more immediate -- if a person doesn't check their Twitter feed for an hour she could easily miss the message. Berry Chill CEO Michael Farah uses Twitter for real-time communication ("Spotted: Justin Timberlake at Berry Chill!") and Facebook for longer-lead calls to action, like enlisting focus-group volunteers. CREATE A CONVERSATION . Don't blast promotions incessantly. Intersperse them with other nuggets of wisdom or news related to your products and industry or neighborhood. Or, if you have a broader social mission, use Twitter to communicate that. Naked Pizza co-founder Jeff Leach suggests that if these kinds of social technologies become game changers, there may be a day when companies' initial business plans take into consideration whether they have anything worth microblogging. SELL LAST-MINUTE INVENTORY. Twitter's immediacy is its biggest strength -- so use it to pump up business during lulls or discount last-minute unsold goods, said Zack Steven, co-founder o f LocalTwee ps, a local Twitter directory, who caught same-day discounted tickets at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis via Twitter. ALERT FOLLOWERS WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GO. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson likes to point to Kogi BBQ, a Korean taco truck that drives around Los Angeles, alerting its almost 20,000 followers to its current and future locations via a Twitter fe
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  • Groups are key here. Search for relevant groups based on keywords, join the ones that fit your target profile and add value to the network and the conversation. Do not use LinkedIN to sell. Use it to learn, contribute and build relationships. Ask questions and start discussions to find out what prospects really care about and to become more visible. Answer questions that relate to your expertise. Credibility ... not salesmanship ... builds connections. Remember: quality -- not just quantity.
  • hese days participating in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging and more is almost required for any entrepreneur or business, small or large.But there ユ s so much info and chatter coming in through social media that it can overwhelm you, eat up your time, and ruin your productivity.Simplifying will help you stay in touch, and continue to participate in the conversation, without losing sight of your mission and the important work you need to get done. Step 1. Use simple tools to make the most of social media The simpler the tools, the better. But tools that combine two or more social media into one are best, because that means you need fewer tools. An example is TweetDeck - not only does it incorporate Twitter, but you can see your Facebook friends ユ updates at the same time.Another good example is Digsby, which combines email, IM, and social networks such as Twitter , Facebook , MySpace , and LinkedIn .My setup uses Gmail, as it ユ s the communication tool that I use most often. I ユ ve set it up to be my all-in-one inbox: I can Twitter, Facebook, delicious, Flickr, IM and more. You can make Gmail your ultimate productivity center . Step 2. Focus on sending out high impact messages Here ユ s something that many people who use social media don ユ t understand: if you send out too many messages, people might stop following you or might even block you, because you ユ re flooding their inbox.The secret is to try to make every message you send, or at least a high percentage of them, high-impact messages. Examples: share really useful links, news related to your field, things that are really funny or inspirational, or inside information about your business or blog. The key is to make sure almost every message is something that people will want to share with their friends.Limit yourself to high-impact messages to reduce the time you spend communicating. Step 3. Let go of the need to read everything. Learn to scan It ユ s impossible to consume ALL the information that comes at you. It ユ s like trying to drink from a fire-hose ム not only is it a waste of your time, it can be damaging, because you have other important things to do.So be selective. Find sources of information that are valuable. And scan to get the gist of what ユ s going on, instead of trying to read every message. Let go of the need to stay on top of everything. Let it go! And instead, just take a dip in the river now and then. Step 4. Figure out which social media give you the most value, and simplify I recommend trying the main forms of social media, but only for a little while. It doesn ユ t hurt to try them out, but you simply can ユ t keep up with it all, and what ユ s more, it ユ s not the best use of your time. Not all forms of social media are effective for all goals, for all people.Instead, find just one or two or three that are most effective for you. For me, blogging and Twitter are the best. I try to stay in touch with Facebook, but MySpace and the rest are not worthwhile, for me.Your choices will be different. But in the end, be selective and guard your time wisely. Step 5. Form close relationships with people who give you the most value, not everyone I ユ m not suggesting you only follow a handful of people on Twitter or Facebook. But while you can have a large number of friends, you won ユ t have the same degree of closeness with all of them. So find the people who give you the most value ム who share great info, who make you laugh, who inspire you, who give you great suggestions for improving, who help you on a regular basis, who you enjoy talking to. Then focus on building relationships with them. They ユ re worth spending time with. Step 6. Manage your time wisely It can be easy to do social media too much. Find ways to integrate social media activities in your life without them overwhelming the other work you have to do, and your personal life.You can set regular schedules, such as doing it 2-3 times a day at certain times, or 10 minutes every hour, or at certain times when there ユ s a lull in your schedule. But be sure to have boundaries ム the rest of your life should be held sacred too.
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Marin Mompreneurs Presentation: April 2010 Marin Mompreneurs Presentation: April 2010 Presentation Transcript