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LinkedIn to the Max


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Everyone should maximize their LinkedIn profile - whether they are looking for a job or not! Important for personal branding, connections, new opportunities, social media presence.

Everyone should maximize their LinkedIn profile - whether they are looking for a job or not! Important for personal branding, connections, new opportunities, social media presence.

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  • 1. MAKING LINKEDIN WORK FOR YOU Robin Frank Social Media/Online Strategy/Personal Branding 11/2013
  • 2. UPDATE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE Whether you are job hunting or not!  According to LinkedIn, those who list past work experiences on their profile are 12 times more likely to be viewed  You never know what will come your way  Serves as online resume  Keeps you top of mind with your friends and colleagues (connections) – particularly if you post updates 
  • 3. USE A GOOD IMAGE Your photo sends a strong message of who you are  Accurately reflect who you are as a professional  Best photo is a smiling face and a little bit of your shoulders is best  Make sure it isn’t blurry, or grainy 
  • 4. OPTIMIZE/SASS UP YOUR HEADLINE    Most people are only taking a look at your picture and judging the words you have in your headline. You have 120 characters to play with – maximize it. Figure out the keywords your ideal clients use when searching for what you offer. Take your LinkedIn profile/resume or a job description and create a word cloud to find/notice the keywords that show up.  Choose 2 or 3 keywords that best represent your job history, or your ideal job.   Options Use multiple titles – which display the titles someone will search for related to what you do. Use the “|” separator bar between.  Or write a descriptive headline with keywords filtered in.   Watch your “Who’s viewed my profile” stats to see if changes positively or negatively affected your view rate.
  • 5. SKILLS/EXPERTISE When you are endorsed for a particular skill or area of expertise it shows up below your work experience on your LinkedIn profile.  Next to each endorsement you’ll see the number of people that have endorsed you for that skill.  You can go into that area and add or remove skills. 
  • 6. BEEF UP YOUR SUMMARY SECTION   Put your contact info first so people know how to reach you This section has the highest character count - skip the keyword stuffing and TELL YOUR STORY Explain why you do what you do How did you get where you are today? Find a way to explain that concisely in a way that makes you look interesting and motivated. What is your plan for where you want to get to? What is your personal brand about?  Explain what problem you solve and how      Use first tense- I was ….. Not Robeen was… Position your credibility = Provide additional descriptions about your experience, expertise, awards, etc. Get graphic – add links to presentations, videos, and graphics – additional places you can be found online Include links to content that you’ve created (or participated in creating) and display them.  You still have to link to a webpage here. (unfortunately.)   End with a call to action
  • 7. UPDATE YOUR RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Have at least 3 projects related to your desired business and 2 Slidesharepresentations on topics that demonstrate your expertise and insights into industry/client problems.  See it as a timeline of your growth as a professional in your field.  Share a little about each company plus your responsibilities and accomplishments 
  • 8. RECOMMENDATIONS Make some effort here – get at least 5 recs. 10 is optimal.  Add a personal message when you ask for a recommendation.  Offer to write the recommendation for their review.  Look for people similar to you and look for recommendations you find compelling – grab that sentiment when you are creating a rec for someone to post about you.  Be strategic - make sure your recs emphasize different talents and aspects of your skills.  You can choose to hide/display any recommendation 
  • 9. CONNECT With at least 500 if you can.  Don’t let LinkedIn send auto invites. Personalize them.  To send a custom message, you usually have to reach the person's page first. The button in that case is a blue one that says "Connect" in white. 
  • 10. USE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE LINK Use it below your email signature.  While on your LinkedIn profile page, your URL has some strange characters and looks funny - this is not the URL you want to share.  Make sure to use your unique LinkedIn URL when sharing your profile, which includes your name.Look for it under your profile photo: 
  • 11. WHO'S VIEWED YOUR PROFILE?      One of my favorite features on LinkedIn. Great way to get a heads-up about people or organization who are interested in you for some reason. If the person checking out your profile is valuable to you, invite them to connect on LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter. To set up email notifications, go to Settings > Communications > Set the frequency of emails > Notifications > Notifications summary, and turn on daily digest email. If you want to be anonymous when you look at other people's profiles, go to Privacy and Settings > Profile > "Select what others see when you've viewed their profile.” Choose between being identifiable or anonymous.
  • 12. SAVED SEARCHES – GET PROSPECTS SENT TO YOU Use the blue search button at the top of your screen.  Your entire network will then come up. Then, using the advanced criteria either on the left of your screen or by clicking the word “advanced” right next the the same blue button, create a list of people you’d like to prospect.  Click on “save search” at the top right hand side of your screen. Name it very specifically and then choose to get an email once per week.  You will get an email each week with a list of new people who match your criteria. 
  • 13. PROTECT YOUR CONNECTIONS’ CONTACT INFO Nobody feels special when they get a message that was sent to a bunch of other people.  Your connections may be offended when you share their email addresses with recipients they aren’t connected to.  If you send messages to more than one person at a time, be sure to unselect the option that says, “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses.” 