SEO Then & Now - Strategies to Thrive in 2013
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SEO Then & Now - Strategies to Thrive in 2013



Presented at the March 2013 Vancouver SEMPO - SEM Meetup this is an analysis of where SEO has been and strategies to focus on going forward. Emphasis is given on how SEO is transitioning to being ...

Presented at the March 2013 Vancouver SEMPO - SEM Meetup this is an analysis of where SEO has been and strategies to focus on going forward. Emphasis is given on how SEO is transitioning to being integrated into all parts of marketing and the organization as a whole and how to rank the best going forward you need to actually be the best, not just have the best SEO.



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  • You could brute force it with scale rather than quality
  • Like contentit could be brute forced with enough budget
  • If you are doing that stuff STOP! If you are paying for it STOP! If you are selling it STOP!
  • My position is that an SEO can’t just go and “SEO” a site anymore. It’s more than a one person show, it’s deeper and more pervasiveI used to be able to do SEO for you almost on my own. Let me upload content and get a dev to make tech changes and that’s all I need. Now the whole org needs to be on side.
  • Why content last? Unless you are a content provider, in many ways publishing great content is compensating for not being great at something elseBefore, I could make you rank and then you would become successfulNow you do the things that make you deserve to rank, and I can make sure you get there
  • Espinfgraphics. Done to death. Don’t do it or pay for it unless you can do an amazing oneAsk Yourself if you would read it and share it. I do this to clients all the time. Can they honestly say they would take time to read and share this content.
  • Use magazine idea… Looking at back issues of relevant mags to get tested ideas for subjects, seasonality, regular republishing of similar content pieces.
  • Might not only be a source of links but also opportunity to hire guest writers with established authority
  • It’s about how many margin $ you put on the bottom line from organic traffic. This leads to success for your own co, better or longer contracts as a consultant or agency, raises or bigger budgets as an in-houserIf you drive traffic but your UX sucks, the traffic doesn’t lead to sales, you have nothing to reinvest or as a consultant you don’t get renewed. Re-searches might lead to lower rankings. Confusing UX might lead to poor reviews of the site which can affect SERP click thrus. So good UX is SEO
  • Example of a marathon runner. A can fix your broken ankle and that does prevent you from running. If you are overweight and don’t exercise, that’s an overall quality issue that I can’t fix for you overnight. You have to do it and it takes a long timeIf you are an agency selling the old way, you better learn the new. If your agency is still selling the old way (and a LOT are), stop wasting your time.

SEO Then & Now - Strategies to Thrive in 2013 SEO Then & Now - Strategies to Thrive in 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • SEMPO – SEM Meetup March 2013SEO Then and Now - How to Thrive in 2013
  • Who Am I?13 years of online marketing and product merchandizingexperience in e-commerce and affiliate marketingWorked in all facets of online marketing with a focus on SEO,Social, and Content (2 years with Reinvent an in-house incubator for one of thelargest domainers in the world (Run my own Marketing / SEO consulting business
  • What Was SEO? It’s always been about 3 pillars: Technical, Content, andPromotionIt still is, sort of, but what has changed is how we do theabove things
  • What Was Technical SEO?Heavily Optimized On-page CopyKeyword DensitiesTitle tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta KeywordsKeyword Stuffed URLs / EMDsNumber of Words on Page
  • What Was Content?More, More, MoreBlog Posting DailySpinning Variations of ContentContent Optimized for Every Long Tail KeywordBuying in Bulk (TextBroker, Odesk, Interns)Even Markov Chains!
  • What Was Promotion?Paying Link BuildersDirectoriesReciprocal Link Exchanges3 Way Link ExchangesBuying LinksOnline Press ReleasesAsking Webmasters for Links
  • What Was Promotion?Blog CommentingArticle MarketingGuest PostingWidgetsExact Keyword Anchor Text
  • What Is SEO Now?
  • What Is SEO Now? - TheAnimals
  • What Is SEO Now?SEO isn’t an activity, or a tactic, or a strategy. Good SEO isthe outcome of a disciplined, coherent marketing &technology strategy. - Ian Lurie
  • Don’t Suck In order to thrive at SEO you have to actually be great at“something” FIRSTProduct, prices, selection, service, UX, location, contentBefore you start SEO take a long hard honest look at thecompanyYou must have a deep understanding of the company,products or services, customers, etc.
  • What Is Technical SEONow? Still some on-page stuff like title tags and good contentMuch less about on page / on site factorsSite SpeedMobile CompatibilitySemantic MarkupAuthorshipEffective UX/UICrawlability and IA
  • What Is Content Now?Quality over QuantityResearch, DepthAuthority and ReputationVirality (Humor, Controversy)Engagement (Time on page, Social Sharing)Publish as often as you can be GreatAsk Yourself if you would read it and share it. No? Startover.
  • Know Your AudienceWho are they?What’s important to them?Where do you talk to them / find them?What works for your competition? Don’t be afraid to be afast follower for a while.Ask aroundPhone Calls
  • Where Do I Get Ideas?Spy on competitors*BrainstormKeyword researchAsk customers and employeesMonitor social sites*Look at magazines*Mine your site searchGoogle TrendsGoogle analytics
  • What Is Promotion Now? Some older techniques still workJoin associationsContribute to charitiesDonate to or volunteer at schoolsPlain old link requestsPress releases (only genuine and only to get pressattention)Guest posts (themed, relevant, and few)
  • What Is Promotion Now?Social, Social, SocialPublish stuff people care about, then tell them about itSocial signals matter (and will matter more)Social can lead to links or leads
  • What Is Promotion Now? PressYou have to deserve itDo something newsworthyBe able to help with a current eventEase their painContact them with real insight/dataProve that you are an expert
  • What Is Promotion Now?Google web searches, find author and research how to contactHARO (FollowerWonk (part of (national, state, city,regional, local newspapers) (top news websites) (topnews websites)
  • What Is Promotion Now?List of all local NBC stationsList of all CBS affiliatesList of all ABC affiliatesList of all Fox affiliatesGet media / interview training if you have to
  • What is the Goal of SEO?Is it higher rankings?Is it more organic search traffic?
  • What is the Goal of SEO?Is it higher rankings?Is it more organic search traffic?
  • How Do You Sell It?It’s a team effort, holistic, organization wideUnless there is an acute problem you can’t just “SEO” asiteAs SEOs we need to start communicating this to clients orthe C-suiteThere are no quick fixesTo rank first you have to deserve to rank firstTakes a long time and lots of effort (on the site ownerspart)As an SEO/Marketer I can help, but most of it is up to you
  • What Will SEO Be?As an SEO you have to get good at all this stuffGoogle in more verticalsEverything going mobileLocal will continue to growDomain reputation and trust matter more than the exactcontentReputation and authority of the person over the site… and be great!
  • ResourcesSEO Ranking Factors: Title Writing Content Creation Preso Understanding Your Audience Preso
  • Thank You! Rob Woods Twitter: @robdwoods Skype: rob.d.woods 604.374.5312