Active Learning Center Ppt (Clinical Studies)


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This active learnigng activity was created to allow students to explore their skills, abilities, and interests as it could lead to a career. This active learning center uses a skills and interests bulletin in order for the students to follow their skills and interests toward a career cluster. This activity can be adapted to for use without the skills and interests bulletin board. Instruct students to list their skills and abilities on a paper. Next, have the students describe and list possible careers in which the skills and interests they posess would be needed. Instruct students to choose one career. Allow students time to explore and research the career of their choice.

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Active Learning Center Ppt (Clinical Studies)

  1. 1. 9 th Grade Career Exploration
  2. 2.  Using the Skills and Careers Bulletin Board and the website Occupation Outlook Handbook, students will be able to choose a career based on their current skills, abilities and interests and write a one page paper describing the career and how their skills, interests and abilities would be used in this career with 80% accuracy according to the rubric.
  3. 3.  Part 1: Identify with a skill and interest. Follow this skill and interest to part 2  Part 2: Choose a career from the cluster of your skills and interests. Follow to part 3  Part 3: Discover educational requirements and salary ranges for this career.
  4. 4. Students were asked to relate a skill and interest they have to the skills and interest learning center. Once they identified with a specific skill and interest they were asked to choose a career they would be interested in from a career cluster. After choosing a career they discovered educational requirements and salary ranges for that career.
  5. 5. Once the students chose a career, they were directed to the web site in order to research their career. Research included:  Skills and abilities needed  Description of Career  Nature of work  Personal opinion
  6. 6.  Explore the career in Occupational Outlook Handbook  Write a one page paper describing skills needed for this career  Describe the career and the nature of work  Describe how this career interests you with your opinion of this career after learning about it.
  7. 7.  9th Grade  Four sections of Career Exploration 87 students  Half Year
  8. 8.  Allowed students to explore their interests  Described skills and interests leading to careers  Written report proved understanding  Students displayed creativity  Students responded positively toward the activity
  9. 9.  Some time wasted due to allowing students to research on their own  Some confusion with groups viewing the active learning center at the same time
  10. 10.  33 Students 90% or greater  29 Students 80-89%  6 Students 70-79%  9 Students under 70%  10 Students yet to complete
  11. 11.  Small groups at the Learning Center  Introduce and discuss activity before allowing groups to learning center  Help those who need direction with exploring their skills and interests.