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I was asked recently how I might maximise publicity for the 30th anniversary of a local hospice. This is how I went about it. It's a good example of what ImpSMART can offer a small business.

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ELH Presentation

  1. 1. Maximising Publicity th for the 30 Anniversary By Rob Carder for East Lancashire Hospice
  2. 2. Before we begin… • This presentation reflects my ideas based on some research • This needs to be refined, to: • Fully embrace hospice values, strategic plan and objectives • Take account of current and historic communications activity and resources • Understand baseline performance metrics • Engage and involve staff (and volunteers) to tap into their experience, knowledge, creativity, resources and contacts • Develop SMART objectives for anniversary publicity • Develop an appropriate, costed marketing plan that reflects the budget available to achieve objectives
  3. 3. Measuring success • Maximising publicity could be measured by any or all of the following: • • • • • • • • • • Service users Advertising value of printed press stories Google analytics for website Facebook reach Twitter retweets and favourites LinkedIn company page – followers and recommendations E-newsletter sign-ups Event attendance Sponsorship and supporters Volunteers and donations
  4. 4. e.g. Facebook reach Facebook Pages (06/12/13) Hospice Likes Engaged Reach Bolton 1775 879 40.8% St Catherine’s 3613 826 22.9% Springhill 3516 649 18.5% St John’s 2162 322 14.9% Pendleside 1776 218 12.3% East Lancashire 2458 181 7.4% Rossendale 2954 85 2.9% Does not include ‘business likes’ Increasing Facebook Reach • Engaged = max over last month • Engaged = content (post) likes/shares/check-ins • Reach = engaged/likes • Measures effectiveness of communication and interaction • Reflects post regularity and quality • When content goes beyond fundraising activity increases reach • Recognising people’s contribution increases reach
  5. 5. Research: seeking inspiration • • • • ELH website, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter LET website for press coverage of ELH Help the Hospices web resources Searches: 30th Anniversary, ELH History, Lancashire Hospices, Hospices, Charities Commission • My own attitudes: • People are the most important resource • Real stories about real people get messages across best • A celebration is always a good way to maximise publicity!
  6. 6. The 30th anniversary campaign • Themed marketing campaign over an extended period (at least 6 months), centring on Saturday, June 21st 2014 • A major marketing campaign based on this anniversary presents an opportunity to: • Celebrate the hospice and its people • Increase and widen awareness of what the hospice does throughout BwD, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley • Ensure that brand and key messages are coherent, relevant and an integral part of all communications • Improve the consistency and appropriateness of internal and external communication systems • Identify new opportunities and generate leads • Increase volunteer numbers and participation • Increase support and donations
  7. 7. Anniversary logo • Needs to be done professionally!! • Small change to hospice logo to recognise anniversary • Use on for banners, stickers and badges – use at hospice, shops, with donors, volunteers, staff, supporters, etc. • Here’s a couple of ideas:
  8. 8. ‘A string of pearls’ • What it is • Publicity campaign: 30 years – 30 stories • Tell the story of the hospice (the string) through the people (the pearls) whose lives it touches • Emphasis on hospice philosophy and values • Showing what is meant by ‘a special way of caring’ • Starts with the story of Dr Merton Seigleman… • Continues with the stories of customers, their families, staff, volunteers, trustees, partners, donors, etc. • Marking the day: gala celebration event on June 21st
  9. 9. ‘A string of pearls’ • • • • • • • • • • How it could be done Use professional journalist Consult widely to develop candidate list Interviews to develop stories Weekly, throughout the first half of the year Stories can be written, audio, video Every interviewee photographed Print, television and radio, web, newsletter, social media Specific, relevant call to action with each story A commemorative book, or exhibition roadshow?
  10. 10. Gala celebration event • • • • • • • • • Hospice anniversary celebration Saturday June 21st 2014 Dinner and/or show Glen Miller theme? Opportunity to recognise contribution and say thank you Volunteer awards? Opportunity to show ‘A String of Pearls’ to a large audience Major venue, like The Grand, Clitheroe, or a Theatre? Corporate sponsorship for event and awards?
  11. 11. Maximising Publicity th for the 30 Anniversary By Rob Carder for East Lancashire Hospice