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English Drama

  1. 1. “Growing Up” by : Violin Group Agung Gumelar F N Eka Damayanti Gini Hendiani Robby Trenggana F Verra Monica***** Violin Group 1
  2. 2. The Character :Agung Gumelar F : BossA and VenderEka Damayanti : Boss Band WorkerGini Hendiani : GiniRobby Trenggana F :Narator and BacksongVerra Monica : Verra __________________ Violin Group 2
  3. 3. Script “Growing Up”Summary The student, Gini, always wasted her money and bought plenty of luxuries. But oneday, she lost her wallet, and felt very worried . So she began to look for a job to earn herbread. After doing several hard jobs, she was frustrated, and therefore she understood earningmoney was really painstaking, and also understood cherishing what she had was extremelyimportant.Scene I Once upon a tinme at the night market, two students bring a lot of shopping bags, andrun to the vender who sells drinks.Gini : (looking at Verra) The tea is tasted so great at this vender! Do you want to try it?Verra : It sounds great! But I have already bought a lot today. (lifting up the bags) You see… So I have no money to buy anything else.Gini : Come on! Don’t ruin my happy mood. Let me treat you! Excuse me, give me two drinks!Vender : OK! Here you are. They are Rp. 10.000.Gini : Hey! What smell is so great!? Let’s go to buy hamburgers.Verra : …. (worried)Eka : Emh, She is very waste. She think her money will not used up.Scene IIAT THE DORMITORY – MORNINGThe alarm clock is ringing; Gini and Verra get up.Verra : Good morning, Gin!Gini : Hmmm… It’s time to eat breakfast. Let’s go! Violin Group 3
  4. 4. (Rick puts on her clothes and pants ,and wants to take out his wallet.)Gini : (very anxious) My wallet is disappeared! It should be in my pocket. Jack, do you see it?Verra : No. It was still in your hand last night, wasn’t it?Gini : Yes… But… I don’t know. Could you help me find it?Maybe it is in the room.(Gini and Verra look for the wallet carefully in the room. But they don’t find anything.)Agung and Eka enter.Gini : Eka, do you see my wallet?Eka : Emh, No. I’m Not see.Gini : Agung, dou you see my wallet?Agung : I’m not see. Maybe you forget to save it.Verra : I guess that you lost it at the night market.Gini : Oh, my god! All my money is in the wallet. I can’t live without it!Verra : You may talk the thing with your parents. They will give the money you need.Gini : It’s not a good idea. My parents will kill me if I ask for money again.Verra : And how about your bank account? You have some money there…Gini : I spent them last week…Verra : (surprised) So, you are broke now!Gini : You are right…Verra : Gosh…Gini : Well… we go to class first… It will be solved. Ha ha ha… Although Gini had lost her wallet, but shi still thinks that everything will be back.After in the class, Verra sits on the chair. Suddenly, Gini brings a lot of newspapers , andcomes to Verra.Verra : You say you have an answer to solve the problem?Gini : It is easy, ok? Look at these. I can find a part-time job , and earnback the money I need.Vera : Are you sure it’s easy to get a job?Gini : Take it easy! Who I am! I have already made a phone call to a boss who needs workers. As long as I do my best, the money will come back to my pocket.Verra : I hope so… Violin Group 4
  5. 5. Gini decide to look for a job. Because she believe it can get the money. After Giniarrive at the factory. She looks All the workers are working hard. Gini enters.Gini : (to a worker) Excuse me, where is the boss? I come here for a job interview.Worker: He is over there.(points to the man who wears high rank uniform)Gini : (walking to the boss) Excuse me.Boss A : Yeah?Gini : I’m here about the job you advertised in today’s paper.Boss A : (looks him over) You look like a student. Our work is very hard. Are you sure to join us?Gini : Hey! Don’t belittle students. I am full of energy! You don’t need to worry about me.Boss A : I know. O.k. You can start to work. Good luck! Gini thinks that it is easy to get a job. She looks a little cocky. But she starts the jobslike carrying heavy package. It’s very hard. Poor Gini looks a little tired.Gini : (a little angry) What a hard work it is! To do this! And to do that! The boss treats me as a superman? Or hoax me!? (The man who is also a worker walks through the place where Gini is.)Worker: Hey! Chick! Why don’t you go home to drink milk? Look, your stupid face…makes me angry… Get out of here!!Gini : (unhappily) You are so rude! Gini and the worker give each other a mad glance, they almost fight. But the bosslooks at them and looks unhappily.Boss A : (shouting) You two!! What the hell are you doing!!Gini : It’s all his fault.Boss A : Shut up! You should reflect back your behavior.Gini : What!? It is so unfair! I…I quit now!Gini takes off the working uniform and leaves away. Finally, Gini lost her job. But she try to look for another job. She choice too work atthe shop. When at the shop, Gini and Boss talk about the work.Boss B : Your job is to clean the shop. It’s very important. I hope you can do this carefully.Gini : It’s sound very easy. No problem, my dear boss. Gini starts her new work. She mops the floor , and then cleans the window. Her actionis very quickly. Soon, she finishes the work. When Gini takes arest, the boss comes in. Violin Group 5
  6. 6. Gini : My dear boss, I have finished my job. You can take a look.Boss B : Let me see… (examines very carefully) Are you sure you have already done the job well? (unhappily)Gini : What do you mean?Boss B : Look here! Here still has some dust.Gini : Just a little and nobody can find it.Boss B : And there is not neat and tidy. And…Gini : You are a hardhead!Boss B : You say what!!? Y…you get out of here!!Gini : What!? For the second time, Gini has lost job again. And outside office, Gini thinks a lot.She looks very worried.Gini : All work is the same, boring and terrible. What can I do… How about to start a business by myself!Scene VIIN THE STREET Gini plays the flute. The performance is great, but nobody stops their steps to watchthe performance. Suddenly, one man throws something in the bowl which is in front of Gini.Gini : (very happy) Great!! This is my first payment… What!? It’s garbage!! Oh my god.Scene VIIAT THE DORMITORY – MORNINGThe alarm clock is ringing; Gini and Verra get up.Verra : Good morning, Rick!Gini goes to check her wallet as soon as he gets up.Verra : Hey! Why you are so nervous?The wallet is still in Gini’s pants.Gini : Thanks god! I dreamed of a terrible dream.Gini tells Jack about her dream.Verra : A lot of work, an picky boss, and the garbage instead of the reward. It’s really terrible. Violin Group 6
  7. 7. Gini : Yeah…But therefore, I understand how hard it is to make money. I won’t waste money any more.* The conclusion : Actually, that is just a dream, but finally, Gini aware of all her mistakes. Through herdreams, she promised not to waste the money. -THE END- Violin Group 7