Empower Network Scam- A Real Review


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Empower Network Scam- A Real Review <a>Empower Network Scam</a>

Is Empower Network a scam? Uncover the truth in this Empower Network Review

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Empower Network Scam- A Real Review

  1. 1. robbycox.com http://www.robbycox.com/empower-network-review-is-empower-network-a-scam/Empower Network Review >> Is Empower Network ASCAMYou probably found this Empower Network Review because youseen a lot of buzz on the internet about the Empower Network andwanted to see if it was worth it or just a scam.I trust after reading my Empower Network review, you will be able tomake an informed decision on whether or not to get involved with theEmpower Network.Empower Network Review: What is the Empower Network?The Empower Network, in it’s simpliest form, is a powerful blogging platform that uses Word Press.It is one of the most powerful blogging platforms that I have ever used. It is loved by the searchengines and currently has an Alexa ranking of 990. If you write a good keyword researched post,chances are that you will rank on the first page of Google within days. ( This has been myexperience)The Empower Network also provides top notch training on how to make money by blogging. If youhave ever considered creating a blog, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to setup. The Empower Network blog is already set up and ready to go right out of the box. No need toworry about hosting, installing Word Press script, adding plugins and other technical challenges.To see it in action, take a look at my Empower Network blog: http://empowernetwork.com/robbycoxEmpower Network Review: How To Make MoneyOne of the main benefits that I want to stress in this Empower Network Review is how to makemoney using the Empower Network Blog. You can have your own Empower Network blog for only$25 a month, which includes your own blog,complete with hosting, sales videos, capture pages withthe ability to capture your own leads and fast start training that teaches you how to make moneyblogging.The Empower Network compensation plan allows you to make 100% commission from anyone you
  2. 2. introduce to the Empower Network. Simply put, this means that your blog will be paid for by justhaving one person sign up. The HUGE benefit is that this is residual income, meaning that you arepaid 100% commission EVERY month. Watch This VideoThere are also a couple of (optional) upsell products you can buy. These are not necessary,however, if you want get more in-depth training and earn more money, you will want to considerpurchasing.Empower Network Inner CircleA set of audio interviews uploaded 3 times per week from members who are making 6 figures ayear for $100 a month. You can download to your ipod or listen to in your car.Costa Rica Mastermind IntensiveA $3,000 training program by David Wood including 11 hours of videos for a one-time fee of $500.If someone you referred purchased all of the upsells, you could earn $625 up front with a $125
  3. 3. recurring monthly commission.Empower Network Review: How It WorksA very important thing to realize in this Empower Network Review that I want to point out is that thisis not a get rich quick scheme. It does involve taking daily action. Here is the basics of what youneed to do to succeed: Go through the fast start training, decide on a niche to blog about, and blogevery day. How To Use The Empower Network To Get ResultsEmpower Network Review: My Search Engine ResultsHere is one example of the effectiveness of my Empower Network blog. Almost immediately afterposting, I ranked several highly competitive buying keywords on page one of Google for mykeywords.atlanta sms 27,600,000atlanta text marketing 6,010,000atlanta sms marketing 1,420,000Empower Network Review: Final ThoughtsThe Empower Network in my opinion is not a scam. It is a legit blogging platform with useful trainingon blogging. My results from blogging with the Empower Network have been great. It requires notechnical skills to create your blog. You can begin blogging immediately. If you are looking for a wayto make money blogging, I highly recommend joining the Empower Network.I hope this information included in this Empower Network Review was helpful in answering yourquestions about the Empower Network.