Advantages of social bookmarking


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What are the advantages of social bookmarking?
Social Bookmarks are considered great backlinks in the eyes of Google. The more you have the better chance you have to rank on the search results.

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Advantages of social bookmarking

  1. 1. Advantages of Social Bookmarking – Blog Traffic Lesson 5Todays lesson 5 in the Blog Traffic Training Series is on A d v ant a g e s of S o ci al B o o k m ar kin g .These are the strategies and tips that I use to drive traffic to my blog.What are the advantages of social bookmarking?Social Bookmarks are considered great backlinks in the eyes of Google. The more you have the better chance you have torank on the search results.There are many other ways to get backlinks including …Article back links, blog back links, authoritative site back links…However, today, G o o gle i s lookin g for s o ci al m edia b a c k link s .This is a great strategy to do on top of what ever method you are using to drive traffic to your blog since it’s so easy to do…One of the ways I create backlinks is using a tool called Social Monkee. For a one-time fee of $7, you can syndicate yourblog to 25 sites every day. After using Social Monkee’s basic level for six months, I upgraded my membership. There isalso an affiliate program you can participate in if you choose.Watch the video below on how to use Social Monkee to create social bookmarking backlinks.Social Bookmarking – Social MonkeeYou can pick up the awesome tool in today’s video by clicking here!This is one of the easiest tools that I use for SEO. You do not have to setup any accounts and it’s easy to submit your URLthrough Social Monkee.I recommend that you use this on every blog post you create.
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