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Presentation 2 for Tom Klinkowstein's Directed Research Class, Pratt Institute in New York City. Summer 2012.

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Presentation 2

  1. 1. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC S2500 B.C. • The abacus is invented in Sumeria. 1861 • Chadwick publishes a list of the collection of games played, outs, runs, homeruns and825 A.D. • Persian mathematician Muhammad strike outs for prominent players on bigger ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi popularizes the clubs. It is the first database of its kind. decimal point. 1867 • Chadwick creates the box score, borrowed1857 • Early sportswriter Henry Chadwick, from the scorecard in cricket. the “Father of Baseball” switches from • Chadwick creates the abbreviation “K” writing primarily about cricket to baseball for strikeout. for the newspapers he works for, and • Chadwick creates the statistical begins to keep track of individual players’ measurements Batting Average (BA) for achievements to provide numerical hitters and Earned Run Average (ERA) evidence of which players helped or hurt a for pitchers. They are the considered the team to win. defining stat of a player for the next 100+ years, and are still popular today.
  2. 2. Boxscore from 1876
  3. 3. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC S1912 • The National League begins keeping 1951 • Hy Turkin publishes The Complete Encyclopedia official record of ERA. The American of Baseball. It is the first book of historical League does the same soon after. Earlier stats and figures. ERA statistics are available, but were calculated many years after the fact. 1964 • Johns Hopkins engineering professor Earnshaw Cook’s book Percentage Baseball is1947 • Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager released. It is one the first highly analytical Branch Rickey hires Allan Roth to be the and scientific baseball publications to gain first full-time team statistician on an MLB national media attention, but the book was team. The two develop the formula for On not accepted by most baseball associations. Base Percentage (OBP), which calculate how often a batter gets on base by any means (not 1969 • Macmillan Publishing published its first just with a hit like with BA). Baseball Encyclopedia, which was the first time a computer had been used to compile stats.
  4. 4. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC SEarnshaw Cook “Percentage Baseball” cover
  5. 5. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC S1977 • Historian and baseball writer Bill James 1994 • The Sabermetric Manifesto, an essay by David releases the first annual copy of The Bill Grabiner, is published. James Historical Baseball Abstract, and James coins the word “sabermetrics” after the 1996 • Baseball Prospectus, an organization Society for American Baseball Research, devoted to the sabermetic analysis of baseball, SABR, which scientifically analyzes and is founded. The organization publishes an studies baseball statistics. The Historical annual book by the same name which consists Baseball Abstract was published annually of advanced analysis and history. until 1988. James’ work is the basis of all modern sabermetrics. 2000 •, the defining source for stats on every player in team in every major1988 • Total Baseball becomes the primary baseball and minor league in history, is launched. stats encyclopedia, using more sophisticated software that Baseball Encyclopedia.
  6. 6. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC SThe Historical Baseball Abstract Home Page
  7. 7. A BR IEF HIS TOR IC A L TI M ELI N E of BA SEBA L L S TATIS TIC S2003 • The book Moneyball is published. It is the story of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, and the team’s sabermetic, analytical approach to assembling a competitive baseball team despite Oakland’s disadvantaged revenue situation. They were the first MLB team to build a team with primarily sabermetric analysis, and were so successful that it is now used in every Major League front office. The movie came out in 2011.2005 •, another sabermetic Moneyball Book Cover & Movie Poster analysis website, is founded.
  8. 8. CU R R E N T V ISUA L S in BA SEBA L L TODAY Online Game Cast
  9. 9. CU R R E N T V ISUA L S in BA SEBA L L TODAYPitchf/x Chart Showing A Pitcher’s outing
  10. 10. CU R R E N T V ISUA L S in BA SEBA L L TODAYA Typical Graph on Baseball-Reference.Com, Showing a Team’s Batting Stats
  11. 11. CU R R E N T V ISUA L S in BA SEBA L L TODAYA Scorecard, Usually Done While At a Game