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How to make money online

How to make money online



Don't miss this. It can change your life for ever

Don't miss this. It can change your life for ever



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    How to make money online How to make money online Document Transcript

    • ==== ====Hello, looking to make money online? Click the link.www.robnelsononline.com==== ====When youre looking for ways to make cash online, one type of opportunity that is all-but-guaranteed to pop up is performing paid surveys. Honestly, if you join the right mailing lists orinput your e-mail address into a form on certain websites, your inbox will be flooded withopportunities to join a paid survey program. So, while the opportunities to perform paid surveysare abundant, is the paid survey model a good way to make cash online?In order to answer this question, its important that you understand what paid surveys are and whythey exist. Now, you likely to have a general idea of what surveys are but unless youve alreadyfilled them out for money, all you have to go by is the hype that you read and e-mails and websitespromoting paid survey websites. In this case, hype and reality can differ significantly.The different types of paid surveysThe idea behind a paid survey is very simple -- a company pays you to answer questions. Now,beyond that simplicity, things do get a little bit more complex, depending on the company thatyoure working with. Some companies, rather than paying for each individual survey that theyreceive, opt to pay in the form of a cash drawing, or a "prize pot". In these cases, once you fill outa survey and submit it to the company, your name will be placed with other names, and the winnerwill receive cash while the others who participated in the survey will likely receive nothing.If you want to make a lot of cash online, the hope of payment really isnt anything to get excitedabout. However, there is another type of paid survey, and that is a survey that will guaranteepayment for the completion of a survey so you dont get payed by luck.These types of paid surveys, generally speaking, allowing you to answer questions for a companyand receive a paycheck in anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The big problem is marketers andwebsite owners who promote paid survey programs almost always grossly overstate the possibleearnings. If you look at paid surveys as a whole, the average pay per survey is a few dollars up to$20, and the length of time required to complete can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes ormore. Paid surveys are not a fast cash solution, nor are they typically large moneymakers. At mostyou can expect to make $100 a week.Its unfortunate that marketers have painted paid surveys in the way that they have, becauseperforming surveys are a good way to make cash online. It is a legitimate business model, and yesyou can get paid for answering questions, but at the end of the day the earnings, and earningspotential, just doesnt live up to all the hype.The bottom line is....Yes it is possible to make cash online doing paid surveys. But, dont expectto make a full-time income.
    • ==== ====Hello, looking to make money online? Click the link.www.robnelsononline.com==== ====