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Substance Abuse Power Point 1
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Substance Abuse Power Point 1


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Worked on this with 2 other people for my Business Supervision Class. I will complete the 1yr certificate in Small Business during the summer semester of 2010.

Worked on this with 2 other people for my Business Supervision Class. I will complete the 1yr certificate in Small Business during the summer semester of 2010.

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  • 1. How is affects employee and supervisor
    Substance Abuse
  • 2. Employees' will have overbearing stress and trouble in their personal life at some point.
    Some of these employees will turn to drugs or alcohol to face the problem.
  • 3. Every business must address this issue and have options available to its employees.
    Educational efforts such as D.A.R.E were put into place for students with the same concept.
    The same educational effort should be included as a deterrent in company training.
    Substance Abuse is a reality
  • 4. An employee
    Your co-worker
    The employer
    The customer
    Who does Substance Abuse Affect?
  • 5. Productivity loss
    Cost to company
    Danger to co-workers and the employee
    Loss of respect from peers
    Trust among peers and from supervisor
    Damaged reputation
    Risk of termination
    Problems Substance Abuse Causes
  • 6. Implement a detailed drug free workplace initiative
    Offer EAP assistance to employees
    Require mandatory drug testing randomly
    What Steps can be Taken?
  • 7. People become worn down physically and emotionally from life's challenges
    Normal behavior deteriorates
    User becomes defensive and angry over small issues
    Trouble coping with day to day issues
    Effects on the substance abuser
  • 8. How the supervisor handles a substance abuser is critical
    Jumping to a conclusion and offering no help is counter-productive
    Get information
    How is the employee behaving?
    Get accounts on changes in attitude
    Confront employee in a professional manner and have a witness
    Work with employee to get help
    Offer EAP assistance
    Assure that if the employee gets help, they will have a job when they are back on their feet (within reason)
    What is the Supervisor to do?
  • 9. Employees who are normally productive and are going through a rough patch have assistance available to them.
    EAP offers a hand to those who need help getting back on track with their lives through counseling.
    Help is available !!
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