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  1. 1. Jay, Usually when people ask me to tell them the pages I tell them to go read... But you the man so here goes.....1. Where do you find the guaranteed promise of permanent abstinence written inthe BB? What page is it on? Does it precisely say this -- or is it a conclusion thatyouve reached?PXXX... The book says, The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence. Aswe know its a suggestive program, not a program of suggestions. (must words)P33...There must be no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion thatsomeday we will be immune to alcohol..P17.. The book offers a common solution, and how after following clear cutdirection we can solve the drink problem.Original pre amble reads: The only relief we have to offer is absolute (brought to anend, complete) abstinence, the second meaning of A.A.2. What is it that you are referring to as being "recovered" from? Is it drinking? Is italcoholism? What is it specifically and precisely?We have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. This describesalcoholism! Physical allergy and mental obsession is alcoholism. We have recovered(gained ones health and state of mind back) The word alcoholic means someonewho is dependant upon alcohol, that’s why we have recovered from the malady, orthe illness as we have come to believe. The drinking is but a symptom.3. Is there one simple sentence in the BB that supports and describes the thing thatyou are "recovered" from?PXiii.... We, OF Alcoholics Anonymous, are more than one hundred men andwomen who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mindand body. To show other alcoholics PRECISELY HOW WE HAVE RECOVEREDis the main purpose of this book.4. I agree that there are references to "recovered" in the book, and I also believethat they are being mis-interpreted...a. The title page mentions (of the First Edition BB), 100 men that have recovered.What is the primary common problem that all alcoholics share -- that they arerecovered from?? The common problem is alcoholism, described as a hopeless state of mind and body. P22explains the difference between the heavy drinker and the real alcoholic. When you take the firstdrink can you stop! Then the book says you are probably alcoholic. ( someone who is dependentupon alcohol)b. Why would the new prospect even consider picking up the BB? What problem does he have...that he already knows that he has... that he wants a solution for?By the time a 12 step call is made, all is not well with the person. He knows he has a problemwith alcohol! He doesn’t know what the problem is, but he knows something is not right. P89..
  2. 2. You can help when no one else can.... The man is obviously drinking too much, P90 if he doesnot want to stop don’t waste time trying to persuade him.. By telling him our story we begin togain his confidence, as we talk about the (p92) hopelessness of alcoholism (hopeless state ofmind and body) (p92) because we offer a solution (solution means the act of solving a problem,that being alcoholism in this case)c. Why would he say "100" when later, he admits, there were barely 60 of them?I cant comment on this, what I can say is 60/100/a million does it matter? The third alcoholic(Bill/Bobs first attempt) recovered immediately (pxvii) he became AA number three.. That’s allthat matters to me....d. Why in the Dr.s Opinion, does Dr. Silkworth write "appeared recovered?"The medical fraternity cannot professionally diagnose that someone has recovered from anillness with hard core medical proof such as x-rays or a blood test etc. With our disease there isno such evidence. Hence he said they seemed to have recovered, because if they drank theywould be back to the doctor saying you said he had recovered. The medical fraternity are stillbaffled by alcoholism. I taught at 2 hospitals in Dallas and was the main speaker at HBOs filmpremier of addiction, above 4 doctors and 2 scientists.... We know about our disease...e. On page 85, why does it warn us of alcohol being a subtle foe... and mention that we are notcured... if we are already recovered? And, is this before or after the written guarantee ofpermanent abstinance?Recovered: to get back or regain (something lost or taken away): to recover from an illness.Cured: a method or course of medical treatment, as for disease etc... (medical not Spiritual, hencewe are never cured because a doctor cannot give us treatment, only we can)The book says "entire abstinence" This is needed to recover, and have the spiritual awakeningguaranteed in step 12...f. Page 135, near the bottom... What was Bill referring to when he wrote: "his more seriousailments were being rapidly cured." ?This is being told in the third party sense, therefore the wife sees these changes as being curedbecause they know no better. Ailment: a physical disorder or illness, esp. of a minor or chronicnature.. So the wife sees him rapidly getting better, and she sees him as cured.. We knowbetter....g. On page 20: "What is it referring to when Bill writes of "If you are an alcoholic that wants toget over it"? Is it a hopeless condition of mind and body... that they new guy probably stilldoesnt admit... or is it his "drinking problem"?The new guy doesn’t know what he is suffering from, all he knows is he has a drinking problem.He will understand as he reads the first 164 and gains a full knowledge of his condition.The drinking problem is only the symptom.. The hopeless condition is the disease. P23: Themain problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind rather than his body. Hence why a vitalspiritual experience/psychic change is needed..."Doubtless you are curious to discover how and why, in the face of expert opinion to thecontrary, we have recovered from a hopeless condition of
  3. 3. mind and body. If you are an alcoholic who wants to get overit, you may already be asking—“What do I have to do?”h. On page 133, the following is written just as it was in 1938/1939... at the same time that thetitle page was written, and the Forward to the First Edition was written:"Page 113:If he is enthusiastic your cooperation will mean a greatdeal. If he is lukewarm or thinks he is not an alcoholic,we suggest you leave him alone. Avoid urging him tofollow our program. The seed has been planted in hismind. He knows that thousands of men, much like himself,have recovered."Keeping in mind, that this was written BEFORE the book went to print... who are the "thousandsof men" that have recovered???? Surely, they couldnt be in AA, Bill said there was only 100 inthe Fellowship... at the beginning of the book... and later Bill admids that even the 100 was anexageration.So the question: "Who are the thousands of men that have recovered, that Bill was referring to?"I cant answer this question, because I wasn’t around at the time. Hearsay is all we have.And, finally,i. Last question: On Page 133, here we find a unique explanation from Bill, as to "who haveRECOVERD"... in regards to describing what is meant when Bill uses the word "RECOVERED"Bill precisely writes the following:"We, who have recovered from serious drinking,are miracles of mental health."Bill states "we have recovered from... serious drinking" And, he regards "recovered from seriousdrinking" as miracles of mental health.This to me, would clearly indicate, in context to all other references of Bill using the words:Recovered, recover and recovery... (even the recovery used on page 85) as "recovered fromserious drinking." And, if the alcoholic has "recovered from serious drinking" -- it simple meansthat he is no longer "seriously drinking."When we take the symptom out of the illness, we no longer have the ammunition to feed thedisease.. Without a symptom we do not suffer from the dependency on alcohol. The symptombeing the drinking. When we remove this symptom we can then be free to treat the disease.Remember the alcoholic definition is someone who is dependent upon alcohol! So yes we have
  4. 4. recovered from a serious drinking problem (the symptom) and now through a Spiritual way oflife we can recover from the disease..The book was released for the general public to read, and its my opinion they tried to explain in afew different ways, and we being alcoholics, knowing we have recovered still want to try messwith it and pull it to pieces. It doesn’t really say this and that, well actually it does...Lauren found her dream laptop. Find the PC that’s right for youLauren found her dream laptop. Find the PC that’s right for