The 36th CRG and Philippine Relief Effort


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The USAF has developed a unique force package called the crisis response group, which is designed to fly to the challenge of building infrastructure to allow for the throughput of airpower to follow. This is done for both Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief missions and to support military operatons.

In the recent Philippine relief effort, the USMC and the 36th CRG worked closely together at the Tacloban Air Base to put in place an infrastructure to support broader relief efforts, and then within two weeks left to allow the civil authorities to take full charge of the efforts.

In an interview we did with Col. James from AFPAC, the Col. highlighted the central role of the CRG in the USAF role in the Philippine relief effort.

“They deployed to Tacloban and worked to open up the airport to become capable of flowing in support capabilities. They had to set up air traffic control support; they had to work to extend the runway from 4500 feet to more than 8000, they worked with the Filipinos to make sure the kind of safety equipment we needed to maintain sortie rates was available to ensure safety and security. They also focused on getting in the machinery which can facilitate offloading of supplies.
Getting a forklift into play was important as well.”

In these slides, the basic structure of the 36th CRG is outlined along with some of its recent activities.

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The 36th CRG and Philippine Relief Effort

  1. 1. 36 CRG = 4 Squadrons + 2 RTCs 5 Distinct Missions 644 CBCS Deployable Comm - Secure / Non-Secure -- Voice -- Data - Support 1,200 users - 3 Packages AirbaseOpening/HADR RED HORSE Combat Comm Regional Training Ctr Building Partnership AEF/12- to 48-hr response 554 RHS Prime BEEF Plus: - Cradle-to-Grave Eng - Heavy Equipment - K-Span - Water Well Drilling - Air Assault - Silver Flag Enabler/Deployment response varies with COCOM needs 36 MRS Airbase Opening - Airfield Assessment / Surveys - Aircraft MX / Loading - Airfield Ops/BOS - POL / Supply - Pavement Analysis Enabler/12-hr response 736 SFS HQ A-Staff - C2 Leadership / SAA - Plans - Intel / OSI - Medical - Contracting / Finance Enabler/12-hr response Integrated Defense - Mounted / Dismounted - Lethal / Non-Lethal - Electronic Sensors - Airborne Insertion - Commando Warrior Enabler/12-hr response Integrity - Service - Excellence 1
  2. 2. 36th Contingency Response Group Highlights Strategic Partnerships:  Australian CSG interaction through series of Precision Support (RAAF) exs, COPE NORTH and JCS ex Talisman Sabre  USMC interaction and interoperability (MAG-12, MWSS 171) Forager Fury, 2012 / 2013  ROKAF/USFK Coord via ex KR, UFG and ROK ATSP ex  PACOM/J4 proposed CRG surveys of AOR airfields  Silver Flag (CE) and Commando Warrior (SFS) training Dets growing expertise across PACOM. Perfect vehicle for BPC/SFA with coordinated AFSAT authorities. Scalable Expeditionary Combat Support  e.g. JTF POTUS Support 2012 and 2013 Capabilities           Under Development      Construction of Pacific Regional Training Center campus Air Advisor certification Replacing / improving training venues lost due to deployment of theater missile defense Deconfliction of eventual USMC relocation move to Guam. Shifting training to develop capabilities that will be interoperable with RW platforms Rapid Deployment: 12 Hours Scalable CR Force / Capabilities Operate in Austere Environment Self-sustained for 5 days Internal contracting & paying agent Airfield Assessment Initial C2 / Force Protection / Air Mobility Support / Airfield Ops / Force Health Protection / Airbase Support Limitations        No Organic CFR or EOD Limited CBRNE (no decon) Force Protection: only on runways / taxiways / parking / CRG beddown Working MOG 1/24 or 2/12 Full Open the base capability (2/24) reqs augmentation in aerial port, ATC (STS), Mx, Wx, & Mob C2 Sustained Ops:  Require re-supply after 5 days  45 days max (designed) One set of UTC equipment for deployment and training Integrity - Service - Excellence
  3. 3. Recent Mission Highlights      POTUS support—Deployed 84 personnel, airfield ops/C2 to 4 locations Tinian/Saipan Airfield Surveys—Assessed PACOM options for LZ/DZ operations TALISMAN SABER 2013—Deployed 72 personnel for combined ABO ops w/ RAAF 554 RHS AEF deployment—Led joint effort repairing or building airfields and infrastructure COPE NORTH 2013: HA/DR exercise supporting 40 JASDF/RAAF/USAF tactical airlift sorties Integrity - Service - Excellence 3
  4. 4. Coalition Partnerships RAAF   Ex COPE NORTH ‘13, Guam (382 ECSS) Ex TALISMAN SABRE ‘13, Australia (CSG) ROKAF      Ex KEY RESOLVE, Korea Ex ULCHI FREEDOM GUARDIAN, Korea Ex FOAL EAGLE, Korea ROKAF ATSP Ex, Korea Ex COPE NORTH ‘13, Guam JASDF  Ex COPE NORTH ‘13, Guam Other Nations       Thailand Airfield Assistance visit (RTAF) Katmandu Airfield SMEE Nepal (NAAS) Ex AERO INDIA, India PACANGEL (Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka) PACUNITY (Philippines) Ex BALIKATAN (Philippines) Integrity - Service - Excellence 4