An Update on Airbus Military Training Programs, May 2013


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An Update on Airbus Military Training Programs, May 2013

  1. 1. Training and Aircrew OperationsMay 2013Ian BurrettHead of Training and Aircrew OperationsAirbus Military Customer Services
  2. 2. International team of instructors from Airbusand Airbus Military: know-how and bestpractice applied to Military Aircraft trainingAccess to A400M and M&L FAL and FlightLine for practical hands-on and flighttraining.Airbus Military TrainingEASA Certified TRTO (JAR FCL-1)EASA Certified MTO (Part 147 )
  3. 3. Integrated Training & Ops Support ConceptInternationalTraining Centre(ITC Seville)NationalTraining Centres(NTCs)Operational Support Services• Customer Location• Remote SupportPromoteOperational SafetySpreadBest PracticeMulti-lateralCooperationNationalTraining Centres(NTCs)NationalTraining Centres(NTCs)
  4. 4. Airbus Military Training Network 2013Training Devices and Services developed and/or delivered to 12 TCs in 12 monthsSP ITC - Seville-CN235 FFS-C295 FFS-A400M FFS-SSS-A400M FP-FTD-A400M CHT-E-A400M LMWST-A400M CMOSBR AFB – Manaus-C295 FFSBR AFB – Salvador-P3 MT/TATFR AFB- Orleans-A400M FFS-A400M LMWSTUK AFB– Brize Norton-A400M FFS-SSS-A400M LMWST-A400M CMOS-MRTT FFS DP/P&EGE AFB – Wunstorf-A400M FFS-SSS-A400M FP-FTD-A400M CHT-ETK AFB – Kayseri-A400M CMOSSA AFB – Prince-MRTT IPT-MRTT PTT-MRTT FFS DP/P&EOM AFB – Al-Mussanah-C295 FFS-MT/TATUAE – Abu Dhabi-MRTT IPT-MRTT PTTAUS AFB – Brisbane-MRTT FFS-MRTT IPT-MRTT PTTMRTT TC Getafe-MRTT ARO Sim30 Devices200 courses1500 students70 Ops Docs set500 Ops DocumentsOps Support ServicesPlus Customers trained:- A400M France- MRTT Australia- MRTT Saudi Arabia- MRTT UAE- C295 Kazakhstan- C295 Egypt ICS- C295 F A Indonesia- C295 Portugal- C295 Colombia- C295 Czech Republic
  5. 5. Medium & Light TrainingMay 2013During the first part of 2013:• C-295 Indonesia AF ( Pilots & AMTs courses)• CN-235 Yemen AF ( Pilots , AMTs &LM courses)• C-295 Kazakhstan AF (IOE pilots course in Kaz)• C-212 Vietnamese MP (IOE pilots course in Vie)And to come during the second half of 2013:• C-295 Oman AF ( Pilots & AMTs courses)• CN-235 Cameroon AF ( Pilots , AMTs &LM courses)• C-295 Poland AF ( Pilots & AMTs courses)• C-295 Egypt AF ( Pilots course)• C-295 CBT Delivery for Oman and KazakhstanThroughout the year 2013:• Many refresher courses and simulators dry lease for fleet customers• Many Ops Doc (new versions and revisions) for new and fleet customers
  6. 6. During the first part of 2013:• Several refreshers delivered to RSAF and UAE crews• Maintenance On the Job training to customer to support EIS• FAF Training Need Analysis accomplished• MRTT Users Group in September 2012• FSTA 3Point Tanker Operational publications released• Flight Training on-going in UAEAnd to come during the second half of 2013:• UAE Aircrew Batch 3 crews and a new batch of RSAF Mechanics• Crews and maintenance personnel to support RSAF A/Cs 4,5 and 6.• Delta training for new releases of MPS, avionics and boom upgrades• Deployment of the Australian through-life support agreement for training packages• Deployment of Flight Ops Electronic Flight BagsTanker trainingIndia workunderway
  7. 7. Military and Humanitarian Airlift for the 21st century with:True strategic heavy airlift capabilityBuilt-in Air-to-Air Refuelling capabilityA400M: The Big IdeaTrue tactical operations capabilityComprehensive military systemsCommercial level availability & reliabilityTraining and Operational Supportare critical components of this capability
  8. 8. A400M Training Main Courses Status• Flight Crew Training• Pilots (Logistical and Tactical training)• Loadmaster (Log and Tac)• 3rd Crew Members (Log and Tac)• Ground Crew Training• Maintenance personnel• A1, A2, B1, B2, C• Maintenance for Loadmasters
  9. 9. A400M Training Courses ScheduleCourse Start Finish No. Total No. FAF07M01900 - DGA/Test pilot ene-13 feb-13 6 207M01000 - Pilots Type Rating Course feb-13 abr-13 8 407M01000 - Standard Type Rating abr-13 jul-13 6 607M01001 - Adapted Type Rating jul-13 ago-13 7 007M01000 - Standard Type Rating sep-13 nov-13 6 407M01001 - Adapted Type Rating sep-13 nov-13 2 007M01000 - Standard Type Rating nov-13 feb-14 8 4PILOTSCourse Start Finish No. Total No. FAF07M01030 - LMType Rating Course feb-13 mar-13 5 507M01030 - LMType Rating Course mar-13 may-13 5 007M01030 - LMType Rating Course abr-13 jun-13 4 407M01030 - LMType Rating Course jun-13 ago-13 4 007M01030 - LMType Rating Course sep-13 oct-13 4 007M01030 - LMType Rating Course oct-13 nov-13 4 407M01030 - LMType Rating Course nov-13 dic-13 4 207M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster abr-13 abr-13 5 507M03100 - Movements Personnel Conversion Course feb-13 mar-13 4 407M03100 - Movements Personnel Conversion Course abr-13 abr-13 3 3LOADMASTERS & SUPPORT PERSONNEL• Note: dates and numbers are indicative
  10. 10. A400M Training Courses ScheduleCourse Start Finish No. Total No. FAF07M03011 - Aircraft handling and servicing course mar-13 abr-13 4 407M03001 - Line and Base - Mechanics -Electrics course (B1) ene-13 abr-13 9 907M03001 - Line and Base - Mechanics -Electrics course (B1) ene-13 abr-13 9 707M03014 - Engine run up course abr-13 may-13 2 207M03002 - Line and Base- Electrics- Avionics course (B2) feb-13 abr-13 16 1107M03010 - Manager Course feb-13 feb-13 15 1507M03010 - Manager Course mar-13 mar-13 10 807M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster abr-13 abr-13 5 507M03001 - Line and Base - Mechanics -Electrics course (B1) abr-13 jun-13 17 1207M03002 - Line and Base- Electrics- Avionics course (B2) abr-13 jul-13 14 1207M03010 - Manager Course may-13 may-13 8 007M03005 - Line and Base - Power Plant course jun-13 ago-13 9 007M03014 - Engine run up course sep-13 sep-13 2 007M03014 - Engine run up course sep-13 sep-13 2 007M03004 - Line and Base - Airframe course jun-13 ago-13 12 007M03006 - Line and Base - Maintenance electrics course jul-13 ago-13 5 007M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster jul-13 jul-13 5 007M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster jul-13 jul-13 3 307M03007 - Line and Base - Maintenance avionics course jul-13 ago-13 10 007M03016 - Safety and emergency equipment course jul-13 ago-13 6 007M03010 - Manager Course nov-13 dic-13 15 1207M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster nov-13 dic-13 4 407M03013 - Maintenance Course for Loadmaster sep-13 sep-13 4 007M03000 - Line and Base - Mechanics -Electrics-Avionics course (B1+B2) ago-13 nov-13 4 007M03015 - Rigging course nov-13 nov-13 4 007M03011 - Aircraft handling and servicing course nov-13 dic-13 4 0MAINTENANCE• Note: dates and numbers are indicative
  11. 11. Training Network – Overall StatusFFS: Full Flight SimulatorFP-FTD: Flat Panel Flight Training DeviceCBT: Computer Based Training20132012Progressive ramp-up of training network; continuity and surge available at ITC2014 2015SEP 12 – Initial Training plus surge capabilitySEP 13MAR 14InternationalTrainingCentreSevilleGermanyNationalTrainingCentreUKNationalTrainingCentreFranceNationalTrainingCentreAMOperationalSupportServicesCACAEstablishment nearing completionEstablishment underwayGE Requirement TBCOps Support (on-site, remote), Technical AssistanceFull suite of training aids and full training serviceFFS, LMWST, CBT, CMOS, ServiceFFS, CHT-E, LMWST, CBT, CMOS, ServiceEstablishmentLMWST: Loadmaster Workstation TrainerCHT-E: Cargo Hold Trainer – EnhancedCMOS: Cockpit Maintenance Operating System
  12. 12. A400M Training Centres – Building Up!May 2013• Brize Norton: • Orleans:• Seville:
  13. 13. A400M Training Aids SuiteProgressionfrom Low Costto High Fidelity
  14. 14. Training Aids – Short-Term PlanJUN 12 JAN 13 JUN 1308091104CBTCMOSLMWSTCHT-EFP-FTDFFSMSNRamp-up of training capability finishing; entering sustainment phase
  15. 15. Training Aids Industrial participation• CBT – Airbus Military & specialist sub-contractors• CMOS – Airbus Military & CAE• LMWST – Airbus Military & Rheinmetall• CHT-E – Airbus Military & Rheinmetall• FP-FTD – Airbus Military & Thales• FFS – Airbus Military & Thales• Courseware Design, Operational Documentation and Data- Airbus Military, Airbus, and Cassidian (SP & GE)Industrial structure ensures commercial efficiencies
  16. 16. Computer Based Training SystemsLeveraging commercial standardsCBT was Ready For Training in 2012• EIS CBT Training Topics developed:• Flight Crew Courses.• Maintenance Courses.• Other Courses.• Courses and CBT Qualification:• Qualified with Civil Authorities.• Qualified with OCCAR.• Initial Courses• Complete for all Trades
  17. 17. Cockpit Maintenance Operations System• Approved by Regulator for training• Now in use for France Maintainer Training• Well received by students and instructors• Further tasks now being incorporatedPage 17 CMOS was Ready for Training in 2012
  18. 18. Cargo Hold Trainer - EnhancedCHT-E was Ready for Training in April 2013• High fidelity ground handling training• Full loading capability with ‘aircraft limits’• Practise loading procedures in safe environment• Minimising use of real aircraft• KEY Training Device for A400M
  19. 19. Loadmaster Workstation TrainerPage 19• Medium fidelity full mission simulator• Learn operating procedures, aerialdelivery, and emergencies handling• Safe classroom environment• Proving to be extremely powerful toolLMWST was Ready for Training in Nov 2012
  20. 20. Full Flight Simulator• Zero / low flight time conversion training• Realistic mission rehearsal• Qualification Tests complete• Integration and ‘Bug’ resolution complete• Ready for presentation to EASA• First Students planned for 10 JuneFFS EASA Qualification Interim Level C – 3-6 June 2013
  21. 21. Operational Documentation and SupportPage 21• Flight Operations Documentation:• Documents required for EIS all complete and delivered• Electronic Flight Bag:• Qualified for EIS and ready for delivery with aircraft• Multiple SoftwareTools:• Performance Planner• Docs Manager, Ops Library Browser, ...• Operational Support Services:• Aircrew on-field support• TechnicalAssistance Centre (Queries Response )• Operational Communications• Documentation Revision Service• Electronic Flight Bag management• Mission support tools, eg Performance Data• Support development of Tactics and CONOPS• Exploit wealth of expertise embedded in OEMOp Docs, EFB, & Support were Ready in April 2013
  22. 22. Thank you
  23. 23. May 2013 2011 AIRBUS. Todos los derechos reservados. Documento confidencial. Este documento y toda la información contenida en el mismo es propiedad exclusiva de AIRBUS. La entrega de este documento o ladivulgación de su contenido no otorga ningún derecho de propiedad intelectual a su receptor. Tampoco podrá ser reproducido o desvelado a terceros sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de AIRBUS. Ni estedocumento ni su contenido podrán ser utilizados con otro fin que no sea aquél para el que han sido entregados. Las manifestaciones expresadas en este documento no constituyen una oferta comercial. Están basadas enlas premisas mencionadas en el mismo y han sido realizadas de buena fe. Para cualquier aclaración dirigirse a AIRBUS.AIRBUS Y AIRBUS MILITARY, sus logotipos y los modelos A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, A330MRTT, C212, C295 y CN235 son marcas registradas.