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Airbus Military Product Update: May 2012

These slides were presented during the Trade Media 2012 event held at Madrid, Spain and Toulouse, France in May 2012.

In these slides, Gustavo Garcia Miranda, VP for Market Development, provided an update on the Airbus Military product offerings as of 2012.

The presentation focused on the broad product range offered by AM. And the presentation discussed how global customers are using the various aircraft on offer and supported world-wide.

The role of the CN-235 and 295 families was especially highlighted in the presentation.

One of the more interesting slides highlight how the A400M can replace several operational aircraft and provide significant fleet operational savings. 13 A400Ms can provide the functional equivalent of 29 previous generation tactical airlifters.

This leads as well to significant life cycle cost reductions.

And finally, the presentation focuses upon the flexibility of the A330 MRTT tanker.

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Airbus military product update 2012

  1. 1. May 2012Product Update and positioningPresented byGustavo Garcia Miranda, VP Market Development
  2. 2. Contents • Light & Medium aircraft • L&M Developments on course • A400M • MRTT and Airbus derivativesPage 2
  3. 3. Airbus Military: The most versatileProduct RangePayload Airbus Derivatives: The reference for Tankering and Strategic Missions A400M: The most versatile high-capacity aircraft for the XXI century Light and Medium family of a/c: Proven experience for Tactical and Mission operations Equivalent Pax
  4. 4. Contents• Light & Medium aircraft• L&M Developments on course• A400M• MRTT and Airbus derivatives
  5. 5. CN235/C295: Trusted partners forlight/medium airlift Sales Operators C295 100 16 CN235 275 42 Optimized for the daily missions 6-9 tonnes of cargo 50-70 troops Medical Evacuation Aerial delivery Efficient by Design. Simplicity & robustness Unique versatility: Transport, ISR, Special Roles
  6. 6. CN235/C295: Efficient by design Simple and robust systems Easy to maintain. High reliability & availability Low material costs: repairs Full In-Service Support (FISS®) & spare parts guarantees availability at a fixed Low fuel consumption price per flight hour Goal: To accomplish the mission AT the lowest operating costs
  7. 7. 24 Hours a day – All year round Page 7 French AF CN235 in Haiti Turkish AF CN235 Mexican AF C295 in Haiti Spanish AF Proven in civil assistance and humanitarian missions. Minimum ground support required
  8. 8. C295/CN235 – Dependable in hostile /remote areas Chad DjiboutiC295 Poland AF - IraqSome C295 deployments Days Total FH/monthstatistics FH per a/c Successfully proven in remoteAfghanistan (Sp. AF)- 1 a/c 701 1400 60 areas supporting long deployments High readiness and reliabilityChad (Spain AF) – 2 a/c 331 1990 90
  9. 9. C295 - Optimized for everyday transportmissions C295 Main cabin + ramp: C295: The longest cabin in its 15.7 m / 51ft 8in classMore floor area and cabin volume than C27J The C295 carries more troops, paratroops, containers and pallets than the C27J
  10. 10. The Lowest Operating Cost in MediumAirlift category MAINTENANCE AND FUEL COSTS / FH A C295 saves $30 million in fuel and maintenance over its life cycle compared to a C-27J* C295 C27J (*) According to USAF data, total life-cycle cost per C-27J is similar to C130J’s one. “C27J is as complex as C130J, and less mature. Not operationally suitable” (US OT&E report Dec 2011)
  11. 11. CN235&C295, Mission versions  10 Operators.  11 hours on patrol  Quick reconfiguration from MPA to other roles: Cargo, Personnel, Medical Evacuation. CN235MPA: The preferred solution for Coast Guard Missions MPA/ASW – ISR (Intelligence, Transport / ISR & pollution control Surveillance & Reconnaissance) with palletized Mission System
  12. 12. C295 MPA: The New Submarine Hunter 1. Proven search technology multiplies the current level of SAR service. 2. Experience in the most demanding scenarios, including cold weather operations. 3. Very competitive aircraft acquisition and operating cost. In-service version with under-wing stations for weapons Proven Anti-Submarine mission system, same sensors as modernized heavy MPAs (P-3 type)
  13. 13. C295 ISR/Transport: Two Aircraft in One MILITARY TRANSPORT ISR (PALLETIZED ) In-service version, convertible from ISR to full-cabin transport. The only aircraft in its class with a palletised mission system
  14. 14. Recent Achievements CN235/C295 Family  100 C295 sales milestone (14 sales so far in 2012)  Fleet milestones: 110 000 hours for C295, 1 million for CN235  C295 Anti-Submarine in operation (first new ASW a/c developed in the last 30 years)  C295 AEW Demonstrator 1717
  15. 15. Contents• Light & Medium aircraft• L&M Developments on course• A400M• MRTT and Airbus derivatives
  16. 16. C295 AEW: The New Eye in the Sky HIGH PERFORMANCE AEW&C • Full 360 Coverage AESA fast rotodome Radar • Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) • SIGINT Capabilities • Full communication suite and interoperability • Self Protection Suite • SAR/GMTI Multi-Mode Radar option
  17. 17. Multi-Intelligence Ground Surveillance /SIGINT ISR, IMINT, ESM/ELINT, COMINT FITS. Up to 8 operator consoles. +8 hr endurance Imagery Intel (SAR / GMTI radar, EO/IR), ESM/ELINT, COMINT, Wide Band Data Link. Ground segment: fixed or mobile (containers)
  18. 18. C295 Gunship variants CAPABILITIES / MISSIONS:  Escort of land vehicles, helicopters, naval units…  Defense of facilities, critical points/areas  Landing / Drop Zone Support  Armed Reconnaissance. Combat SAR
  19. 19. Aerial Spray kit, Air-to-Air refueling kit Dispersant Spraying System against marine oil spillsModular design, palletizedkit. No modificationrequired in a/c structure Fuel capacity: 6000 kg / 7500 liters Potential receivers: C295, EC-725, CH-47, NH-90 Palletized kit. No modification required in a/c structure
  20. 20. Firefighting versions, VIP transport 2 3 3 Five separated areas: 1. Crew / Flight attendants. 2. Passengers area, 18-22 persons 5 3. Executive area, 4-6 VVIP 3 4 4. Reception with Galley / Toilet / 1 2 Wardrobe 5. Ramp area, used for baggage
  21. 21. C295 Successful in the market • First flight: November 28, 1997 100 sales, + 85 deliveries • FAR-25 Certification (USA FAA and Spanish DGAC): Dec ’99 • Military Certification: October 2000 Spain AF*: 13 (9+1+1+2)a/c Poland AF*: 12 (8+2+2)a/c • First Delivery (Spanish Air Force): December 21, 2001 Jordan AF: 2 a/c • +110,000 FH accumulated by C295 Algeria AF: 6 a/c • Fleet leader: 3,000 flight hours (Spanish AF) Brazil AF: 12 a/c Portugal AF: 12 a/c Finland AF*: 3 (2+1) a/c Chilean Navy: 3 a/c Colombian AF: 4 a/c SEMAR* (Mex.Navy): 4 (2+2) a/c Czech Republic AF: 4 a/c EDENA* (Mexico AF): 6 (5+1) a/c Egypt AF*: 6 (3+3) a/c Ghana AF: 2 a/c Indonesian AF: 9 a/c Kazakhstan AF: 2 a/c (*) repeated orders The C295 combines mature, low risk technology with highest efficiency in acquisition and operation
  22. 22. Our Light & Medium family is bestadapted to current needsProducts optimized for the daily missionsUnique versatility: Transport, ISR, Special versionsSimplicity and robustness: easy to maintain and operate.Cost-effective in acquisition and operationCustomer-focused: Services. Customer Support. FISS: guaranteed availability at fixed priced per flight hourMarket leaders in Transport and ISR
  23. 23. Contents• Light & Medium aircraft• L&M Developments on course• A400M• MRTT and Airbus derivatives
  24. 24. A400M: The airlifter for the 21st centuryHigh Cruise Speeds and AltitudesLarge Cargo HoldHigh Manoeuvrability Designed for Special Forces OperationsRough / Soft Field Capability Low vulnerability and high survivabilityFlight Proven AAR Systems Ideal for humanitarian disaster relief missions
  25. 25. Strategic and Tactical Capabilities A400M … fills the current Tactical logistic/tactical Capability: Tactical capability gap and short, soft, Transports complements the C-17austere fields C-130 Strategic Airlifters C-17, An-124 Strategic Capability: Payload-Range
  26. 26. Three aircraft in one The A400M meets Military and Civil Assistance task requirements True heavy airlift capability • High Cruise Speed at High Level • Long Range • Outsize Loads weight and volume Tactical capability • Austere airfield operations • Hostile environments • Air Drop operations Air-to-Air Refuelling capability • fast-jets • helicopters The only airlifter able to undertake all of these types of operation A400M: the airlifter for the 21st Century
  27. 27. Cabin Cross-Section designed for heavyand outsize loads Max 12 ft 7 in 12 ft 4 in Height 3.85 m 3.76 m (A400M) 9 ft 8 in 2.94 m 4.00 m 2.74 m 9 ft 13 ft Minimum 4.00 m 13 ft Heights 5.49 m 18 ft 3.45 m 11 ft 4 in C-17A A400M 3.04 m 10 ft KC-390 C-130J-30 Minimum Widths Able to carry a wide range of military and operational load that cannot be transported in the C-130
  28. 28. Load capability – Military Loads 116 Troops / Paratroopers Cougar HelicopterMix: 54 troops + 9 mil.pallets Self propelled gun MedEvac: 66 std stretchers + 25 assistants Able to carry a wide range of military and operational loads that cannot be transported in the C-130
  29. 29. Humanitarian Loads Mobile crane CM MED excavator (x2) UNIMOG 4x4 7 tonne truck (x2) Semi-articulated truck with 20 feet container Able to transport all vital humanitarian loads required by today’s disaster relief
  30. 30. High Speed and High Altitude 40000 Strategic Airlifters A400M 0.74 – 0.77 0.68 – 0.72 Altitude (ft) 30000 20000 Tactical Airlifters 0.56 – 0.59 10000 0 0.45 0.50 0.55 0.60 0.65 0.70 0.75 0.80 Cruise Speed (Mach) The A400M is a turboprop aircraft with turbofan performance while retaining its tactical capabilities enabled by turboprops
  31. 31. January 2012Strategic range MADRID 30,000 kg (66,000 lb) 2,450 nm (4,535 km) 20,000 kg (44,000 lb) 3,450 nm (6,390 km) Ferry flight 4,700 nm (8,700 km) Either double payload for the same range, or double range for same payload as C130J/KC390
  32. 32. State-of-the-Art Cockpit evolved from A380 2 HUDs used as primary flight displays 8 large size LCD Side stick Head-Down Side stick controllers Displays (HDD) controllers HDD (optional) for 3rd crew member
  33. 33. Lower Life Cycle Cost with higherproductivity A400M fleet productivity and associated costs versus alternative aircraft fleets: = 13 x A400MsLife Cycle Costs100 A400M fleet 29 x Previous Generation offers 35% Tactical Airlifters 80 lower LCCs 60 40 20 A400M, proven to be the most cost-effective airlift solution 0 Fleets 29 x previous 13 x A400Ms compared generation tactical airlifters*
  34. 34. Launching customers 8 countries 8 operators 174 aircraft 2013 2013 2014 2014 2015 2016 2019 2019 50 10 53 22 4 27 7 1 France Turkey Germany UK Malaysia Spain Belgium Luxembourg
  35. 35. Certification and Demo Tours during 2012 To be shown during Spring and Summer 2012 in: 16 Countries Already visited: Chile Peru In progress: Bolivia Turkey Malaysia Spain Indonesia Saudi Arabia Thailand UAE France Oman UK Belgium Germany Algeria
  36. 36. A400M: The airlifter for the 21st centuryThe most advanced and versatile Transport aircraft of the XXI century. Three aircraft in one: Strategic, Tactical and TankerMore than 3,100 FHs accomplished by the 5 prototypesInitial EASA certification obtainedExport activities already on course. To be shown in 16 countries in the coming monthsOn track towards first customer delivery at the end of 2012
  37. 37. Contents• Light & Medium aircraft• L&M Developments on course• A400M• MRTT and Airbus derivatives
  38. 38. A330 MRTT: The BenchmarkOnly New Gen Tanker fully Certified, Interoperable and Flight proven Ready for action nowUnmatchable Effectiveness and Unrivaled Efficiency mean lowerGenuine Versatility LCC and Best ValueRated by USAF as more effective 15% - 40% less Fuel burn perMore Fuel, more Passengers, Gallon of Fuel offloaded/ton of pyld more Cargo in the same mission Latest technologies for lowerTrue Multi-Role capability and maintenance costs and higher Global Reach. reliability.
  39. 39. Proven, Interoperable Air-to-AirRefuelling Systems Pair of under-wing pods Air Refuelling to refuel fighters with a UARRSI to be refuellable Console to probe by another tanker aircraft control AAR (e.g. JSF or allied) operations 111 tonnes of fuel Aerial Refuelling Boom Fuselage Refuelling Unit to System to refuel fighters refuel large aircraft with a Enhanced Vision System with a receptacle probe with 3D technology (e.g. F-16) (e.g. A400M)
  40. 40. A330 MRTT Strategic TransportCapabilities Capability to transport 300 troops to 4500nm, up to 130 stretchers, VIP, freight or any other use Permanent 120 m3 lowerAn essential mission: providing support and logistics deck capacity for 8 NATO pallets with 36 tonto combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian operations
  41. 41. MRTT – The Preferred Tanker/TransportSolution Canada Germany Australia Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates United Kingdom2 x CC-150T Polaris 4 x A310 MRTTs 5 x KC-30A MRTTs 6 x A330 MRTTs 3 x A330 MRTTs 14 x A330 FSTAs 6 A310 MRTTs and 28 A330 MRTTs ordered by 6 air forces from 4 continents
  42. 42. A330MRTT: The airlifter for the 21stcenturyThe only New Generation Tanker fully Certified, Interoperable and Flight proven. Risk-freeBased on the most successful A330 family of airlinersUnmatched capability and flexibility-15% lower fuel consumption per unit of payload vs closest competitor28 aircraft ordered by Air Forces of Australia, Europe and Middle East
  43. 43. In summary, in spite of the currenteconomic situation…Our market positioning is better than ever. Since: Our L&M aircraft are a perfect substitution or complement to larger a/c (both transport and ISR), covering 90% of the missions at unbeatable cost We just started the A400M export campaigns, with amazing success during Demo Tours. No doubt it is a game changer On tankers, we have the only available, risk-free modern solution We provide excellent innovative solutions for aircraft servicing (FISS) We enjoy a global position, and we are developing a network of partners both industrial and for support We provide solutions for defense and civic applications As a consequence we keep opening markets!
  44. 44. Thank you