A400 m program update 2012


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A400M Program Update

These slides were presented during the Trade Media 2012 event held at Madrid, Spain and Toulouse, France in May 2012.

The presentation was provided by Cedric Gautier, Head of the A400M program.

While we are at Toulouse, one of the test aircraft took off for tests on grass and other unpaved types of landing areas.

More than 1000 flights have been achieved to date with the A400M.

The initial delivery customers through 2013 will be France and Turkey.

Gautier discussed as well Gear Box issues identified last year and fixed as well as current efforts to deal with a different Gear Box issue identified during the recent return flight from the A400M Asian tour.

MSN7 which is the first operational delivery aircraft is expected for the French Air Force at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. The first flight is for the third quarter of 2012.

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A400 m program update 2012

  1. 1. A400M ProgrammePresented by Cedric Gautier, Head of A400M Programme
  2. 2. The Benchmark Airlifter for the 21st Century A400M: Three Aircraft in One Strategic Tanker Tanker Tactical Tactical A unique combined asset offered to the market for current and future humanitarian and military deployment needs
  3. 3. The A400M Aircraft... some featuresWide range of loads that cannot be transported in Unique performance: 25 tns payload into previous generation tactical airlifters a 750 m grass/sand soft unpaved airstripCan refuel probe-equipped, large Unique aerial delivery High survivability: Designed aircraft and helicopters at their performance: from 40 000 ft to operate in the most preferred speeds and heights to 15 ft. Up to 116 paratroops hostile environments
  4. 4. A400M Programme Status
  5. 5. Since last TMB in May 2011… First MSN9 Major Constituent (Central Wing Box ) at FAL Initial Type Certification (30th Apr’12) A400M in South-America and Asia-Pacific 1,000 Flights achieved Fatigue Test: 12,500 cycles achieved (half Way with A400M!!! to achieve 2.5 Design Service Goal) in Feb’12 MSN8 Final Assembly Static test finished: All Civil and started on the 9th Mar’12 Military cases completed (Dec’11) MSN6 First Flight (20th Dec’11) Design Authority (TOA) recognized by the Military Authority MSN7 – First aircraft to be delivered to the Customer - Final Assembly started on 23rd Nov’11 TMB May 2011 Design Organization Approval (DOA) granted by EASA in Jul’11
  6. 6. A400M: Order book 174 aircraft contracted by 7 European Launch Nations and 1 export customer: Belgium (7) France (50) Germany (53) Luxembourg (1) Spain (27) Turkey (10) UK (22) Malaysia (4)(*) + 10 Options for UK (3) and Ge (7) Turkey
  7. 7. A400M General Status Five A/C in Flight Test Campaign Initial Civil Type Certification granted on the 30th Apr’12 More than 3,166 hours / 1,082 Flights Military Certification during the second half of 2012 MSN7 – 1st A/C to be delivered to the First MSN8 FAL on-going In-Service SupportCustomer (France) in St 35 for system testing MSN9 to MSN15 in Production readiness for the Logistic Long-lead items up to MSN19 Support Date in Q4 2012
  8. 8. A400M Programme Schedule Overview 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 IOC EIS SOC1 SOC1.5 SOC2 SOC2.5 SOC3 UK SP FR TR (msn16) (msn46) (msn7) (msn9) BE(LU) GE (msn133) (msn18) MY (msn22)  PROGRESSIVE FULL MILITARY CAPABILITIES: IOC / EIS: Logistic Transport - SOC1: initial aerial delivery - SOC1.5: full aerial delivery and initial tanker capacity – SOC2: Enhanced tactical mission and additional performances – SOC2.5: enhanced tanker capabilities and Search & Rescue - SOC3: Low Level Flight  LOW RATE INITIAL PRODUCTION PROGRAMME (full rate 2.5 end 2015)IOC: Initial Operating Clearance EIS: Entry into Service SOC: Standard Operating Clearance
  9. 9. A400M Development Status  Initial Type Certificate granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on the 30th Apr 2012  Full Civil Type Certificate mid-2012 following the completion of 300 flight test hours of function and reliability (F&R) tests  Initial Operating Clearance (Military Certification and Qualification) during the second half of 2012
  10. 10. A400M Development Status Flight test Campaign: More than 3,166 hours & 1,082 Flights with five a/c now in flight tests  MSN6 – last a/c contributing to the development fleet – performed its first flight on the 20th Dec’11  Development fleet is completing successfully the certification/qualification programme with lot of critical milestones passed this year  Flight Test campaign will be developed by F. Alonso Static tests finished: All Civil for TC and military cases for IOC completed on MSN5000 Static Specimen Fatigue test on-going: Achieved more than 12,500 simulated flights (Half way to achieve 2.5 Design Service Goal - equating to 2.5 times the A400Ms design-life)
  11. 11. A400M Engine Status  A400M Powerplant with 11,000 shp is the most powerful turboprop in production.  Engine Type Certification granted by EASA in May’11, Propeller Type Certification in March’12.  More than 12,000 hours operating. Issues identified last year and affecting High Pressure Compressor and Propeller Gear Box have been fixed but penalised Programme performances (in particular, MSN6 First Flight postponed to end 2011 and aircraft Type Certification impacted by some months).  New engine events have recently affected MSN4 & MSN6 : • Propeller Gear Box (PGB) failure experienced in one MSN4 engine during the flight back from Asian Tour; PGB under investigation for root-cause analysis to establish appropriate corrective plan. • High level of vibration detected in one MSN6 engine requiring its replacement. Root-cause analysis on-going. Main anticipated Programme impact is the delay on Functionality and Reliability tests start by one month and consequently on the aircraft full TC. So far, these delays are absorbed by Airbus Military and MSN7 aircraft is still foreseen to be delivered at the turn 2012 / 2013
  12. 12. A400M Industrial Status MSN7 – first aircraft to be delivered to the MSN8 – second serial aircraft and second Customer (France) – in final assembly French aircraft – in final assembly process in process in the FAL (Seville) the FAL (Seville) MSN9 – first Turkish aircraft– final assembly MSN10 to MSN15 in various stages of production, starting mid June 2012 long-lead items launched up to MSN19
  13. 13. A400M Industrial Status: MSN7 MSN7 first A/C to be delivered to the First Customer (France) progressing on right track for delivery to the customer at the turn of the year Final Assembly started on the 23rd Nov’11 Station 40 for aircraft integration completed Now Station 35 for systems testing on-going First Flight Q3 2012 Delivery Process starting by year end
  14. 14. A400M Industrial Status: MSN8 MSN8 – second serial aircraft and second to be delivered to France in Q2 2013 - final assembly progressing on track vs. plan: Final Assembly started on 9th Mar Station 40 for aircraft integration underway since beginning of May First Flight Q4 2012
  15. 15. A400M Industrial Status: MSN9 MSN9 first A/C to be delivered to Turkey in Q3 2013 progressing on track vs. plan: • All major constituents in last stages of assembly with delivery to the FAL in May and June: Central wing Box on the 11th May, Outer Wing Box 17th May, Fuselage mid June and VTP and HTP end of June • Wing join-up (station 72) starting the 3rd week of May; station 60 for fuselage join-up starting mid June and marking the official FAL start • Station 40 for aircraft integration in August • Power On end August • First Flight end of Q1 2013
  16. 16. A400M Industrial Status: Ramp-Up HTP/VTP delivery to FAL 100 OWB/CWB MSN7 & MSN8 in FAL delivery to FAL 90 MSN9 to MSN15 in various stages of PwP delivery to FAL production 80 IFA start Long-lead items launched up to MSN19 station 900 IFA delivery 70 CWB start to FAL assembly Pylon start Pylon assembly 60 Start partEffort % Pylon start manufacturing equipping Engine 50 IFA start sub- Availability in Seville assembly build CWB start Panel manufacturing 40 IFA start part FAL A/C manufacturing Pylon PO for Wing PO for 30 engine/pylon forgings and castings Cowls start attachment lower inlet 20 manufacturing IFA start long Pylon start Lead items hot pipe IFA start mat. manufacturing 10 procurement OWB start OWB start stage 2 stage 1 manufacturing 0 manufacturing MSN 19 18 17 16 1514 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 (*) Status at beginning of May
  17. 17. A400M In-Service Support Activities  Development of Integrated Logistic Support tasks, products and associated services to support aircraft Entry into Service progressing on the right track  Intense In-Service Support offers release and associated negotiations on-going to support different Customers Entry into Service  Some key milestones achieved such as First phase of Maintainability Demonstration and First Initial Provisioning Conferences held with the first Customers  Key milestones due in 2012 with Maintainability Demonstration and Logistic Support Date, three months before Entry into Service
  18. 18. Last miles to first aircraft delivery FIRST DELIVERY / Turn 2012 - 2013 Logistic Support Date (Q4 2012)(Readiness of In-Service Support activities for the entry into service) Start of MSN7 Delivery Process (Nov 2012) Certificate of Design for Initial MSN7 First Flight (Q3 2012) Operating Clearance (mid Year)End of Functionality and Reliability tests (end Q2 2012) Full Type Certification (mid Year) TMB May 2012
  19. 19. Conclusions In 2012 A400M is getting ready for Entry into Service Type Certification and Initial Operating Clearance First aircraft to be delivered to Nations (France) progressing in the Final Assembly Line, then in the Delivery Centre Customer Services activities Beyond first delivery, Programme ramp-up is reality Two Aircraft in FAL, seven Aircraft in production and support discussions engaged with the Nations Meeting its industrial and performance promises THE A400M WILL BECOME THE BENCHMARK AIRLIFTER FOR THE 21ST CENTURY
  20. 20.  2011 AIRBUS. Todos los derechos reservados. Documento confidencial. Este documento y toda la información contenida en el mismo es propiedad exclusiva de AIRBUS. La entrega de este documento o la divulgación de su contenido no otorga ningún derecho de propiedad intelectual a su receptor. Tampoco podrá ser reproducido o desvelado a terceros sin el consentimiento expreso por escrito de AIRBUS. Ni este documento ni su contenido podrán ser utilizados con otro fin que no sea aquél para el que han sido entregados. Las manifestaciones expresadas en este documento no constituyen una oferta comercial. Están basadas en las premisas mencionadas en el mismo y han sido realizadas de buena fe. Para cualquier aclaración dirigirse a AIRBUS. AIRBUS Y AIRBUS MILITARY, sus logotipos y los modelos A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M, A330MRTT, C212, C295 y CN235 son marcas registradas.Page 20
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