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  • ----- Meeting Notes (9/14/13 19:03) -----I. Beginning• Hook/attention grabber: Our Sun is not as calm as it appears from our front yards.• The Big Idea:Most people don’t give the Sun a second thought when they go outside for activities. Wouldn’t you want to know if there were dangerous particles raining down on you while you’re outside doing your activities? I know I do. • What’s in it for your audience? My audience will be able to properly monitor the Sun for activity that could be harmful to our society and be able to warn others of the potential dangers.• Why should your audience listen to you? I have been monitoring the Sun for over two years now and have seen some very disturbing things happening on the sun. I am constantly updating myself on what is happening on the Sun. • Call to Adventure:Lets all do our part to keep people informed of our Sun’s dangerous activity as they happen.II. Middle• Preview the three main points that will support your big idea• Supporting Point One:Solar Maximum every 11 years • Factual or emotional evidenceScientists have been monitoring the Sun’s cycles for hundreds of years. They have seen an 11year cycle of solar maximum and solar minimum.• Supporting Point TwoLearning about the satellites that are in Earth’s orbit that monitor the Sun’s activity.• Factual or emotional evidenceSOHO, ACE, and Stereo A & B are a few satellites that monitor the Sun’s activity.• Supporting Point ThreeLearning how to properly read the graphs and charts that are used to analyze all data obtained by the satellites.• Factual or emotional evidenceGOES X-Ray, Magnetometer, ACE Telemetry, and a few others.• Call to Action (pages 42-43)I want everyone watching this presentation to take 5 minutes out of your day to look at these charts and graphs before you plan outside events.Ignite Outline Worksheet III. End• Summarize the main pointsIt is very important to stay current on Solar Events especially now that we are in what is known as the Solar Maximum. The satellite data found in the charts and graphs will give you an inside look at what is happening on the Sun and if it will directly effect Earth and everyone on it. • Restate big ideaLike I said before most people don’t give the Sun a second thought when they go outside for activities. Wouldn’t you want to know if there were dangerous particles raining down on you while you’re outside doing your activities? I know I do. • Clincher/new bliss (page 44)With this knowledge you will now know when a major solar catastrophe is on its way. You will have enough time to call your loved ones and set up a meeting place incase all communications shut down do to a magnetic storm (EMP). If this happens there will be no cell phones, no Internet, most vehicles won’t work, and most importantly our power grid could get destroyed. Plan ahead, don’t get stuck in the aftermath not knowing why this happened.

The Sun The Sun Presentation Transcript

  • The Sun has been a mystery for centuries.,
  •, What exactly is happening on our Sun?
  • We now have the technology to see what is happening on the surface of the sun thanks to these magnificent satellites SOHO, Stereo A and B, and ACE.,
  • Our Sun is not as calm as it appears.,
  • With this new technology we have discovered a phenomenon called Sun Spots.,
  • We also discovered what is known as the Solar Winds.,
  •, We are able to witness massive eruptions on the sun known as CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) in real time.
  • These massive eruptions effect our entire solar system,
  •, Earth sometimes finds itself directly in the path of those massive eruptions on the sun.
  • When those solar particles reach Earth and penetrate our atmosphere we are treated to a spectacular light show.,
  • This light show is referred to by a few different names the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, and Southern Lights depending on where you live. .,
  • The Northern and Southern lights occur when the solar wind particles are brought into Earth’s atmosphere.,
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field does its best to protect us from dangerous particles from the Sun.,
  • The Solar Wind reaches out to Saturn and produces the same light show as on Earth only on a much grander scale.,
  • The Solar Winds and CME’s are a huge threat to us all.,
  • Solar Flares and CME’s can knock out our power for days and maybe even years.,
  •,,,, You can never prepare yourself for what the Sun is going to throw at us. Make sure you stock up on key items.
  • In the event of a total power loss the most important thing next to water is food. Non perishable foods that can last for months or even years.,
  • Don’t wait until a solar disaster happens to prepare chances are you’ll be to late.,
  • Inform those around you of the potential dangers of the Sun and what they can do to prepare for the worst.,