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Op Eagle
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Op Eagle


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • I used a bigger font for operation eagle, took out the : I used a different variation of the logo, made the background transparent so it looks better on a clear background
  • Transcript

    • 1. Operation EAGLE
    • 2. Somewhere at the bottom of Lake Michigan… Many miles from shore… In hundreds of feet of cold fresh water… There is a unique story waiting to be told
    • 3. A story about people who made history A story of how the world was changed A story of how our freedom was preserved 65 years ago.
    • 4. How The Story Began Thousands of pilots flew from NAS Glenview to the carriers Wolverine and Sable on Lake Michigan to make their Carrier Qualification Landings during WWII
    • 5. … To the carriers on Lake Michigan
      • Many made it Some did not
      We’ll bring one back that didn’t make it home .
    • 6. Home to the NAS Glenview Museum. Operation Eagle will bring this story to life for future generations * Conceptual Drawing
    • 7. What the Glenview Hangar One Foundation is all about…
      • Mission
      • Commemorate the historical contribution and mission of the men and women who served at Naval Air Station Glenview
    • 8. Why This Is Important
      • Naval Air Station Glenview was……
        • The only location in history where 15,000 pilots qualified aboard two freshwater aircraft carriers, changing the course of WWII.
        • Thousands of men and women trained across all five branches of service to serve our country in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War and Desert Storm spanning 58 years.
    • 9. Why This Is Important
      • Now The Glen….
        • An acclaimed billion dollar, 1,121 acre community development
        • 1,892 homes,1.9M square feet of corporate and retail space and 508 acres of community services – parks. school, golf courses, police/fire and park district amenities
      • A wonderful example of American life built on the very place people served to preserve the opportunity to do so.
      • This was done without setting aside a place to share the story of this important contribution to our history for future generations
      • It’s important, we have an obligation to make this happen!
    • 10. GHOF Is Making This Happen In A Phased Approach
      • Phase One – Preserve historically significant NASG facilities with base redevelopment
      • Phase Two – Commemorate the people and history of NASG in public spaces and start a museum in the development
      • Phase Three – Construct a larger permanent facility to house a growing collection of artifacts, aircraft in an educational setting
      • Phase Four – Expand and add-on to the permanent facility to broaden the educational experience within the Foundation mission
    • 11.
      • The Glenview Hangar One Foundation Has Strived To Achieve It’s Mission.
      • Phase One and Two Accomplished
    • 12.
      • Successfully preserved Naval Air Station Glenview Hangar One and tower. Placed onto the National Register of Historic Places. Now the centerpiece of the $1B Glen Development project.
    • 13. Created “Navy Park” at the center of the Glen development to commemorate the people and the mission of NAS Glenview. Achievements contd.
    • 14. Opened and continue to operate the N.A.S. Glenview Museum Naval Air Station Glenview Museum Achievements contd.
    • 15.
      • Programs
      • Guest speaker series, special Park District tours, book signings, senior and youth group tours and events
      Naval Air Station Glenview Museum Achievements contd.
    • 16.
      • Education
      • Learning opportunities designed to help students investigate the contributions of NASG mission, service personnel and the aircraft used during significant historical periods.
      Naval Air Station Glenview Museum Achievements contd.
    • 17.
      • Acquired Coast Guard helicopter No. 1459 from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and brought it back to the NAS Glenview Museum.
      Achievements contd. Naval Air Station Glenview Museum
    • 18.
      • Manage and fund the operation of the current museum though annual events and programs.
      Achievements contd. Naval Air Station Glenview Museum
    • 19.
      • The Next Step:
      • Phase Three
      • Operation Eagle
      Naval Air Station Glenview Museum
    • 20. Operation Objective Discover, recover, restore and display a WWII aircraft from Lake Michigan that captures the story of the people and mission of NASG
    • 21. The Plan – Phase Three
      • Recover, return and restore a Navy aircraft used for Carrier Qualification on the USS Wolverine or Sable to the NASG site now known as “The Glen” in Glenview, IL.
      • Create a public display facility for the aircraft during and after restoration that will tell the story people and mission of NASG
    • 22. Operation Eagle Funding
      • Key components and est. support required
        • Aircraft recovery $250,000
        • Aircraft restoration $250,000
        • Real Estate $500,000
        • Display facility $1,300,000
        • Education/Communication $100,000
      • Operation Eagle Total $2,400,000
    • 23. Operation is Underway
      • Join the team who have pledged support
        • A&T Recovery pledged to locate and recover the aircraft funding $200,000
        • Glenview Hangar One Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization, will provide operation development, management, and existing museum artifacts
    • 24. Timing is Important
      • After many years Navy policy has changed to allow the recovery of aircraft from the bottom of Lake Michigan. This can change in a new political environment.
      • The offer from A&T is contingent on the permission of the Navy to recover the aircraft and support for the project.
    • 25. Participation
      • We enjoy our freedom and success because of those who fought to preserve it.
      • Operation Eagle needs your pledge of support to tell this story.
      • Please consider a pledge or contribution that will be used upon funding of the project.
    • 26. Contacts
        • Bill Marquardt
        • President
        • Telephone: 312-213-2742
        • Email: [email_address]
        • Thomas FitzGibbon
        • Vice President
        • Telephone: 847-653-0080
        • Email:
        • [email_address]
        • Byron Kanaley
        • VP-Financial Officer
        • Telephone: 847-878-1756
        • Email:
        • Lowell Wallace , Director
        • Telephone: 847-772-8446
        • Email:
        • [email_address]
        • Mike Melbinger , Director
        • Telephone : 312-558-7588
        • Email:
        • [email_address]
      Glenview Hangar One Foundation