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Assignment saba

  1. 1. The King Familyby Robbie Butler
  2. 2. Introduction To King FamilyThe King family comes from a wealthy background. The Kings is known for theirtelecommunications since the early 1900.Mr. King`s grand dad worked together with Albert Moss when the first telephonecame out. It`s a family business that is over a 100 years old. The family investedmost of their wealth in business properties.It was always known for the Kings to have a strong family bond. Their goals in lifeis "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"The Kings live in a 13511 square foot mansion on Star Island in Miami. It is a manmade island.Mr. King is the co-owner of Saxon Telecommunications the 2nd largest in theworld. Mr. King is also a philanthropist.Mrs. King comes from an orphanage, she studied at the International SkincareClinic in Switzerland. She owns the best Skin care clinic in Miami. She is verysuccessful in her field and most of her clients are only celebrities. She owns anorphanage with over 80 kids.
  3. 3. The Kings used to live in a 8 bedroom house but moved to a 5 bedroom houseafter there two oldest children left the house to go and study.They have 5 children, Tamryn, Mat, Kyra, Ryane and Ty.Mr. Kings Dad passed away 4 years ago. His mother Mrs. Elizabeth King lives inHouston, Texas.Mr. Kings brother Simon King (co-owner of Saxon) lives in L.A and is married toTami. They have two daughters Megan and Briley.Mr. Kings sister Anette Johnson lives in New York and is married to Michael.They have two children Philip and Savannah.The Kings are informal and relaxed expect Mr. King he has a very fast paced lifestyle.Mrs. King loves family time together and she makes a point of spendingtime together with her family.The King family is not at home Saturdays and Sundays except when Tamryn andMat comes to visit every third week.
  4. 4. House informationMr. and Mrs. King has a very busy life style. The Butler takes care of the dailyrunning of the household.The Butler has full authority over the house hold staff except for the twopilots that is employed by Saxon.The Butler communicates with Mr. King to make sure that all the necessarythings get done for day and the rest of the week when it comes to property.The Butler communicates with Mrs. King if there is any guests visiting for theweek and the menu for the week needs to be discussed with her. Themanagement style is very relaxed. The house is mostly ran on electronicswhich run the house hold as well as the alarms system.The Butler is hands on with everything in the house and also assists thelittle Kings in there afternoon activities.
  5. 5. There is 5 full time staff working for the Kings. The Butler is the link between thestaff and Mr. King.Sam and Katie is the full time housekeepers working from 8h00 till 16h00.Joseph is the gardener and working from 8h30 till 16h30.Sebastian is the chauffeur and he works from 8h30 till 16h30.Lambertus is the chopper pilot and he is normally on standby at Mr. Kings officeand he flys him around for important meetings.The Kings owns there own private plane and Michael is there pilot.The Butler starts at 6h00 except on Fridays because Mr. King plays golf thenbutler starts at 5h00 to get Mr. King`s equipment ready.The Kings have six cats. Dexter, Cupcake, Jinx, Goldfinger, Nuno and Baloo.It’s the Butler`s resposiblity to take care of them.
  6. 6. Mr. John King Likes • Beer45 Years old. • Fast carsCo-Owner of Saxon Telecommunications • GolfPhilanthropist. • BoatingFast past life • SteakHigh profile • Model cars • Red wine • Golf clubs ready on Fridays at 06h00 • Fishing • Espresso in bed every morning at 07h00 • Family time • Mr. King is allergic to shellfish • Eating out • Drink anxiety pills at 11h00 • Love driving fast Dislikes • Wifes driving • Selfish people • Arrogant people • Sister in law • Mushrooms • Chicken • Snakes
  7. 7. LikesMrs. Michelle King • Dark Chocolate • Sushi 44 years old • Crab Beauty Clinic owner • Watching SeriesSouth Beach Children Centre owner • Classical Music Casual and very private • Exercise • Champagne•Green tea in bed at 7h00 • Red Wine (Pinot Noir)•Canapés • Shopping•Bath ready after dinner • Eating Out•Eats out every lunch • Cats•Packing suitcase Herself Dislikes • Selfish People • Smoking • Hard Rock Music • Dogs • Husband`s Driving • Snails • Junk Food
  8. 8. LikesTamryn King • White Wine • Prawns 24 years old • MoviesLives in California and owns her own apartment • Bon Jovi Studying Psygology at Stanford • Fast Cars University • Dancing • Horse riding•Visits every 3rd week•Goes out most of time when visit•On visits she like horse riding with Rayne•Helping with kids at Childrens home on holidays•Loves driving Mr. Kings sport cars•She loves socializing. Dislikes • Exercise • Horror Movies • Bugs • Slow Drivers • Board Games
  9. 9. LikesMat King • Computer games • Reading 21years old • Bon Jovi Studying Business Management at • Beach Harvard University • Sport • Modeling•Visits every 3rd week• Drinks only fresh juices and sparkling water• Eats a lot of salad Dislikes•Allergic to shellfish • Untidiness • Mosquitos • Mash • Sisters driving
  10. 10. LikesKyra King • Sushi • Chocolate 18years old • HockeyGrade 12 student at New Worlds School of arts • Beach• Coffee in bed at 06h30 Dislikes• Doesn’t eat breakfast• Goes out on Wednesday nights • Mushrooms• Stays in her room most of the time • Dogs • Winter • Noise • Livers
  11. 11. LikesRayne King • Ice Cream • Music 11years old • Horse riding Grade 5 student at Creston College • SportGoes horse riding Mon, Wed and FriAlways gets up early and join me fora coffee at 06h15 DislikesVery quiet and has good manners • Chicken • Mushrooms • Beans • Snakes
  12. 12. LikesTy King • Fishing • Sports 8years old • Seafood Grade 3 student at New Worlds School of arts • ChocolateVery NaughtyGoes to football practice every Mon, Wed, FriMust always check on his homework DislikesThrows clothes on floor all the time • School • Smoking • Studying • Soup • Baby Marrows
  13. 13. Zone Red-Everyday Blue-Every Second day Yellow-Bi-weekly 1 Terrace Morningrrace Screened 2 Room Porch 12 B A Great Room R Kitchen B Lift 3 / 11 R 15ry/office Kitchen Pantry Passage 10 Garage 4 16 Pantry Music 6 Room Living Butler Room 9 Dining Room 5 Room 17 Foyer 7 Portico 8 66 Main Level 5238 Square Feet
  14. 14. Zone Red-Everyday Yellow-Bi-wee Green Month Kyra`s Master Bedroom B/R 19 Closet Master B/R 24 Closet Foyer Laundry Kitchen Master room Bedroom Linen 25 Liftet Lift 22 Passage 23 Master closet Linen B/R Closet B/R Balcony 20 Rayne`s Foyer Below Ty`s Bedroom bedroom 26 21 Upper Floor 4692 Square Feet
  15. 15. Zone Red-Everyday Covered Blue-Every Second day Terrace Yellow-Bi-weekly Green-Monthly 28 Playroom Covered 29 Terrace Cinema 32 Game B/R Closet Room B/ 30 34 31 R 33 Lift Gym 35 Storage 38 Storage Cinema 36equipment Wine Cellar 37 Lower Floor 3581 Square Feet
  16. 16. Lambertus Chopper Pilot Michael Katie Pilot Housekeeper Joseph Sam Gardener Housekeeper HandymanSebastianChauffeur
  17. 17. Basic Job descriptions of staff Butler DutiesHouse keepers •Inventory of household•Cleaning bathrooms •Managing household•Cleaning bedrooms •Being professional at all times•Time keeping •Prepare tables for King•Vacuuming •Shopping•Take care of cleaning basket •Taking very good care of little Kings•Using color coded cloths an all times •Household cleaning•Working with uniforms •Managing petty cash•Not allowed in Rooms Butler is responsible •Dealing with vendors •Organize checklist for staffGardener / Maintenance •Hiring staff•Trimming all plants •Firing staff•General cleaning of garden •Planning events•Doing light maintenance work •Do cooking for Kings •Cleaning SilverChauffeur •Turndown service•Works mostly for Mrs. King •Valet•Communication with butler about schedule •Taking care of hi-tec equipment •Preparing drinks •Butler pantry in order •Kitchen Pantry in order •Butler room/office in order •Bookings at restaurants •Cleaning crystal •Managing Butler office •Stock take •Phoning vendors for cleaning •Buying wine •Staff inspection
  18. 18. Daily cleaning Schedule Weekly ScheduleRooms, Bathrooms, FoyerKitchen, living rooms. •Window cleaning company •Garden Cleaning company•Collect all dirty dishes and laundry in rooms •Silver and brass on Saturdays•Clean bathrooms •Clean walls in Rooms•Dusting •Clean mirrors•Wipe windowsills •High dusting•Entrance way •Doors•Balcony •Polish wood furniture•Foyer •Vacuum curtains•Terrace Monthly•Porch•Wipe remotes and telephone with vinegar •Vacuum mattresses•Clean laundry all day •Turn mattresses•Clean kitchen •Clean vents•Empty waste bins •Aircon service company•Fireplace •Repack storage room•Make up bed and changing of sheets •Repack butlers pantry•Vacuum of rooms •Repack kitchen pantry •Tiling company When Kings go on holiday •Inventory •Carpet cleaning company •Painting company
  19. 19. Cleaning Roster for Katie (Daily) Upper Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayBathroom Bathroom Bathroom 19,20,21 Bathroom Bathroom19,20,21 19,20,21 19,20,21 19,20,21Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom 19,20,21 Bedroom Bedroom19,20,21 19,20,21 19,20,21 19,20,21Passage 23 Passage 23 Passage 23 Passage 23 Passage 23Foyer 26 Foyer 26 Foyer 26 Foyer 26 Foyer 26Weekly roster for Sam Cleaning Materials/equipment• Vacuum curtains • Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Cloths• Clean blinds • Plastic bags for different cloths• Clean shower head • Micro Fiber Cloth• Clean shower drain • Detergent • Disinfectant • ChemicalMonthly roster for Sam • Duster• Flip mattresses• Clean Guest room or everyday • Green rubber gloves if Kings has guest`s • Ear buds for checking dust • Soft brush for remotesDoes ironing every day • Vacuum machine (only after Butler check)
  20. 20. Daily check sheet for Butler/Sam (Rooms)Bathrooms Yes/No Rooms Yes/No Closet Yes/NoBath/chrome clean Dusting Shoes/Belts Blinds/Curtains clean Clothes color codedMirrors clean Remote and phone clean All packed neatlyGlass for toothbrush Bed /linen/pillows Socks foldedBasin/chrome clean Carpet Hangers all in one orderShower /glass clean MirrorsShower drain clean StylingTowels new and clean Light bulbs Furniture /flowersToilet clean Aircon ventsPowder room/arrange allperfume and cologne Spray Room/StylingToilet brush clean Foyer Yes/NoLight bulbs working Paintings OrnamentsAll creams /soaps full Mirrors DoorsFold hand towels and Carpetstoilet paper LightsFloor mats StylingSpray/styling done
  21. 21. Cleaning Roster for Sam (Daily) Ground Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayTerrace1 Terrace1 Terrace1 Terrace1 Terrace1Morning Room2 Morning Room2 Morning Room2 Morning Room2 Morning Room2Portico8 Portico8 Portico8 Portico8 Portico8Foyer9 Foyer9 Foyer9 Foyer9 Foyer9Passage10 Passage10 Passage10 Passage10 Passage10Bar11 Bar11 Bar11 Bar11 Bar11Screenporch12 Screenporch12 Screenporch12 Screenporch12 Screenporch12Terrace13 Terrace13 Terrace13 Terrace13 Terrace13Bathroom/lift15 Bathroom/lift15 Bathroom/lift15 Bathroom/lift15 Bathroom/lift15Living room17 Living room17 Living room17 Living room17 Living room17Weekly roster for Katie• Vacuum curtains• Clean blinds
  22. 22. Daily Check list for ground level KatieTerrace/Entrance1Yes/No Bar11 Yes/No Living room17 Yes/NoFloor Floor DustingWindows Mirrors Blinds/Curtains cleanDust DustFurniture Table/Chairs Remote and phone cleanMorning room2 Yes/No Fridges Stocked Bed /linen/pillowsFloor Equipment Clean CarpetWindowsDust Screened Porch12 Yes/No MirrorsTable/Chairs Floor Light bulbs WindowsPortico2 Yes/No Furniture /flowers DustFloor Table/Chairs Aircon ventsDoorFoyer3 Yes/No Spray Room/Styling Terrace13 Yes/NoFloor FloorRailings WindowsDust DustPassage10 Yes/No FurnitureFloorPaintingsDust
  23. 23. Cleaning Roster for Butler(Daily) Upper Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayBathroom 22 Bathroom 22 Bathroom 22 Bathroom 22 Bathroom 22Bedroom 22 Bedroom 22 Bedroom 22 Bedroom 22 Bedroom 22Laundry 24 Laundry 24 Laundry 24 Laundry 24 Laundry 24Linen 25 Linen 25 Linen 25 Linen 25 Linen 25Kitchen3 Kitchen3 Kitchen3 Kitchen3 Kitchen3Pantry4 Pantry4 Pantry4 Pantry4 Pantry4Butler office5 Butler office5 Butler office5 Butler office5 Butler office5Garage6 Garage6Library14 Library14Music Room16 Music Room16Cinema34 Cinema34Gym30 Gym30 Gym30 Wine37 and Storage36 once a month On Saturdays when Kings are gone I do all the silver and crystal
  24. 24. Daily checklist for butler Pantry4 Yes/No Garage6 Yes/No Clean All equipment clean and Put awayKitchen 3 Yes/No Glasses DustingOven Clean Cut/CrockOven Filters Floor BalanceFridges Clean LightsFood Quality Music Room1 Yes/No ElectricDishwasher cleanDishwasher Filter Cd/Dvd Clean Dining room7 Yes/NoTables Clean LightsChairs clean Tables and Chairs CarpetMicrowave CarpetCoffee Machine Furniture LightsLights workingPlugs working Gym30 Yes/No Balance All equipment clean andCapp boardsPack straight In working order Library14 Yes/No Dusting General cleaningMake list for shopping Floor Books straightCinema34 Yes/No Lights WindowsAll equipment clean and Weights aligned CarpetIn working order LightsDusting Wine Cellar37 Yes/No General cleaning Storage36 Yes/NoCarpet Wine Stocked General cleaningLights Temperature Wine StockedBlue Ray/Dvd clean Lights Temperature Lights
  25. 25. Daily Grace 06h00-07h00 Duties 07h00-08h00 Grounds/check list Kitchen •Security •Switch on coffee machine•Espresso for Mr. King in bed •Maintenance •Load dishes to be clean•Green tea for Mrs. King in bed •Cleanliness •Prep for breakfast•Get kids ready for school •Mail•Serve buffet breakfast•Pack lunch box for kids All Zones House•Check schedule with King`s •Check each area in house. Entrance•Get daily checklists ready •Open blinds/curtains •Switch of•Daily routine with Chauffeur •Collect all dirty dishes/clothes alarm •Feed cats •Open •Check for any important messages blinds/curtains Time to wake up 05h00
  26. 26. •General cleaning of house •Check on Sam/Katie schedule •Check on Joseph schedule •Laundry all day long •Phone Mr. King to drink his pills •Butler cleans •Make shopping list for day•Kids go to school•Mr. King leaves for work•Mrs. King goes to orphanage•Meeting with Sam and Katie•Issue cleaning material for staff•Work out daily Zoning•Meeting with Joseph on any maintenance•Planning for the rest of day
  27. 27. •Sam goes on lunch •Joseph goes on lunch•Butler does daily shopping •Katie starts with Ironing •Katie goes on lunch •Sam starts cleaning lower level •Kings does not eat lunch •Butler cleans lower level •Butler picks up Rayne & Ty •Rayne goes and horse riding •Ty goes to football practice •Katie finish with ironing •House keepers start with vacuum •Check on CCTV if staff is working
  28. 28. •Check on all staff before they leave •Get kids ready for homework •Start prepping for dinner •Set Table out •Kids Bath •Check daily messages •Mr. and Mrs. King comes home •Close all curtains •Do all my checks•Switch T.V on sport channel
  29. 29. •Do final check up •Go to bed •Turn down the Kings room•Get bath ready for Mrs. King •Check on kids homework •Kids goes to bed •Do clean up •Kings go to Bed
  30. 30. The King Family`s stuff
  31. 31. The Kings are very green we don’t use much paper • All the staff are issued with an i-phone • Staff use i-phone to sign in The Kings house is basically ran by apple software • There daily schedule is on there i-phone • With i-phone we keep track of there daily schedule We use apple as a home automation systemThe Butler is very Hi-tec in the Kings house
  32. 32. XFINITY Home Security provides the following:Reliable security intrusion and fire protection equipment with 24-hour central station monitoringInteractive touch screen for arming/disarming, lighting control, live video from in-home cameras andquick glance information
  33. 33. Web and smart phone access to your home and security systemLive video for real-time viewing, and event-triggered video clips and pictures delivered via email and textmessage alerts when events occurRemote lighting and thermostat control and scheduling features to help you save on utility bills
  34. 34. Yearly RainfallThe driest month in Miami is January with 1.88 inches of precipitation, and with 8.63 inchesAugust is the wettest month. Month Precipitation Jan 1.88in. Feb 2.07in. Mar 2.56in. Apr 3.36in. May Yearly Climate 5.52in. Jun 8.54in. Jul 5.79in. Aug 8.63in. Sept 8.38in. Oct 6.19in. Nov 3.43in. Dec 2.18in
  35. 35. Yearly ClimateMiamis coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 59.6°F. InJuly, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 90.9°F. Month Low High Jan 59.6°F 76.5°F Feb 60.5°F 77.7°F Mar 64.0°F 80.7°F Apr 67.6°F 83.8°F May 72.0°F 87.2°F Jun 75.2°F 89.5°F Jul 76.5°F 90.9°F Aug 76.5°F 90.6°F Sept 75.7°F 89.0°F Oct 72.2°F 85.4°F Nov 67.5°F 81.2°F Dec 62.2°F 77.5°F
  36. 36. Restaurants and Take / AwayRestaurant Cuisine Location Phone # Steakhouse Miami Beach 305-704-2900Kane Steakhouse Pubbelly Sushi Pan-Asian Miami Beach 305-531-9282 5 Napkin Burger Burgers South Beach 305-538-2277 Yardbird Southern South Beach 305-538-5220 NorthBay Trio on the Bay American/Tapas 305-866-1234 Village Harry’s Pizzeria Pizza Design District 786-275-4963 LouLou Petit Bistro French Miami River 305-379-1404 Cevichery Pan-Latin/Peruvian South Beach 305-532-6620 100 Montaditos Takeout Sandwiches Downtown 305-921-4373 Egg & Dart Mediterranean Design District 786-431-1022
  37. 37. Night ClubsName Type Neighborhood Phone #Aero Bar Trendy South Beach 305-674-1110Buck 15 Laid Back South Beach 305-534-5488Mansion Trendy South Beach 305-695-8411Studio Karaoke Club Miani Beach 305-695-1770Grand Central Live Music Downtown 305-377-2277Bongos Cuban Cafe Latin Downtown 786-777-2100Cameo & Vice Trendy South Beach 305-532-2667Club Space Trendy Downtown 305-350-1956Flavour College Scene Coconut Grove 305-445-6511Jazid Reggae & Jazz South Beach 305-673-9372
  38. 38. HospitalsBaptist Health Systems of South Florida6855 Red Road Suite 600 305-273-2555Coral Gables, Fl 33143Jackson South Community Hospital9333 S.W. 152nd Street 305-251-2500Miami, Fl 33157Jackson North Medical Center160 N.W. 170th Street 305-651-1100North Miami Beach, Fl 33169Mercy Hospital3663 S. Miami Ave 305-854-4400Coconut Grove, Fl 33133Mount Sinai Medical Center4300 Alton Road 305-854-4400Miami Beach, Fl 33133Emergency NumberEmergency, Fire, Police and Rescue Dial 911Non Emergency Police Contact 305-476-5423
  39. 39. House Cleaning 101
  40. 40. Map To Mrs. King work
  41. 41. Kyra Map to SchoolHome
  42. 42. Map To Airport
  43. 43. Map to little Kings school
  44. 44. Map to Hospital
  45. 45. Map to Mr. Kings work
  46. 46. Kitchen PantryCleaning materials Crockery• Detergent • 12 Pots and pans.• Disinfectant • 12 Baking trays• Chemical • Oil containers• Green Gloves• Sponges Other• Clothes Red/Blue/Green/Yellow • Tin food• Micro Fiber Clothes • Cereals• Dusters • Dried fruit• Spray bottles • Popcorn• Wood oil • Ice machine• Wood cream • Coffee• Tile cleaner • Teas• Crystal cleaners • Flower• Pet smell remover • Dry sauces• Mop/Broom • Ice cream• Vacuum cleaner • Frozen snacks• Buckets • Small chest freezer• Silver cleaner • Sorbet• Screwdrivers • Ice Crusher• lm keys• Tool kit• Bug spray• Washing powder• Softener• Soft Brush for electronic equipment
  47. 47. Butler BookFinancial/petty cash management Lists and records Utilities records  Birthday lists of all the Kings Inventory of suppliers and addresses  Forthcoming events Bank account details  Shopping lists Petty cash  Religious festivals Bills paid book  Guest book Purchasers and orders  Presents from previous celebrations.  Wine cellar stockService structure programs  Dairy planner Checklists of daily running and cleaning  Going away reminders Family`s special requests  Inventory Rules of house  Dry cleaning records Schedule`s of staff  Files on employees ( bonus, sickness Job description of staff and wages) Schedule of household Rolodex of family, suppliers Personal InfoTelephone book  Addresses of family members Local maps  Phone numbers of family members Museums  Favorite items of family and employers Libraries  Doctors and dentist phone numbers Restaurants  Medical concerns of family and guests Attractions  Clothes sizes Malls  Clothing standards Golf Courses Information
  48. 48. Butler OfficeComputerI-pad StationaryPrinterPhone RolodexVendors PensSafe PencilsJob descriptions High LightersClock system for staff StaplerFirst-Aid kit StaplersTorch PuncherKeys for House Business cardsKeys for Cars StickersCell phone (extra) Masking tapeNotice board Isolation tapeFire Extinguisher PrestikDesk/Chair Cello tapeRecipe books Thank you notesExtra batteries File systemLog book for carsDaily check listsInventory listLaminatorCalendarNail kitRoom scentWhite boardSchedules for staff
  49. 49. VendorsCarpet / Tiles / Upholstery / Mattress Cleaning CompanyGreg305 631 5757Clean carpets 3 time a yearClean tiles every 2 monthsCleaning mattresses 3 times a year Grasshopper Garden maintenanceResidential Elevators RoccoPeter 841 135 8514850 926 6022 Garden maintenance every weekService the elevator every 3 monthsVico PaintingPierre786 953 7357Paint if need toA touch of glassWindow cleaning companyLubis561 362 8455Cleans once a week
  50. 50. Butler PantryGlasses Entertainment Crockery Malicious items•24 Red wine •Spirits •24 Plates (3 Sizes) • Screwdrivers•24 White wine •Champagne •24 Side plates • Sewing kit•24 High ball •Punch bowls •24 Cereal Bowls • Tape•24 Martini •Waiters friend •24 Soup bowls • Shoe polish•50 Champagne •Tot measure •24 Fish plates • Glue•12 Cognac •Decanter •24 Cups • Hand vacuum•24 Port •Decorations •24 Saucers • Condoms•24 Milkshake •Cigars •24 Milk jugs • Feminine items•24 Coffee mugs •Ice tongs •Salt and peppers grinders • Room scent•12 Espresso •Lighter/ashtray •12 Mixing Bowls•24 Cocktail •Sushi kit •Table cloths•12 Latte •Fondue set •Coasters•12 Cocktail mixers •Cigarettes •Place mats•12 Beer •Condiments •Flower vasesCutlery•Knives: Steak, Fish, Main, Starter, Bread•Forks: Starter, Fish, Main, Cake, Dessert•Spoon: Soup, Dessert, Teaspoon, Tablespoon•White Napkins
  51. 51. Laundry 101 (All day long)• Staff uniforms – numbered• Color tag for family members• Labeled laundry bags• Make note on washing machine who`s clothes is who• Sort out colors• look for any slips or tissues in pockets• Always read the label first before wash• Close zips before wash• Wash by temperature• Wash delegate fabrics in a mesh bag• Button Buttons• Treat spots and stains• Cleaning towels ( no soap only softener and then tumble dry)• Check all fabrics ex. Silk, Linen, Cotton Viscose, Wool, Nylon• Always ensure filter of washing machine is clean• Clean filters of tumble dryer• Clean with detergent once a month• Always read the instruction manual first
  52. 52. Valet Services 101 Food and Hygiene 101 FHM 101• Electronics • Keep kitchen clean • What• Ties • Keep cold foods cold • Where• Suitcase • Use color coded cutting boards • By Whom• Wardrobe checklist • Don’t cross contaminate • Maximize food safely• Color Choices • Cook foods well • Minimize food hazards• Bath/Shower • Keep foods out of danger zone . • Control sheets• Black tie White tie • Wash hands often • Risk Areas• Umbrellas • Store food safely • Hygiene of premises•Shoes • Sanities sponges • Pest Control• Luggage • Be careful mixing • Suppliers • Air Quality control • TemperatureConcierge Service 101 HACCP • Water • Storage• Body language and skills • General food hygiene• Time Management • Food safety system• Personal Shopping • Analysis of food hazard Green 101• Supporting the lifestyle • Identify food hazards• Equipment • Implement effective procedures • Not using paper in household• Mobile phone service • Develop control measures • Porsche hybrid• General errands • Rav4 hybrid• Child care • Merc SLK hybrid• Special needs • BMW 750i hybrid • 2 Mini coopers hybrid • House Automation system • Buy from green companies
  53. 53. Car log Book
  54. 54. Petty Cash Petty cash (Apple software)
  55. 55. Inventory Inventory Category
  56. 56. Inventory Item summary (Apple i-storage)
  57. 57. Inventory Overview
  58. 58. Chicken curry pesto Ginger Chicken1. 15 millilitre Oil 1. 1kg Chicken pieces2. 1 Onion, sliced 2. 1l Ginger ale3. Pesto mix 3. 2 pct brown onion soup4. 6 Skinless chicken breasts, cubed 4. 1 825g tinned pineapple pieces5. 1 teaspoon Curry powder6. 250 millilitre Sour cream Instruction7. 1 tablespoon Finely chopped coriander Place all in oven dish8. 100 gram Bunch asparagus, blanched soup over with pineapple9. 125 millilitre Feta cheese, crumbled 1 hour at 180 C10. 60 millilitre Salad seed mix11. Corn starch DuckInstructions 1. 1 duckPreheat oven to 180°C. 2. 2 chopped onionIn a frying pan heat oil. 3. 4 garlic clovesSauté onion. 4. 1tsp mix herbsAdd chicken pieces and curry powder, continue frying 5. Salt and pepper to tasteuntil evenly brown. 6. ¼ cup oilRemove from heat, add sour cream Sauce, coriander 7. cups red wineand asparagus. Add pesto and starchMix together gently before pouring into a casserole Instructiondish. Brown onion till brown. Cut up duck.Sprinkle with feta cheese and top with seeds. Bake Brown in onions. Drain oil. Add garlic and herbsfor 10-20 minutes until cooked. Add little water. Cook till tender. Add wine and Simmer till wine cooks through. Serve with rice and peas
  59. 59. Pork Chop Casserole Lamb Chop Casserole1. 6 Pork chops 1. 8 Chump chops2. 1 pinch Salt and Pepper to taste 2. Salt and Pepper to taste3. 1 teaspoon Butter 3. 60 milliliter Sundried tomato pesto4. 3 Carrots, peeled and sliced into strips 4. 500 milliliter Water5. 100 milliliter water 5. 1 teaspoon Chopped fresh thyme6. 1 cup Cream7. 1 sp Fresh Basil Instructions8. 1 Bunch fresh asparagus Place chops in a baking dish. Mix together remaining ingredients and pour over theInstructions chops.Season pork chops with salt and pepper. Leave to stand for 1-2 hours to marinate.In a frying pan melt Stork butter on medium heat. Cook in preheated 160°C oven for 2 hours until soft andFry pork chops until brown. tender.Add carrots, cook for another 2 minutes. Serve with creamy garlic and herb mashed potatoes.Remove pork chops and set aside.Add BasilSimmer for 20 minutes. Chicken StewAdd asparagus spears and simmer for 2 minutes. ½ tsp Mixed HerbsReturn pork chops back to the pan and cover with 15 millilitre oilsauce. 800 gram Chicken piecesServe with steamed white rice. 1 Onion, chopped 1 Garlic clove, crushed 2 Tomatoes, chopped Instructions 15 millilitre Tomato paste Heat oil in a frying pan and brown the chicken pieces. 250 gram Sliced button Add onion, garlic and mushrooms and continue to fry for 3 minutes. mushrooms Add tomatoes, tomato paste, water and chicken 400 millilitre Water Use a chicken sauce mix Add mixed herbs and season to taste. Simmer for 30 minutes until the chicken is tender. Serve with phutu or rice.
  60. 60. Robstar Cocktail Long Island Ice Tea Tequila Sunrise1. 1 tot Southern Comfort 1. ½ tot Vodka 1. 2 Tots Tequila2. 1 tot Apple 2. ½ tot Tequila 2. 275 ml orange juice3. 1 tot Spiced Gold 3. ½ tot Bacardi Rum 3. 10 ml Grenadine4. 1 can Red Grape Tiser 4. ½ tot Triple Sec5. 10ml Grenadine 5. ½ tot lemon juice Instructions. 6. 200ml Coke Add tequila and orange juice with iceInstructions Add grenadineBlend ice with liquor till soft InstructionsAdd Grape Tiser Add all liquor with iceAdd Grenadine for color Add coke Add lemon juice Strawberry Margarita Garnish with lemon wedge 1. Strawberry pulp3 2. 1 tot tequilaPanga Blaster 3. 1 tot triple sec Guacamole1. 1 tot peach snapps 4. Ice 1. Avo in pulp2. 1 tot white rum 5. Limes juiced 2. Fine chop garlic3. 1 tot bols blue 3. Lime juice4. Orange juice Instructions 4. Chili Mix all together and blend 5. Philadelphia cream cheeseInstructions 6. ½ tsp tabasco Mr. Cross DessertAdd all white spirits 1. Vanilla ice creamAdd juice and ice Mix but leave some color 2. Choc chip biscuitsCrushed ice with bols blue. 3. Peppermint crisp.Add mix on top 4. Fudge 5. Condense milkSalad Dressing 6. NutsOlive oil Mix all together put in panFresh lemons(pips out) with cling film. Freeze and take out1 Tsp salt Cling film and cut into slicesWisk
  61. 61. Mini tortillas with chicken Avocado Crostini (Canape)1. 10 tortillas cut into quarters 1. 1 Baguette sliced and toasted in Salamander2. 250 mil grated cheddar cheese 2. Add cream cheese3. 125 mil grated mozzarella cheese 3. Add avocado4. 125 mil peas and corn 4. Add sliced Peppadew peppers5. 500g chicken strips 5. Drizzle sweet chili dressing 6. Sprinkle lemon pepper on topInstructionsOven to 180 C Smoked Salmon Crostini (Canapé)Boil Veggies 1. 1 Baguette slicedAdd chicken 2. Add Cream cheese on topRoll tortillas with mix and cheese 3. Add sliced smoked SalmonBake in oven for 20 minutes 4. Add a few capers on top 5. Drizzle fresh lemon on topCheese and pesto loaf Cranberry and camembert Crostini (Canapé)1 French loaf 1. 1 Baguette sliced1 Pesto Pasta Sauce 2. Add Cranberry jelly100 gram Butter 3. Crumb camembert cheese1 cup mozzarella cheese, grated 4. Deep fry in hot oil for 15 seconds 5. Add CheeseInstructionsCut loaf into 2cm thick slices, making sure not to cutright through.In a bowl mix together Pesto Pasta Sauce packetcontents, butter and cheese.Spread liberally on both sides of slices. Spread anyremaining butter over the top of the loaf.Wrap the loaf in 2 layers of foil and place onto the braaifor 20-30 minutes.
  62. 62. Cajun chicken salad Chicken Gordon Bleu Chicken asparagus1. Lettuce 1. Chicken Breast 1. 1 Chicken2. Cucumber 2. Ham 2. Bay leaves3. Cocktail tomatoes 3. Mozzarella cheese 3. Peppercorns4. Olives 4. Breadcrumbs 4. Pinch mix herbs5. Onions 5. 125ml mayo6. Chicken Instructions 6. 125ml milk7. Portuguese Cajun spice Flatten chicken breast 7. 1 tin asparagus8. Feta Rolled breast with ham and cheese 8. 500ml water9. Avocado Roll in flour 9. 50g butter Roll in egg mixture 10. 20g flourInstructions Roll in breadcrumbs 11. 25ml sherryGrill chicken in oil with spice Sauté in pan 12. 60g cheddar cheeseMix all togetherCaramelized onions on top Instructions Cook chicken in pressure Greek Salad Cooker with herbs, pepper 1. Lettuce And bay leaves. Remove fleshDelmonico Salad 2. Cucumber Add chicken stock. Melt butter1. Lettuce 3. Cocktail tomatoes Stir in flour add stock2. Cucumber 4. Danish feta Asparagus juice and milk3. Cocktail tomatoes 5. Calmata olives Cook until thick4. Olives 6. Spring onion Stir in cheese mayo and sherry5. Spring onion Last add chicken and asparagus6. Bacon Instructions7. Avocado Mix up all together8. Blue Cheese Add Greek salad dressingInstructionsMix all togetherGrill baconAdd spring on top
  63. 63. Fettuccini Pasta Potato Lasagna Mexican Chicken and Farfel1. 125ml cream 1. 500g mince 1. 300g farfel2. 1 cup Mornay sauce 2. 1 sp olive oil 2. 300g chicken cubes3. 1 clove garlic 3. 1 onion 3. 20mil Mexican seasoning4. 1 onion 4. 2 sp chopped thyme 4. 30mil oil5. 1 sp olive oil 5. 400g peeled tomatoes 5. 1 red pepper6. 250g Mushrooms 6. 250ml bolognaise sauce 6. ½ yellow and green pepper7. 500g Fettuccini pasta 7. 3 cups béchamel sauce 7. 2 cup mornay sauce8. 1 sp chopped sage 8. 4 potatoes sliced 8. 1 bunch spring onion 9. ½ cup parmesan cheeseInstructions InstructionsCook pasta Instructions Cook pastaCook onion and garlic in oil Cook mince, onion and tomatoes Add chicken, spice and fry in oilAdd mushrooms till tender Add bolognaise sauce Add peppersToss pasta Layer Potato, Mince and Béchamel Add pastaAdd Mornay sauce Add cheese in between Add Mornay sauce Cook in oven for 90mins at 160 C InstructionsSurf and Turf Sauce: Heat olive oil in a pan and gently fry the onion until4 Fillet medallions soft.12 Prawns, left whole and sliced down the back Stir in the cream mixture and simmer gently for 5-7 minutes.2 tablespoon olive oil Add the spring onions. Keep warm.1 red onion, chopped In the meantime, heat a griddle pan, grill the fillet medallions150 millilitre Cream for about 3 minutes on each side.1 cup creamy garlic sauce Add the prawns to the griddle pan in the last few minutes and1 Spring onion, finely sliced grill until cooked (about 2 minutes on each side). Arrange the fillets on plates. Top with sauce and 3 prawns per person. Serve with crispy potato chips or wedges and creamed spinach
  64. 64. Weekly Menu Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Buffet Buffet Buffet Buffet Buffet Buffet Buffet Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Greek salad Insalata Toublah Fettuccini Cajun Delmonico Osso bocco Caprese Salad Pasta Chicken Salad A la Salad milanese Mousaka Saltimboka Pecking Steak ala Coq au vin Carbonara Crudite and caprise Duck Florentine Risotto dip polenta Rice PotatoesBuffet Breakfast•Coffee •Muffins•Tea •Croissants•Juices •Toast•Milk •Jam•Sugar •Butter•Cereals •Marmalades•Yoghurt •Condiments•Eggs •Mushrooms•Fruit •Tomato•Sausages •Bacon