Analysis Of Opening Scene (Rock N Rolla)


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Analysis Of Opening Scene (Rock N Rolla)

  1. 1. Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed: Rock N Rolla Film Techniques Examples of typical film techniques used and why– Illustrate your findings with references to actual onscreen moments. Titling – colour, font style, The titles are placed on a dirty wall that seems to be in a over image or black, prison cell. This suggests that the film will involve some timing, credits sort of criminal activity. The dirtiness of the walls and the presentation etc lettering suggests that this film is not based around posh, clean people. It is going to be about criminals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Some titles look as if they have been spray painted onto the wall, this shows to the audience that it is not only big time criminals in this film, but petty thugs are also involved. Camera Movement In the beginning, the camera crabs along to the right (panning, tracking, crane whilst shaking a bit. This makes the audience feel as shot and crabbing etc) though they are in the movie, and they are the ones looking to the right. This is a good technique because it draws the viewers in and makes them feel as though they are in the film. The camera then begins to zoom in slowly to a man with his back facing us. This makes the audience feel as though they are creeping up on this man and the get the sense that when they get as close as they can to him, he will catch them and they will get a shock. This keeps the audience on the edge of their seat and will keep them interested enough to carry on watching the film. Framing of Shot The only framings we can really see in the opening (CU, MLS, ELS etc) sequence are medium shots when they show who is in the film. This allows the viewers to see the identity of the characters yet they can see enough of them to get a sense of what they’re character is like. Camera Angles (high and Most of the camera angles are at eye level, but a few of low angles etc them are high angled. This shows the people in the shot as lower than the people watching the film, it makes them seem small and petty. Selection of mise-en- The director uses very dark, sandy, and grey colours to scène including colour, give the viewer a sense of a dirty prison cell. This shows figure, pops, lighting, the characters as criminals. The location is kind of set out objects, location and like a prison cell as well, it is in a dark room with all the setting; curtains drawn which make it seem as though these people are cut off from society. The costumes that they wear are normally men with their shirts off, showing off their muscles. This is to maybe give the audience a sense that these people are involved in a lot of fights or that they look like they have just gotten out of bed to show a laid back attitude/lifestyle. Showing this laid back attitude will make the audience want to continue watching because everyone dreams for that laid back lifestyle Editing directions At some points, the camera will speed up to give the
  2. 2. (Match cuts, jump cut, audience a shock and to make it seem like it has quickly reverse shots etc) been branded into their heads. Like branding cattle, quick like a flash. Sound techniques The music used over the opening scene is a blues/Rock (diegetic, non diegetic, and Roll tune. It has a very hard beat to it, which makes silence, dialogue the film seem more violent, yet the blues aspect to it, gives the film that laid back feel. Actor’s positioning and The actors’ movements are very limited, which adds to movement their laid back attitude. The only time when some real movements occur, they tend to hand a gun in their hand. This suggests that that they have a lad back lifestyle but when they have to, they can get very violent. This keeps he audience on the edge of their seat because they do not know when a character will switch and become violent.