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Robert W Kapp Resume

  1. 1. RESUME /CV ROBERT W KAPP Po Box 8715, Richards Bay, South Africa, Contact: +27(35) 789 5261 (Landline) Or Mobile: +27 83 4178885 OBJECTIVE: Seeking employment construction manager/ Site manager / Project manager utilizing my experience and skills in a well established company. PLEASE REFER TO BELOW EXPERIENCE: ALL CONTRACTS PERFORMED WERE ON PROJECT DURATION BASIS ONLY. REASON FOR TERMINATION OF SERVICE IS DUE TO COMPLETION OF PROJECT. PROJECT AND EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Feb 2008-Dec 2008 Company: SUPREME SITE SERVICES INT. Position: PROJECT MANAGER - Mazar el Sherriff - Afghanistan Duties: Responsible for the entire construction of major cold storage Facilities and accommodation units in Mazar – Afghanistan. Methods: Concrete and steel structures Project value: 2 million USD ( EPCM project) Project details: Design and constructed major cold storage facilities and units measuring 480 square meters in total each. Temperature abilities to -24 degrees C, running on electrical supply from 2 x generator sets averaging 500 KVA each. Overseeing sub contractor on site, ensuring all safety and environmental design standards are met, and That the facilities are complete according to design drawings, safety standards. Manufacturing and all contract requirements are met.
  2. 2. July 2007 - Jan 2008 Company: ECC Joint Venture - Camp Victory – Iraq Position: CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Duties: Responsible for overseeing major construction and refurbishment project of 3 x 250 bedroom Accommodation units, a medical clinic, warehouse and conference centre for the Iraqi air force regiments.17 Buildings and facilities completed in Iraq Methods: Concrete and steel structure, plumbing and HVAC units Project Value: 52 million USD (EPCM project) Construction and refurbishment of accommodation and office buildings from start to finish. Provide construction support expertise in the following areas: (U.S. military) housing, training and operations facilities, administration buildings, headquarters facilities, dining/cafeteria areas, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. Responsible for coordinating local sub contractors and work force. Provide overall supervision of all construction and field operations. Compile and keep build schedules and coordinate between contractors, military personnel, and government agencies Build, construct and supervise new and refurbishment. Installation of all new electrical lines, sewerage and water lines, plumbing works and design and installing of 500 HVAC units required for accommodation unit facilities mentioned above. Management of all day to day operations and supervision. Jan 2007 – July 2007 Company: ESKO INTERNATIONAL – Kandahar Afghanistan Position: PROJECT MANAGER /CONSTRUCTION MANAGER -AFGHANISTAN Duties: Lead and direct the construction of a Joint venture project to construct bulk Fuels installation plant for the Kandahar airfield base in Afghanistan. Project value: 6 million USD (EPCM project) Methods: Major earthworks and excavation, accommodation and office units concrete, steel, 16 km fuel piping and pipe lines, storage facility and fuel cells. Duties: responsible for entire commissioning of the bulk fuel installation project from commissioning to completion. Overseeing project, ensuring construction and earthworks activities are carried out in accordance with the design, drawings and quality plan for the project, and that the completed project meets the requirements of the client, the design, statutory authorities and project specifications. Reporting to the Project Director and head Office in Monaco. Managing the day to day operations of site personnel and contractors. Responsible for the construction of project, maintenance, site operations and activities, Reports writing and attending performance meetings with NAMSA and NATO representatives. Feb 2006- Dec 2006 6 Company: PAE Governments services Sudan Position: CONSTRUCTION MANAGER – SUDAN Duties: Overseeing construction of concrete and steel structures- Accommodation and office facilities in Sudan- Africa Methods: Concrete and steel structures Project value: USAID - EPCM projects 2
  3. 3. January 2005 – Dec 2005 Company: KBR HALLIBURTON Position: CONTRUCTION ENGINEER - IRAQ Project value: Open ended LOGCAP EPCM project Duties: Construction of on site projects on various locations in Iraq Methods: Reinforced concrete and steel and prefab materials. Overseeing the construction of a new office buildings, reinforced concrete bunkers, warehouse, Renovation of jails and other holding facilities in Iraq. Supervision of up to 500 Iraqi nationals. Site management. Installation of all electrical and civil base camp construction works. Interpreting technical drawings and information, including general refurbishment projects. Bill of quantities and specifications. Selecting, leading and directing suitably skilled subordinates and staff. Carrying out detailed job and activity planning Ensuring construction schedule is Adhered to and delays mitigated. Jan 2004 – Dec 2004 Company: EUREST DESIGN AND BUILD SERVICES Position: CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - IRAQ Methods: Reinforced concrete, steel, prefab materials and asphalt works Duties: Responsible for all construction projects on various site locations in Iraq. Project Value: open ended Logcap EPCM project Overseeing site construction projects, Management and supervision of projects and design build Scheduling of new facilities and buildings including refurbishment projects. Jailhouse, forts, Accommodation units and road works, January 2002 – Feb 2004 Company: ADP PROJECTS Position: ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION MANAGER –SOUTH AFRICA Methods: Steel and concrete Duties: Construction and civil engineering projects on mining project Project value :16 million ZAR EPC project Responsible for all civil mining construction, and engineering projects. On site client operations And sub Contractors. Daily site and quality Inspections. Ensuring planned project deadlines and Targets are met. Authorizing procurement for materials, and on site inspections. Management of budgets and project requirements. Maintenance. Site meetings with, Client, contractors and Suppliers. Managemenent Of site, pumps stations, Regulating tanks, concrete, dredging and steel pipelines. Management of both contractors and suppliers on site. Project Management and new business development 1993–2002 Company: SAMICON CONSTRUCTION, South Africa 3
  4. 4. Position: CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Methods: Concrete and steel Project value: 6 million EPC projects Duties and Key Responsibilities: Building and Construction firm, specializing in residential and commercial building projects. Reporting directly to the MD regarding residential building projects, road asphalt and concrete works. Constructed reticulation walls, Plumbing, Electrical repairs and residential renovations & Earth moving works. Remodeled and constructed low cost housing units, including insulation, weather proofing, framing, decking and roofing .Carports, installing windows, doors, cabinets, hardware, mortising, face Brick, and vinyl siding. All Completed on time, on budget and in complete accordance with Government Building regulations of South Africa. Jan 1990 – February 1993 Company: AJ Construction CC Position: Construction site manager Methods: Concrete and steel structures Project Values: 2 million EPC project Duties and key Responsibilities: Building and Construction firm, specializing in residential and commercial building projects. Constructing low cost concrete facilities and prefab housing projects. Acting sub contractor for major construction works. Reporting to Project manager, overseeing all contractors, following project schedules, client meetings with municipal Engineers Office (Regulating body and Government Specifications) Commercial Plumbing Projects/ building and road asphalt works. Refurbish and construction of 500+ prefab and low cost housing units. 1980 – 1990 COMPANY: SASOL Synthetic Fuels – A Petroleum plant in S.Africa Position: Construction manager . Methods: Steel, reinforced concrete Porject value: EPCM company Key Responsibilities: Overseeing a working system that secures complete and coordinated construction of all construction packages in accordance with the schedule and cost plan. Maintaining quality assurance program, resolved inter-contractor disputes, ensuring compliance with statute laws / rules / regulations / orders / contract documents, and coordination with requirements of hand- over inspections and surveys. Provided design review and constructability analysis, Coordinating activities of site contractors and sub contactors on site, Managing survey activities, Evaluation of contractor method statements , Assisting development of tender and contract documents ,Providing implementation assistance to design and construction planned and actual progress schedules , Coordinate public utilities and other area development activities. Develop and maintain information and reporting system QUALIFICATION, EDUCATION AND TRAINING: 1976 - 1976 Completed high school West view High School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 1988-1992 3 years Masters engineering diploma RSA Training Institute of South Africa. 1989 - 1993 University of S.Africa B-Tech Civil Engineering degree 2005 -2005 NOSA- ISSO and OCHSA Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental training received in Johannesburg, South Africa. 4
  5. 5. Auditing practice and quality inspection within the workplace. KBC Consulting Occupational health and Safety Induction Training 2005 Chorda front line management training -KBR IRAQ 2006 MBP – CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT SYSTEMS- MEK TEK- UK Computer Literacy: MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, MS projects, AutoCAD LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: English - read, write and speak excellently Dutch, Afrikaans and African languages – speak write and read excellently Arabic – Conversational basics only INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: Industrial, residential and commercial civil engineering and construction projects, Water treatments and environmental, Government and military, Engineering and multi disciplined projects, mining and fuels construction projects. EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS SET: CONSTRUCTION – Multi level / Vertical and horizontal steel and concrete building structures. Reinforced concrete, new and refurbishments projects, Earthworks, excavation and road works. Structural design, Reinforcements, Steel and fabrication of permanent and temporary buildings and facilities. AutoCAD drawings and estimation. EARTHWORKS –Excavations, Compaction, soil testing and surveying PLUMBING WORKS – Installation of any piping system, wastewater, and sewerage systems, Industrial and domestic. ELECTRICAL AND GENERATOR SETS– Complete electrical wiring of Industrial and domestic units, setting up and operating HV switching practices and procedures .Interpreting of electrical drawings and wiring of offices and buildings. HVAC – Complete installation, fitment and maintenance of HVAC units from 0- 2 ton each. PIPING – Concrete, PVC and steel, fuels and concrete pipes of various diameters of construction sites MANAGEMENT –Project, site, equipment and construction schedules, personnel, procurement and delivery schedules of materials, Applying Safety, Health and Environment and OHSA principals and standards, Applying of either British , American or South African Building codes. FINANCIALS- Budgets, costing, tenders, estimations, cash and expenses control ADMIN- Documents and control, correspondence, Reports and reporting, PERSONELL – Employment of project and site personnel, Supervision and training of on site personnel in best Practices. PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Managed construction projects with multi million dollar budgets. SUMMARY I’m a qualified and skilled professional with over 20 years of construction and project management experience. All projects were completed within contract specs, schedule and budget. Managing the construction of multiple projects from start to completion. Interpreting of AutoCAD designed drawings and estimates Experienced in major projects and building structures, concrete works, temporary housing or permanent single or multi level concrete 5
  6. 6. structures, earthworks and surveying, sanitary and waste water, plumbing systems .electrical wirings. Complete compliance to all OSHA, MNF, AU, UN, DOD,USAICE,NATO and NAMSA standards whilst meeting and exceeding project deadlines, standards and budgets. Management of contractors and staff effectively. PERSONAL DETAILS FULL NAME AND SURNAME ROBERT WAYNE KAPP NICK NAME ROBBIE DATE OF BIRTH 18 June 1960 NATIONALITY / CITIZENSHIP SOUTH AFRICAN GENDER MALE PASSPORT VALID AND CURRENT RESIDENTIAL AND POSTAL ADRESS: PO Box 8715, Richards Bay, KZN, 3900 –SOUTH AFRICA CONTACT DETAILS: TEL: + 27 35 789 5261(residential TEL AND FAX) CELL: + 27 83 417 8885 Mobile / Cell EMAIL : SECURITY CLEARANCES: REFER BELOW • ISAF CLEARANCE AND VISA –Afghanistan current and valid • DOD / MNF CLEARANCE VALID UNTILL 2009 • SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE CLEARANCE VALID AND CURRENT VISAS- AFGHANISTAN CURRENTLY VALID UN TILL SEPT 2009 AVAILIBILITY: I AM AVAILIBLE IMEDIATELY Thanks and Kind regards Robert Kapp 6
  7. 7. REFERENCES AND CERTIFICATES - Available upon request 7