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Basics Of Acoustic Guitar
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Basics Of Acoustic Guitar


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  • 1. Basics of Acoustic Guitar
    By: Wesley Robbe
    Benchmark: P.4 Perform, present, exhibit, publish, or demonstrate the results of the artistic/creative process for an audience.
  • 2. String Notes
    1stString – E (thinnest string)
    2nd String – B
    3rd String – G
    4th String – D
    5th String – A
    6th String – E (thickest string)
  • 3. Tips to Remember String Notes
    Thinnest to Thickest
    Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Ellie
    Thickest to Thinnest
    Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie
    Or simply make up your own phrase – whatever works best.
  • 4. Tuning
    Guitar tuner cost 15 dollars, much easier to tune a guitar than the traditional way.
    The traditional way involves knowing the sound or tune of a guitar, this is for more advanced players.
  • 5. Parts of a Guitar
  • 6. Understanding Chords Part 1
    Each Finger represents a number
    • Index finger = 1
    • 7. Middle finger = 2
    • 8. Ring finger = 3
    • 9. Pinky finger = 4
    • 10. Thumb = 5
  • Understanding Chords Part 2
    Frets are the bars on the guitar of the neck
    The first fret is at the end of the guitar by the nut
  • 11. A Chord
    3rdfinger goes on 2nd fret, 2nd string.
    1stfinger goes on 2nd fret, 3rd string.
    2nd finger goes on 2nd fret, 4th string.
  • 12. C Chord
    1st finger goes on 1st fret, 2nd string.
    2nd finger goes on 2nd fret, 4thstring.
    3rd finger goes on 3rd fret, 5thstring.
  • 13. D Chord
    2ndfinger goes on 2nd fret, 1st string.
    1stfinger goes on 2nd fret, 3rd string.
    3rd finger goes on 3rd fret, 2nd string.
  • 14. E Chord
    1st finger goes on 1st fret, 3rd string.
    2nd finger goes on 2nd fret, 5thstring.
    3rd finger goes on 2nd fret, 4thstring.
  • 15. G Chord
    3rdfinger goes on 3rd fret, 1st string.
    1st finger goes on 2nd fret, 5th string.
    2nd finger goes on 3rd fret, 6th string.
  • 16. Bending
    Firmly press fingers against the string.
    While still applying pressure, pull down on the string after plucking the note.
    Bending notes makes a distorted sound that creates a neat bluesy sound.
  • 17. Hammer Ons
    To play a hammer on, pluck the string intended.
    Then immediately place your finger on the desired note.
    Hammer ons are useful, because it makes a clean sound and involves less plucking of the right hand.
  • 18. Easy Songs to Learn
    Wild Thing (The Troggs)
    Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan)
    American Pie (Don Mclean)
    House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
    Have you Ever Seen the Rain (CCR)
    Time of your Life (Green Day)
  • 19. Difficult Songs to Play
    Wish you were Here (Pink Floyd)
    Patience (Guns n’ Roses)
    Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
    Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
    She Talks to Angels (Black Crowes)
  • 20. Citations
    Most information was researched at the website –
    Guitar Picture:
    A,C,D,E, and G chord pictures were also found at the site – found under beginners course.