Email Marketing For Non Profits Converge South 2011


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Session Presentation for Non-Profit Email Marketing at ConvergeSouth Conference

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  • Email newsletters are convenient and are delivered straight to the user’s information central; they then require no further action beyond a simple click.
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  • Email Marketing For Non Profits Converge South 2011

    1. 1. Email for Non-Profits:Leveraging the power of the inbox Presented by: Rob Ainbinder, Marketing Specialist Rob Ainbinder - ConvergeSouth 2011 - @robainbinder
    2. 2. Today’s Map• Philosophy• History• Usage• Your (Email) Reputation• Integrating with Marketing• Uses• Listing Building Tips• Headlines
    3. 3. A Bit about BEM• 1996: Established• 2009: Education Center• 2010: Technology Services
    4. 4. PhilosophyEmail is private
    5. 5. History• 1982 MIT releases 1st email script• 1987 First corporate use of email as marketing• 1990’s With greater corporate interest, bulk desktop software advances.• 2000’s Software As a Service expands.
    6. 6. Usage294 billion/day2.8 million/second - Radicati Group 9/1/2011
    7. 7. Your (Email) Reputation Photo: my
    8. 8. Integrating with Marketing(Almost) everything you send via postal mail canbe sent via email.
    9. 9. Uses for Email• Call for Sponsors• Call for Volunteers• Event Updates• Fundraising
    10. 10. Six Strategies: Building Your List• Face-to-face sign-up sheet• Paid search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)• Search engine optimization• A link to your sign up form in your email signature• A link on your online donation or event- registration checkout• Subscriber Pass along to a friend
    11. 11. Fundraising
    12. 12. Headlines with Punch
    13. 13. Headlines with Punch• Action!• Get (a little) Crazy• Be Original
    14. 14. Headlines with Punch
    15. 15. Headlines with PunchYour turn:Cosmo: “Get Ahead Faster: 12 Brilliant (and Slightly Bad) Ways to Do It”Cosmo: “Lose Weight While You Eat (10 Foods That Actually Burn Calories)”Cosmo: “Are You Accidentally Making Yourself More Tired?”Cosmo: “Beauty Tips That Save Your Buck$”
    16. 16. Four More Strategies• Put it ALL on a unified messaging calendar• Schedule• Review• Have someone else review
    17. 17. OutlookUse with Caution
    18. 18. The Welcome MessageExample
    19. 19. Three E-Mail Service Providers•Campaign Monitor•iContact•ExactTarget
    20. 20. CampaignMonitorCampaign MonitorGood choice for a small organization sendingless than 10,000 emails per month.• Template library available• A/B split testing• Autoresponders and Drip Campaigns• Inbox preview (see screenshots of your email in 20+ inboxes)
    21. 21. CampaignMonitorDemo
    22. 22. iContactiContact• Best fit for this tool is a typical small-to- medium sized non-profit organization• Set of basic features along with a set of more advanced ones like autoresponders• Template library• Autoresponders & Surveys• Free account for all North Carolina Non Profits for up to 10,000 subscribers
    23. 23. iContactDemo
    24. 24. ExactTargetExactTarget• Best fit for ExactTarget is medium to large size organizations.• Capable of sending unlimited emails.• Great integration with Salesforce, Microsoft CRM and others.
    25. 25. ExactTargetDemo
    26. 26. Questions
    27. 27. Stay Connected Blog BEMinteractive.comFacebook