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Data Vault Security provides the highest level of online backup and restoration services in the world. DVS is the ONLY company in the world that offers an exclusive $2,000,000 restore guarantee per …

Data Vault Security provides the highest level of online backup and restoration services in the world. DVS is the ONLY company in the world that offers an exclusive $2,000,000 restore guarantee per account. Superior benefits include HIPAA compliant, world class carrier-grade data storage facilities, backup up to 250 computers on one single account, a private encryption key ensuring that ONLY YOU can see your private and critical data, and much more.

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  • 1. Meet the Company, Its Products and Services The information herein is confidential and is for your in-house use only. A world leader in data protection and recovery
  • 2. A United Team with a United Mission
  • 3. Pledge to Our Clients Data Vault Security distributes a world class Internet-based online offsite remote backup software solution with guaranteed restore—unique to the industry. We pledge to provide affordable, convenient, automated and trusted leading edge backup solutions to the business and domestic communities around the world. We commit to supply proven backup solutions that will have a constant introduction of relevant features, benefits and upgrades, giving every client total peace of mind, thus replacing unreliable traditional backup methods of the past.
  • 4. Our Duty We believe our software has to protect businesses and users, not just data. To achieve this, apart from continuous product improvements and additional features most relevant to market trends, we pay attention to our clients' needs, offering professional and responsive support, while providing value-added expert services at a higher level than ever before available. With this in mind our software development team employs 64 full time software designers.
  • 5. Our Strengths The strength of Data Vault Security Ltd lies in its: Innovative ideas Software’s superior technical attributes Experience and know how of exceptional corporate leadership Backed by 64 full time software designers
  • 6. President & Managing Director Mr. Phil G. Watts Mr. Watts has vast experience of over 40 years in the IT Security Industry, including Dr Solomons, Norman, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and SoftScan. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on IT Security.
  • 7. USA Data Centers are located in Florida and Texas, carrier-grade facilities that keep our equipment and data secure in case of disaster. The world-class data center in Florida sits on the 7th and 16th floors to provide protection against floods. The floor is hurricane proofed with no windows to provide protection against wind damage.   All doors within the facility require pass cards as well as pin codes. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment is monitored 24/7/365 by on-site technicians to ensure the highest level of uptime. Our software & data centers protect businesses and users, not just data.
  • 8.
    • Trusted by Disney, Manchester United, numerous
    • American Football Teams and 911 emergency call VOIP
    • routing to name a few users.
    • Full time onsite 24 hour technical support
    • Live customer service personnel during working hours
    • Protected in times of unrest, national emergency and
    • natural disasters by the local police and National Guard
    • Dedicated power supplies ensure continued service
    • Backed up by onsite power generators
    • Guaranteed data access 24 hours a day, every day
    • Data Vault Security backs up its claims of total
    • safety with a $2,000,000.00 restore guarantee !
  • 9. Florida equipment is powered by diverse redun- dant connections to two major power grids. In the unlikely event that both power grids were to fail, the redundant architecture will switch to UPS systems and an on-site diesel power generator that can run the facility indefinitely without the need for the power grid. The diesel generators are located on the 7th floor and off of ground level to again protect against flooding.
  • 10. The data center features a fully redundant environmental control system with state-of-the-art controls that maximize cooling, humidity control, and energy efficiency. It contains a fire suppression system that utilized the most advanced Ansul Inergen gas system available in the world today. By utilizing gas based fire suppression technology, as opposed to standard water based systems, on-going operation is maintained for equipment and personnel, even in the event of an emergency.
  • 11. The number 1 privately held dedicated server data center in the world!   Clients feel safe knowing that their critical data is being secured in a world-class data center. All doors within the facility require pass cards as well as pin codes. A state-of-the-art surveillance system, including cameras and monitoring equipment is monitored 24/7/365 by on-site technicians to ensure the highest level of uptime and security.
  • 12.
    • Centers protect against, fire, flood, virus and theft
    • Compresses all data using a unique software application
    • Compressing results in faster uploads and downloads
    • Unique ‘speed checker’ tests upload/download speeds
    • Uses military style encryption for added security
    • Encrypted data held in 2 high security data centers
    • Encryption key for client’s data is held by client to ensure only they can see their data
    • 100% Restore Guarantee–exclusive $2,000,000.00 insurance bond
    Other backup systems can let you down, while Data Vault Security takes clients to a higher level of confidence and safety—TOTAL DATA SECURITY to all users!
  • 13.
    • Files are implanted with unique reference numbers to scan for file integrity.
    • Every time Data Vault Security backs up data, it checks for file integrity. If only 1 number has changed, it stops file from being stored and the client is notified immediately of pending virus.
    • Once the data is uploaded and mirrored, it is automatically scanned on a regular basis to ensure current file integrity—no more concern over infected files being stored that can prevent 100% valid data recovery.
  • 14.
    • Each backup user selects their own unique USER NAME, PASSWORD and ENCRYPTION KEY to ensure that only the owner of the data can access and or restored their private data.
    • If the computer is lost, stolen or replaced, the owner just follows Data Vault’s simple security system and the data can be restored to the new machine.
    • Data Vault Security’s methodology is so secure its backup system is HIPPA compliant for all clients!
  • 15.
    • Because Data Vault Security Backup provides remote backup services to businesses that could be considered "covered entities" under HIPAA, we have worked directly with HIPPA and its attorneys to ensure our clients remain compliant while using our service.
    • Before any data is transferred to our secure servers by the client, it is first encrypted using military style encryption with a password chosen by, and known only to the covered entity. Data Vault Security has no access to these passwords.
  • 16. You simply set it, save it, and forget it until you need it.  Data Vault Security keeps protecting your stored and changing data day after day.    Added Value Features: Carbonite   Mozy   Data Vault Security 1 Data Duplication (mirrored) NO   NO   YES 2 Encryption (Military Style) NO   NO   YES 3 Self Set Encryption key NO   NO   YES 4 Live Vault NO   NO   YES 5 Physical Backups NO   NO   YES 6 Physical Restores NO   NO   YES 7 ACE (Automatic Compression Engine) NO   NO   YES 8 RSFA (Remote Secure File Access) NO   NO   YES 9 AFIMS (Automatic File Integrity Management System) NO   NO   YES 10 Archiving Module (7 Years) NO   NO   YES 11 External Device Backup NO   NO   YES 12 Multi Computer Accounts (2-250) NO   NO   YES 13 100 gb plus Quick Start Service (Free) NO   NO   YES 14 100gb plus 911 Advanced Business Restore (Free) NO   NO   YES 15 $2,000,000.00 Restore Guarantee NO   NO   YES
  • 17.