Misa 2013 presentation on open data v.1


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  • Not here to educate you on opendata; lots of information out there; Also not going to go through all the reasons you’re respective jurisdictions and organizations should be leveraging opendata, as there are many: revenue, cost savings, better service, public trust, obligation, economic development, and so.Going to focus on one point, and that’s the point that was providing in the description of the session,Namely. Why are you building stuff when others will do it for you, and maybe even warn you that even if you do build it they might still go somewhere else.So to start, why don’t I just give you the real-life evidence right away..... Next slide
  • What is OpenData? Machine readable– ugly to the eyes, pretty to computers OpenData:Spreadsheets, GIS files, XML, something we call APIs Not OpenData: PDFs, web pages You don’t worry about it or how to make it - that’s what we’re for You need to know why it’s important and how it will impact you: seems like a technical detail, but it has big impacts on business (tw
  • I’m here to provide the tangible to opendata. As a collegue I can offer real life examples of how this is working.If you don’t like the sound of opendata then just call it the web – it’s the way technology works now. And if you’re not building solutions with these concepts in mind then you are not only wasting money for your cities, missing revenue, but you’re also just not keeping up with technology. There are too many things that need the brainpower and time of ITS that wasting time building traffic maps, and restaurant inspection look-ups and the like is no longer affordable.Just make sure it is open.The more we do it the bigger and better it gets, b/c one someone builds an app for ottawa buses, it won’t be long before they turn that around and build one for Montreal, Hamilton, Kingston; and vice versa. Let’s start focuses our efforts on building the ecosystem by releasing the data and utilizing standard formats and let the world create the end-point solutions, so that we don’t all end up on the cover of our local newspaper asking why we spent $100K on something no one is using
  • Misa 2013 presentation on open data v.1

    1. 1. A Case For OpenDataWhy build it yourself when they’ll do it for you?Robert GiggeyCity of Ottawa
    2. 2. OPENDATA 101
    3. 3. [Free to use, reuse], and ismachine readable
    4. 4. pretty to computers not the eyesVSthink .xls, .kml, .xml, APIs, vs. PDF, .doc, .html
    5. 5. so what?
    6. 6. and platforms
    7. 7. 26 Built-InApps,and
    8. 8. And for government?
    9. 9. Following slides• Put in examples of all of the apps built:• App stores (Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton)• Shown one with weather and GPS• Traffic, bus – why? (citizen, treats display, store)• Restaurant inspections – really?• The minimal or silly (dog park finder, track the clap)• Libraries• Recreation apps – anyone have a problem with e-connect?– Show apps– Then show revenue stream• Show US and NYC digital strategies with API enforcement
    10. 10. Revenue
    11. 11. 1. Revenue2. Savings3. Better Service4. Better Decision MakingHow Can OpenData Help Government?
    12. 12. ottawa.ca/open