Indianapolis Home Inspector - New Homes Need Inspected Too


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Indianapolis Home Inspector Rob Rehm perspective on new home construction inspections.

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Indianapolis Home Inspector - New Homes Need Inspected Too

  1. 1. Inspecting A New Home During The Construction Process Building a Home is a Complicated ProcessP E R S P E C T I V E S Even though most builders are quality-oriented, mistakes can sometimes happen simply because there are so many steps and people involved in building a home. Most builders welcome periodic review of their construction process by qualified inspectors -- everyone wants to make sure the home will provide lasting value. Consumer Advocates Recommend Inspections Many consumer advocates recommend an independent inspection during various phases of the construction process. An independent inspector who works directly for the homebuyer will add considerable peace of mind and can help when problems arise. Why Choose BPG? We have inspectors who are specifically trained in new building methods and evaluating specific phases of the construction process. Our inspectors help both the home buyer and builder keep issues in the proper perspective. If you plan to work with an independent inspector during your construction project, make sure you negotiate this with your builder up front. In many cases, your builder will require your inspector to be code-certified or hold certification with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®) or another professional affiliate, and carry the proper E&O and General Liability insurance. Normally, you’ll want to hire an inspector before construction begins to make at least three visits Provided by: during construction. Your inspector will be looking at the property to ensure it meets code standards as well as Rob Rehm manufacturer recommendations and installation requirements. Buyers Protection Group Manufacturer recommendations are crucial because if they are Licensed Home Inspector not followed, it can void the warranty due to improper Licensed WDO Inspector installation. NACHI Certified Foundation (Pre-Slab) - A Solid Foundation is Crucial The Best Inspectors. Anywhere. Typically this inspection is performed before the slab or To place your next order, please call basement walls are poured. Your inspector will look at the site excavation, footings, foundation walls (or slab), backfill and 800-285-3001 compaction. Careful attention at this stage can prevent future issues with moisture intrusion and structure due to improper grading, soil compaction, backfill or footing installation. Pre-Drywall Stage - No X-Ray Vision Required Many issues can be identified before being covered with drywall; if these issue are not discovered they may not manifest into actual problems until after your builder warranty period has expired. In many cases, it is much less costly (for both you and your builder) to have problems addressed during this stage. During the pre-drywall stage, your inspector will be looking at the structural walls, floors and roof for the quality of framing; truss installation; AC / heating ductwork; all above grade plumbing; wiring and roof surfaces and flashing. Final Inspection - The Big Picture The final inspection should occur just before your pre-closing “walk-thru” so the home will be complete with operating utilities and all appliances. During this inspection, your inspector will carefully examine any structural changes made since the prior phase and will complete a final review of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. We’ll be there throughout the construction process (and beyond) as your trusted advisor. We’re working to be your expert--we’re working to earn your business. Home Warranty I Home Inspections I Commercial Inspections I Environmental Home Warranty is offered and administered through BPG Home Warranty Company. ©2010 BPG is a registered trademark of BPG Holdings, LLC.