Fall check list extended advice


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Colder weather is coming. Here is BPG Property Inspections Extended Advice Fall Check List to help you get your home ready for winter.

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Fall check list extended advice

  1. 1. ExtendedAdvice SM Fall Checklist Prepare your home for cooler weather and a focus on indoor living.The following are simple tips for keeping your home operating in tip-top shape as the days get shorter and the fall weather arrives. Exterior Clean debris from gutters and repair gutters & downspouts in late fall after leaves have stopped falling. Seal any leaking joints. Check slope of gutters to drain to downspouts. Make sure gutter fasteners/hangers are firmly affixed. Inspect exterior of chimney for masonry cracks or wood decay. If safely accessible, check chimney top cap for deterioration. Have a professional install a flue rain cap if needed. Trim any tree limbs brushing roof to prevent shingle damage. Empty gas from lawnmower, summer power tools and gas cans or add fuel stabilizer to tanks. Clean garden tools for storage. Remove caked dirt, repair wood handles and apply oil to metal parts. Inspect storm windows. Repair damaged glass, frames or mounting hardware. Paint as needed and install storm windows. Protect any water pipes by turning off hose bibb interior valve and open exterior hose bibb valves to drain pipes to prevent freezing. Cover or insulate any exposed spigots. Inspect and repair any missing caulk at joints in the exterior cladding and trim, especially around windows, doors, and utility penetrations. Interior Vacuum & test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; change batteries. Replace any inoperative alarm. Inspect fire extinguisher for expiration date, pressure and damaged parts. Replace if out of date. Fall Action Items Inspect & repair window glazing putty and weatherstripping. Inspect fireplace masonry/ceramic heat shields, chimney flues, stovepipes and dampers. Clean any soot or creosote build- up. Repair loose mortar, firebrick and ceramic shields and seal any gaps in the firebox and along any joint as needed. Check forced-air furnace operation and flue condition. Have system(s) serviced early in the season. Change filter. Keep area around furnace clear of personal belongings. Rebalance duct dampers. Test your home for radon if never tested before. Kits are available at home improvement stores or call your LandAmerica home inspector. Inspect attic insulation; R-36 value recommended. Add insulation in any “thin” or missing areas. Service water heater to remove sediment; check/operate T&P valve to confirm its safety function. Check flue on gas water heater for loose joints or deterioration. Seal whole-house fan ceiling opening to reduce heat loss. Place an insulating blanket or cover over the fan in the attic. Inspect & repair door weatherstipping to reduce heat loss. Make sure door closes snugly against weatherstripping. Examine interior for energy-saving techniques: door and window weatherstripping, receptacle gaskets on exterior walls, seal gaps at ceiling light fixtures. Install programmable thermostats. Task Complete PERSPECTIVES Home Warranty I Home Inspections I Commercial Inspections I Environmental Home Warranty is offered and administered through BPG Home Warranty Company. ©2010 BPG is a registered trademark of BPG Holdings, LLC.