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Black Hat 2011 - Pulp Google Hacking: The Next Generation Search Engine Hacking Arsenal
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Black Hat 2011 - Pulp Google Hacking: The Next Generation Search Engine Hacking Arsenal


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Last year's Lord of the Bing presentation stabbed Google Hacking in the heart with a syringe full of adrenaline and injected life back into a dying art form. New attack tools and modern defensive …

Last year's Lord of the Bing presentation stabbed Google Hacking in the heart with a syringe full of adrenaline and injected life back into a dying art form. New attack tools and modern defensive techniques redefined the way people thought about Google Hacking. Among these were the first ever Bing Hacking tool and the Google/Bing Hacking Alert RSS feeds, which have grown to become the world's single largest repository of live vulnerabilities on the web. And it was only the beginning…

This year, we once again tear down the basic assumptions about what Google/Bing Hacking is and the extent to which it can be exploited to target organizations and even governments. In our secret underground laboratory, we've been busy creating an entirely new arsenal of Diggity Hacking tools that we'll be unveiling for the first time and releasing for free at Black Hat USA 2011. Just a few highlights of new tools to be unveiled are:

BaiduDiggity:first ever Baidu hacking tool, which targets vulnerabilities disclosed by China's dominant search engine. DEMO: Live targeting of vulnerabilities in Chinese government websites exposed via Baidu.
DroidDiggity:fully functional GoogleDiggity and BingDiggity application for Android phones.
GoogleCodeSearchDiggity:identifying vulnerabilities in open source code projects hosted by Google Code, MS CodePlex, SourceForge, and more. The tool comes with over 40 default searches that identify SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), insecure remote and local file includes, hard-coded passwords, and much more.
FlashDiggity:automated Google searching/downloading/decompiling/analysis of SWF files to identify Flash vulnerabilities and info disclosures.
SHODAN Hacking Alerts:new live vulnerability RSS feeds based on results from the popular SHODAN hacking search engine.
MalwareDiggity and MalwareDiggity Alerts:leveraging Bing API and the Google SafeBrowsing API together to provide an answer to a simple question, "Am I being used as a platform to distribute malware to people who visit my website?"
AlertDiggity:Windows systray application that filters the results of the various Google/Bing/Shodan Hacking Alerts RSS feeds and notifies the user if any new alerts match a domain belong to them.
DiggityDLP:Data loss prevention tool that leverages Google/Bing to identify exposures of sensitive info (e.g. SSNs, credit card numbers, etc.) via common document formats such as .doc, .xls, and .pdf. Also utilizes Google APIs for searching across Google Docs/Spreadsheets for data leaks.
That is just a taste of the new tools that will be explored in this DEMO rich presentation. So come ready to engage us as we re-define Google Hacking once again.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Pulp Google HackingThe Next Generation Search Engine Hacking Arsenal3 August 2011 – Black Hat 2011 – Las Vegas, NV Presented by: Francis Brown Rob Ragan Stach & Liu, LLC
  • 2. Agenda OVERVIEW• Introduction/Background• Advanced Attacks • Google/Bing Hacking - Core Tools • NEW Diggity Attack Tools• Advanced Defenses • Google/Bing Hacking Alert RSS Feeds • NEW Diggity Alert Feeds and Updates • NEW Diggity Alert RSS Feed Client Tools• Future Directions 2
  • 3. Introduction/BackgroundGETTING UP TO SPEED 3
  • 4. Open Source Intelligence SEARCHING PUBLIC SOURCES OSINT – is a form of intelligence collection management that involves finding, selecting, and acquiring information from publicly available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence. 4
  • 5. Google/Bing Hacking SEARCH ENGINE ATTACKS 5
  • 6. Google/Bing Hacking SEARCH ENGINE ATTACKS Bings source leaked! class Bing { public static string Search(string query) { return Google.Search(query); } } 6
  • 7. Attack Targets GOOGLE HACKING DATABASE• Advisories and Vulnerabilities (215) • Pages containing network or• Error Messages (58) vulnerability data (59)• Files containing juicy info (230) • Sensitive Directories (61)• Files containing passwords (135) • Sensitive Online Shopping Info (9)• Files containing usernames (15) • Various Online Devices (201)• Footholds (21) • Vulnerable Files (57)• Pages containing login portals (232) • Vulnerable Servers (48) • Web Server Detection (72) 7
  • 8. Google Hacking = Lulz REAL WORLD THREATLulzSec and Anonymous believed to useGoogle Hacking as a primary means ofidentifying vulnerable targets.Their releases have nothing to do with their goalsor their lulz. Its purely based on whatever theyfind with their "google hacking" queries and thenrelease it.-- A-Team, 28 June 2011 8
  • 9. Google Hacking = Lulz REAL WORLD THREAT22:14 <@kayla> Sooooo...using the link above and the google hack string.!Host=*.* intext:enc_UserPassword=* ext:pcf Take your pick of VPNs youwant access too. Ugghh.. Aaron Barr CEO HBGary Federal Inc.22:15 <@kayla> download the pcf file22:16 <@kayla> then use to clear text it22:16 <@kayla> = free VPN 9
  • 10. Quick History GOOGLE HACKING RECAP Dates Event 2004 Google Hacking Database (GHDB) begins May 2004 Foundstone SiteDigger v1 released Jan 2005 Foundstone SiteDigger v2 released Feb 13, 2005 Google Hack Honeypot first release Feb 20, 2005 Google Hacking v1 released by Johnny Long Jan 10, 2006 MSNPawn v1.0 released by NetSquare Dec 5, 2006 Google stops issuing Google SOAP API keys Mar 2007 Bing disables inurl: link: and linkdomain: Nov 2, 2007 Google Hacking v2 released 10
  • 11. Quick History…cont. GOOGLE HACKING RECAP Dates Event Mar 2008 cDc Goolag - gui tool released Sept 7, 2009 Google shuts down SOAP Search API Nov 2009 Binging tool released by Blueinfy Dec 1, 2009 FoundStone SiteDigger v 3.0 released 2010 disappears April 21, 2010 Google Hacking Diggity Project initial releases Nov 1, 2010 Google AJAX API slated for retirement Nov 9, 2010 GHDB Reborn Announced – July 2011 Bing ceases ‘&format=rss’ support 11
  • 12. Advanced AttacksWHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW 12
  • 13. Diggity Core Tools STACH & LIU TOOLS Google Diggity • Uses Google JSON/ATOM API • Not blocked by Google bot detection • Does not violate Terms of Service • Required to use Bing Diggity • Uses Bing 2.0 SOAP API • Company/Webapp Profiling • Enumerate: URLs, IP-to-virtual hosts, etc. • Bing Hacking Database (BHDB) • Vulnerability search queries in Bing format 13
  • 14. New Features DIGGITY CORE TOOLS Google Diggity - New API • Updated to use Google JSON/ATOM API • Due to deprecated Google AJAX API Misc. Feature Uprades • Auto-update for dictionaries • Output export formats • Now also XLS and HTML • Help File – chm file added 14
  • 15. New Features DOWNLOAD BUTTON Download Buttons for Google/Bing Diggity • Download actual files from Google/Bing search results • Downloads to default: C:DiggityDownloads • Used by other tools for file download/analysis: • FlashDiggity, DLP Diggity, MalwareDiggity,… 15
  • 16. New Features AUTO-UPDATES SLDB Updates in Progress • Example: SharePoint Google Dictionary • project/#SharePoint – GoogleDiggity Dictionary File 16
  • 17. Google Diggity DIGGITY CORE TOOLS 17
  • 18. Bing Diggity DIGGITY CORE TOOLS 18
  • 19. Bing Hacking Database STACH & LIU TOOLSBHDB – Bing Hacking Data Base Example - Bing vulnerability search: • GHDB query• First ever Bing hacking database • "allintitle:Netscape FastTrack Server Home Page" • BHDB version• Bing hacking limitations • intitle:”Netscape FastTrack Server Home Page" • Disabled inurl:, link: and linkdomain: directives in March 2007 • No support for ext:, allintitle:, allinurl: • Limited filetype: functionality • Only 12 extensions supported 19
  • 20. Hacking CSE’s ALL TOP LEVEL DOMAINS 20
  • 21. NEW GOOGLE HACKING TOOLSCode Search Diggity 21
  • 22. Google Code Search VULNS IN OPEN SOURCE CODE • Regex search for vulnerabilities in indexed public code, including popular open source code repositories: • Example: SQL Injection in ASP querystring • select.*from.*request.QUERYSTRING 22
  • 23. CodeSearch Diggity AMAZON CLOUD SECRET KEYS 23
  • 24. NEW GOOGLE HACKING TOOLSBing LinkFromDomainDiggity 24
  • 25. Bing LinkFromDomain DIGGITY TOOLKIT 25
  • 27. NEW GOOGLE HACKING TOOLSMalware Diggity 27
  • 28. MalwareDiggity DIGGITY TOOLKIT 1. Leverages Bing’s linkfromdomain: search directive to find off-site links of target applications/domains 2. Runs off-site links against Google’s Safe Browsing API to determine if any are malware distribution sites 3. Return results that identify malware sites that your web applications are directly linking to 28
  • 29. Mass Injection Attacks MALWARE GONE WILDMalware Distribution Woes – – June2010 • Popular websites victimized, become malware distribution sites to their own customers 29
  • 30. Mass Injection Attacks MALWARE GONE WILDMalware Distribution Woes – LizaMoon – April2011 • Popular websites victimized, become malware distribution sites to their own customers 30
  • 31. Mass Injection Attacks MALWARE GONE WILDMalware Distribution Woes – - August2011 • Popular websites victimized, become malware distribution sites to their own customers 31
  • 32. Malware Diggity DIGGITY TOOLKIT 32
  • 33. Malware Diggity DIGGITY TOOLKIT 33
  • 34. Malware Diggity DIAGNOSTICS IN RESULTS 34
  • 37. DLP Diggity MORE DATA SEARCHABLE EVERY YEAR Google Results for Common Docs 513,000,000 600,000,000 500,000,000 400,000,000 260,000,000 2004 300,000,000 2007 84,500,000 200,000,000 2011 17,300,000 46,400,000 42,000,000 100,000,000 16,100,000 2011 10,900,000 30,100,000 2,100,000 0 2007 969,000 PDF 1,720,000 DOC 2004 XLS TXT 37
  • 38. DLP Diggity DIGGITY TOOLKIT 38
  • 39. NEW GOOGLE HACKING TOOLSFlashDiggity 39
  • 40. Flash Diggity DIGGITY TOOLKIT • Google for SWF files on target domains • Example search: filetype:swf • Download SWF files to C:DiggityDownloads • Disassemble SWF files and analyze for Flash vulnerabilities 40
  • 42. GoogleScrape Diggity DIGGITY TOOLKITGoogleScrape Diggity• Uses Google mobile interface • Light-weight, no advertisements • Violates Terms of Service• Bot detection avoidance • Distributed via proxies • Spoofs User-agent and Referer headers • Random &userip= value • Across Google servers 42
  • 43. NEW GOOGLE HACKING TOOLSBaidu Diggity 43
  • 44. BaiduDiggity CHINA SEARCH ENGINE • Fighting back 44
  • 45. Advanced Defenses PROTECT YO NECK 45
  • 46. Traditional Defenses GOOGLE HACKING DEFENSES • “Google Hack yourself” organization • Employ tools and techniques used by hackers • Remove info leaks from Google cache • Using Google Webmaster Tools • Regularly update your robots.txt. • Or robots meta tags for individual page exclusion • Data Loss Prevention/Extrusion Prevention Systems • Free Tools: OpenDLP, Senf • Policy and Legal Restrictions 46
  • 47. Existing Defenses “H A C K Y O U R S E L F”  Tools exist  Convenient  Real-time updates  Multi-engine results  Historical archived data  Multi-domain searching 47
  • 48. Advanced Defenses NEW HOT SIZZLEStach & Liu now proudly presents: • Google and Bing Hacking Alerts • SharePoint Hacking Alerts – 118 dorks • SHODAN Hacking Alerts – 26 dorks • Diggity Alerts FUNdle Bundles • Consolidated alerts into 1 RSS feed • Alert Client Tools • Alert Diggity – Windows systray notifications • iDiggity Alerts – iPhone notification app 48
  • 49. Google Hacking Alerts ADVANCED DEFENSES Google Hacking Alerts • All hacking database queries using • Real-time vuln updates to >2400 hack queries via RSS • Organized and available via importable file 49
  • 50. Google Hacking Alerts ADVANCED DEFENSES 50
  • 51. Bing Hacking Alerts ADVANCED DEFENSES Bing Hacking Alerts • Bing searches with regexs from BHDB • Leverages • Real-time vuln updates to >900 Bing hack queries via RSS 51
  • 52. Bing/Google Alerts LIVE VULNERABILITY FEEDS World’s Largest Live Vulnerability Repository • Daily updates of ~3000 new hits per day 52
  • 53. Diggity Alerts One Feed to Rule Them AllADVANCED DEFENSE TOOLSDiggity Alert Fundle Bundle 53
  • 54. FUNdle Bundle ADVANCED DEFENSES 54
  • 55. FUNdle Bundle ADVANCED DEFENSES 55
  • 56. FUNdle Bundle MOBILE FRIENDLY 56
  • 60. Bing/Google Alerts THICK CLIENTS TOOLS Google/Bing Hacking Alert Thick Clients • Google/Bing Alerts RSS feeds as input • Allow user to set one or more filters • e.g. “” in the URL • Several thick clients being released: • Windows Systray App • Droid app (coming soon) • iPhone app 60
  • 61. ADVANCED DEFENSE TOOLSAlert Diggity 61
  • 62. Alerts Diggity ADVANCED DEFENSES 62
  • 63. iDiggity AlertsADVANCED DEFENSE TOOLSiDiggity Alerts 63
  • 64. iDiggity Alerts ADVANCED DEFENSES 64
  • 65. iDiggity Alerts ADVANCED DEFENSES 65
  • 66. New Defenses“G O O G L E / B I N G H A C K A L E R T S”  Tools exist  Convenient  Real-time updates  Multi-engine results  Historical archived data  Multi-domain searching 66
  • 67. Future Direction IS NOW 67
  • 68. Diggity Alert DB DATA MINING VULNS Diggity Alerts Database 68
  • 69. Dictionary Updates 3RD P A R T Y I N T E G R A T I O NNew maintainers of the GHDB – 09 Nov 2010 • 69
  • 70. Special ThanksOscar “The Bull” SalazarBrad “BeSickWittIt” SicklesNick “King Luscious” HarbinPrajakta “The Flasher” JagdaleRuihai “Ninja” FangJason “Blk-majik” Lash
  • 71. Questions?Ask us somethingWe’ll try to answer it. For more info: Email: Project: Stach & Liu, LLC
  • 72. Thank YouStach & Liu Google Hacking Diggity Project info: 72