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  1. 1. Presented by Celia Bandelier
  2. 2. What is eBay?eBay is your place to buy what you want, sell whatyou have, and make a few friends while youre at it.
  3. 3. Become a memberYou can browse for items as a guest, but to buy andsell, you need to register. As a member you can:Buy and sell items on eBay.Track up to 200 items at a time.Create reviews and post to our community boards.Use My eBay to manage your buying and sellingactivities.When youre ready, register to get started.
  4. 4. Register
  5. 5. Register cont’d
  6. 6. Read info for new membersWhen you register youll be asked to read and agreeto eBay’s User Agreement.Find answers to frequently asked questions inCustomer support.Stay in touch with eBay’s community. They have anumber of community resources to help you stayinformed about the latest events, programs, andnews.Use My eBay to help you track and manage yourbuying, selling, messages, account information, andpreferences.
  7. 7. Spoof emailsBeware of spoof (fake)emails that claim to be sent by eBay.They ask you to reply with personal information, such asyour credit card number, social security number, oraccount password.My Messages is the definitive, legitimate source for anyemail from eBay that affects your account. The bottomline - if an email affects your eBay account, its in MyMessages. If you get an email that looks like its fromeBay about a problem with your account or requestspersonal information and its not in My Messages, its afake email. Visit My Messages to verify your eBay emailstoday!
  8. 8. FeedbackBefore you buy an item, review the feedback thatother members have left for a seller. Learning about asellers trading history helps you decide whether theyare someone you feel secure trading with.
  9. 9. Rules and PoliciesTo help create a safe and fair trading environment,eBay has rules and policies for all members.There are rules that all eBay members, both buyersand sellers, need to know and follow. These rules arecreated to protect you and to keep eBay a safe place tobuy, sell, and participate in the community.
  10. 10. Not allowedeBay members are not allowed to:Interfere with the eBay siteUse profanity on the siteInfringe on eBays intellectual propertyCreate a new account or buy and sell onother existing accounts to avoid restrictions or limitsMake offers to buy or sell outside of eBayPost want ads, except in the Want It Now section of eBayFalsely report that another member has violated an eBaypolicyIn addition to rules that apply to all eBay members, eBayalso has rules specifically about Feedback, buying, and
  11. 11. Rules about IdentityeBay members:Must be at least 18 years oldCannot misrepresent their identitiesMust always provide valid and completecontact information and must always have avalid email addressCannotpublish the contact information of other members inan online public areaMust choose their user ID according to eBay rules
  12. 12. Rules about communicatingeBay members:Cant use our member-to-member contact options tosend spam or threatsMust follow eBays rules for eBay Groups,eBay discussion boards, and community content(includes reviews and guides)
  13. 13. eBay’s responsibilitieseBays Privacy Policy specifies how your personalinformation is used. Theappendix to the Privacy Policy lists which thirdparties have access to which types of information.eBays outage policy allows sellers compensation ifthe site experiences an extended outage.eBay employees are bound by all eBay policies andneed to identify themselves as eBay employees whenthey bid, list an item, or submit content to the site.eBay appreciates your ideas, but considers theseunsolicited idea submissions as non-binding.
  14. 14. You can close your accountHeres how to close your eBay account: Be surethat all your fees are paid and your account balance iszero.Submit a request to close your account.Theres a waiting period to ensure that anytransactions you made are complete.During the waiting period, you wont be able to bid,make purchases, list items, or change your contactinformation, but youll still have access to youraccount information.When the waiting period is over, youll receive anemail confirming that your account is closed.
  15. 15. Other ways to keep you safeTo help keep you safe when buying and selling, wealso offer protection programs for buyers and sellers.If you ever need to resolve a dispute you can use ourResolution Center.
  16. 16. Start buyingWhen youre ready to start buying, begin bysearching or browsing for items youre interested in.There are lots of ways to buy.Great deals are everywhere on eBay. Whether youwant to buy something at a fixed price, or take part inan auction-style listing to win that perfect item, itseasy to get started.
  17. 17. Find an item to buyEnter keywords into the search box located at the topof any page, or browse through our list of categorieson the home page.
  18. 18. Item DescriptionRead the item description carefully.
  19. 19. Ask a question linkIf you have any questions about the item, you can findanswers by clicking the Ask a question link
  20. 20. Seller’s feedbackView the sellers business reputation by looking at hisor her Feedback score, and read the comments left byprevious buyers to be sure that this is a seller you feelyou can trust.
  21. 21. Bid or Buy It NowCheck the item page to see what purchase options areavailable. You can either place a bid on an item orpurchase it instantly using Buy It Now. Remember, allbids are active until the listing ends. If you win orclick the Buy It Now button, youre obligated tocomplete the transaction.
  22. 22. Incremental biddingEveryone wants to win, but only at the right price.Although eBay suggests that you bid the maximumamount that youre willing to pay for an item, youcould pay less. As the listing proceeds, eBay comparesyour bid to those of other bidders. When youreoutbid, eBay automatically bids on your behalf up toyour maximum bid. eBay increases your bid byincrements only as much as necessary to maintainyour position as highest bidder.
  23. 23. Heres how to bid on an item:Carefully review the listing.Click the Place Bid button. You may need to sign in.Enter your maximum bid, and then click theContinue button.Review your bid, and then click the Confirm Bidbutton
  24. 24. Bid historyTo keep certain info private, eBay limits how bid historyinformation is displayed. When the highest bid, reserveprice, or Buy It Now price reaches or exceeds a certainlevel, members cant view or search for member-specificinformation, such as user IDs, on the Bid History page.Though the Bid History: Details page has information onbidders, each bidder is assigned an anonymous name(x***y, for example). Only the seller can see a bidders userID.Regardless of the current high bid, when a reserve or BuyIt Now price is set at a certain level, user IDs will appear asanonymous names for the duration of the listing, even ifthe seller lowers the price.Note: eBay determines when user IDs are no longerviewable based on the price or bid amount, and this variesby country.
  25. 25. 1-click biddingTo help you avoid being outbid, we offer 1-clickbidding during the final 60 minutes of a listing. Whenyou use 1-click bidding, we automatically raise yourbid by one increment. To use 1-click bidding, youneed to be signed in to eBay and have at least oneprevious bid on the item.
  26. 26. Retracting or changing bidAs a general rule, youre not allowed to retract or cancel abid on eBay. However, there might be times when youdlike to change your maximum bid and have a valid reasonfor doing so. Review the requirements forretracting or canceling your bid.If you want to retract a bid:Review the conditions and time restrictions for canceling abid.If you feel you have a valid reason for canceling a bid, fillout the Bid Retractions form.If you want to cancel a Best Offer, use theBest Offer Cancellation form
  27. 27. No longer want an itemIf you won an item and you no longer want to buy it, youneed to contact the seller.A bid on eBay is considered a contract, and youre obligatedto purchase the item. Read about changing your mindabout an item.Many sellers are willing to work with you if youcommunicate with them openly and honestly. If youhavent done so already, request the sellers contactinformation and call him or her. You may be able to workthings out to everyones satisfaction.If the seller doesnt respond in the way you hope, keep inmind that failing to purchase an item youve won mayresult in an unpaid item being recorded on your account. Ifyou get too many unpaid items recorded on your accountwithin a short time period, your account may be limited orsuspended.
  28. 28. Retract a bidWhether you can retract a bid depends on thecircumstances and timing of the bid. You can retract abid for the following reasons:You accidentally entered the wrong bid amountdue to a typographical error. For example, you bid$99.50 instead of $9.95. If this happens, you need toreenter the correct bid amount right away. Changingyour mind does not qualify as accidentally entering awrong bid amount.The items description changed significantly afteryou entered your last bid. For example, the sellerupdated details about the items features or condition.You cant reach the seller by telephone or email.
  29. 29. Bid is bindingPlease remember that every bid is binding, unless the itemis listed in a category covered by the non-binding bid policyor the sale is prohibited by law or by our User Agreement.Bidding on multiple identical items should be done only ifyou intend to buy all of the items.Your bids affect how other users bid for an item and theitems final selling price. We carefully investigate all bidretractions to determine whether they are appropriate andconform to the rules for buyers. Abuse of bid retractions canresult in the suspension of your account.Bids retracted within the last 24 hours of a listing can beviewed as an example of shill bidding, which is a seriousviolation of eBay policy.You cannot retract a purchase made through a Buy It Nowlisting. Once you confirm your purchase, you are obligatedto pay the seller.
  30. 30. Reserve priceA reserve price is a hidden minimum price—essentially, the lowest price that the seller is willing toaccept for the item. If the listing ends without any bidsthat meet the reserve price, the seller is not required tosell the item.As a buyer, you are not shown the reserve price. As youbid on an auction-style listing with a reserve price, payattention to the label next to the current bid price tosee if the reserve has been met. Once the reserve hasbeen met, the "reserve not met" label will be removed.Learn more.
  31. 31. Bidding endsWhen the listing ends, youll receive an emailindicating whether youve won the item and anexplanation of what to do next.
  32. 32. paymentAfter youve won or bought the item, send yourpayment to the seller within 3 days. To pay with oneof the electronic payment methods offered by theseller, click the Pay Now button in the listing or emailnotification If youre picking up the item, you can payby any method the seller accepts (including cash).
  33. 33. Accept paymentsBe sure to pay using one of the methods specified bythe seller.Checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers arentallowed for most purchases. Exceptions includevehicles, capital and business equipment, real estate,items in the Adult Only category, and local pickup.For specifics about payment methods, see eBay’saccepted payments policy.
  34. 34. Payment methodsOur Accepted Payments policy helps ensure that buyers andsellers on eBay are offered safe, convenient paymentoptions.For most categories, sellers need to offer one or more of thefollowing electronic payment choices:PayPalProPayMoneybookersPaymateCredit card or debit card processed through the sellersInternet merchant accountAdditionally, payment upon pickup and Bill Me Later arevalid payment methods as well.
  35. 35. Not acceptable methodsFor most categories, sellers cant ask buyers to:Send cash through the mailSend cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services (that are not banks) suchas Western Union or MoneyGramMail checks or money orders (except for items incategories specifically permitted below)Pay through bank-to-bank transfers (except for itemsin categories specifically permitted below)Pay by "topping off" a sellers prepaid credit or debitcardPay using online or other payment methods notspecifically permitted in this policy
  36. 36. Communicating about paymentmethodsSellers need to say in their listing specifically which paymentmethods they accept and only offer payment methodsapproved by eBay.Sellers arent allowed to:Ask buyers to contact them for additional paymentmethodsOffer a payment method to some buyers and not to othersDiscourage buyers from using any payment method theseller specified in the listingAsk buyers to pay using a method not mentioned in thelisting.This applies to all transaction-related correspondencebetween a seller and buyer as well as the listings.